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Online printing business donating banners to homecoming soldiers’ families

AllStateBanners.com Corporation is donating welcoming banners to the families of the homecoming soldiers from overseas missions.
The CEO of AllStateBanners.com Corporation is a big supporter of the United States military, and would like to give back to the families of the hard working soldiers defending our country.

“We, at AllStateBanners support our soldiers and are thankful for their service and for everything that they do for our country. We want to donate welcoming banners to the families of the homecoming soldiers, as we understand how difficult it is for each and every one of them to separate from their loved ones, so they can defend our country. Thank you for your service!”, said Peter Panagi, CEO. 

Mr. Panagi was once a soldier, himself, and he’s very appreciative of everything that our soldiers have to do for the United States.

For more information, visit their website at www.allstatebanners.com 

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