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2x5 Step and Repeat
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2x5 Step and Repeat

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Any 2x5 Step and Repeat is commonly used at official events, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions etc. A Step and Repeat works great for both indoor and outdoor use. With proper storing and maintenance you can use it multiple times for many years.

Upload your own design or use our friendly banner maker tool to create your own custom 2x5 Step and Repeat. With access to hundreds of Step and Repeat templates and thousands of images, you'll cover every occasion and demand. In addition, you can upload your own graphics or photos and bring your 2x5 Step and Repeat design to perfection. You also can ask for help and get support from our professional designers with no extra charge! From the moment your printing order is placed you may receive your banner as early as next day.

Ordering a 2x5 Step and Repeat from AllStateBanners.com comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty. We are proud for the quality of our work and we carry the best reviews and ratings online.

2x5 Step and Repeat Backdrop Banner

Commonly used at formal events, trade shows, conventions, media events, etc. Step and Repeat banners are digitally printed on a 13 oz or 18 oz semi-matte or matte vinyl material using high resolution, water resistant ink. Semi-matte and matte are most commonly used, because this finish doesn’t have a “reflection” when pictures are taken with flash, video recordings are made or when bright lights are used. This is especially important when the step and repeat banner is being used as a backdrop for photos. They can also be printed on both sides which is extremely helpful for very large events since attendees wouldn’t have to wait as long to have their pictures taken in front of the backdrop, because both sides would be utilized. Step and Repeat banners will raise your happening to another level, giving it a glamourous feel and making it memorable for your audience and visitors.

2x5 Step and Repeat Banner Placement

Step and Repeat banners are a tremendously effective and reliable advertising tool, and no event should take place without them. Examples include press releases, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, red carpet and charity events, business conventions, conferences and tradeshows, weddings, birthday parties, and much more. They can even be used for very large storefront windows when displaying a tremendous amount of products isn’t needed and so the company logo can be displayed instead and in this way doubling as a business sign. Step and repeat banners are eye-catching and make the perfect backdrops. They can be placed outdoors and used as a focal point to the entrance of an event creating an immediate positive impact to attendees. And because they are mobile step and repeat banners can be easily moved to another spot or indoors, making this banner the perfect multipurpose advertising tool.

Custom 2x5 Step and Repeat Banner and Backdrop

Step and repeat banners can be customized according to your needs. While the 8x8 step and repeat banner is one of the most common sizes ordered, you can order step and repeat banners according to the sizes you need. Other options include choosing a completely matte finish versus a semi-matte one, 18oz vinyl instead of the 13 oz, as well as adding hemmed edges and grommets at no extra cost.

Grommets offer a convenient method for hanging or attaching the banner at regular points. This distributes the weight and helps to keep the banner from sagging. Use bungee cords or ropes to attach your step and repeat banners.

Hemmed edges are typically used to reinforce the sides of the vinyl banners, helping maintain the banner's shape and prevent stretching and an especially great choice when grommets are used.

Design your step and repeat banner and upload your custom theme or logo easily and quickly or if you prefer request the help of our expert design team. Our banner design team consists of professional developers and designers who will make your idea a reality. All your expectations will be met, and your target audience will be impressed with our unique and creative banners designs. We realize how important it is for your vinyl banners to be attention grabbing, and are a key component to your successful advertising campaign.

Custom Step and Repeat Banners are Compelling and Affordable

The companies and people that decide to use these banners for various types of events gain a competitive advantage and can attract the attention of their viewers. Step and repeat banners are versatile and are the best choice for a wide-range of target audiences. They never lose their unique character, can make an immediate impact, adapt to any company or personal event’s specific needs and can be used indoors or outdoors. Step and repeat banners are considered to be an essential component of formal events and will make them even more memorable for visitors. At business events or galas the step and repeat banner , which usually repeats a logo o brand name across the banner, offers the company using it the opportunity to emphasize and promote their company logo and brand, as well as any sponsors they may have.

At business events such as tradeshows, using something as simple as a step and repeat banners in combination with other vinyl banners, such as table cover banners, hanging vinyl banners and pole banners creates a homogeneous and impressive effect which will attract an even larger amount of visitors. Presentation is key and the overall look of your booth, is crucial for your business and will bring traffic to your booth. These additional visitors translate to more potential customers, business relationships and increased revenues. They are suitable for any industry due to their diversity in size, format, and style and have the added bonus of being low-cost.

2x5 Step and Repeat Banner Durability

Step and repeat banners are advertising tools that are an investment, especially since they aren’t made of disposable materials and can be used for multiple years. Vinyl banner material is very durable and can last from 1 year to 10 years depending on how frequently they are used, and how often they are used outdoors and exposed to harsh weather conditions. If you are planning to use your step and repeat banner outdoors it would be wiser to choose the heavy duty 18 oz vinyl material.

It is not difficult to maintain and store a step and repeat banner, and the better it’s done, the longer it will last. When storing your banner for later use, we recommend rolling it up and not folding to help avoid creases, and avoid placing it very hot and dusty areas. Of course if the banner is too large then it would be easier to fold and the wrinkles will disappear after hanging for a while.

Care of a 2x5 Step and Repeat

To take good care of your step and repeat banner, regularly clean it with warm water and give some time to air dry before puting it back to storage. For easy storing, roll it up and keep it in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your banner should come out within a couple of hours in the sun or heat.

Installation of a 2x5 Step and Repeat

One of the easiest applications is to install a step and repeat banner.

  1. Remove the screw from the bottom side pole and insert the side pole into a foot and reinsert the screw to the pole through the bottom of the foot. Snug with a Philips screwdriver, creating the base. (screwdriver not included)
  2. Repeat with the other side pole.
  3. Screw the support poles together by hand tighten only. Loosen both pole extensions, extend completely and retighten.
  4. Most of the times the Installation requires two people.
  5. Spread the banner out of the box on the floor and slide a support pole thru the pole pocket at the bottom of the banner.
  6. Slide the second support pole into top pole pocket and attach ends to the top of the side poles with the supplied screws. (stored in the end of the poles)
  7. Extend both side poles until the banners bottom is slightly off the floor.
  8. Attach the bottom pole ends to the side poles with the supplied screws. (stored in the end of the poles)
  9. Extend both side poles simultaneously to erect the banner.
  10. *Connect the middle support pole and insert into the slits at the top and bottom of the banner and extend until tight.

A very helpful video from YouTube can be found here:


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