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All You Need To Know About Pop-Up Displays

All You Need To Know About Pop-Up Displays

Why Pop up Displays?

Mobile stands have become extremely popular. At present they are considered to be the most popular kind of banners owing to their being very easy to transport and install. Our company offers a wide range of popup displays and retractable banner stands which will suit any taste.

Popup displays are usually used when the target is an ideally smooth and even surface or a large picture display. Such displays are indispensable if you are arranging some exhibition. Having order one, you will get a high quality product at a reasonable price. The following are the advantages of popup displays.

To start with, compact size is one of the factors which add to the popularity of pop up displays. The structure of the pop up display stand is an aluminium prefabricated frame. If desired, it can be easily packed in a small box or bag and transported in any transport due to the fact that it does not need much room. Secondly, such displays are quite easy to install. You do not have to be a specialist to assemble a pop up stand as long as its installation does not require special knowledge or tools. It takes only a few minutes. In addition, the structure itself is very reliable. Pop up displays are quite steady if installed on any surface. This has become possible thanks to specially designed screws which regulate the height of a pop up display. As for configuration, it is extremely diverse. You can make it curved, straight or wave-like depending on its purpose. What is more, pop up displays can be expanded in height and width which allows creating unusual designs. Owing to a specific method of fastening the picture to the surface, it looks dimensional and realistic. High-frequency technologies for the production of pop up displays allow placing separate photo panels closely with almost unnoticeable joints. The image projected onto several panels looks really consistent. Finally, pop up displays are not intended for a single use and can be re-used over and over again. Arranging an exhibition or a display with our pop up displays is easy, available and creative.

The Choice of Pop up Displays is Not an Easy Thing to Do

Depending on the purpose of an event you may choose different types of pop up displays. If you do not have a large room available and want to strike potential customers with the exhibits, curved pop up stands are the best solution. The exhibitors who turn to these displays are always satisfied with the results as they have no difficulty installing and transporting them owing to their compactness and simplicity. The events such pop up displays can be used for are numerous. Being easy to use and re-use curved pop up displays are the best option for a reasonable price. We are ready to provide our customers with high quality displays with a unique design which will satisfy all their requirements.

In addition to the above mentioned displays we have on offer flexible pop up displays. If you are looking for a perfect display whose layout is extremely versatile, flexible pop up stand is for you. This type of a display consists of separate panels each of which is characterized by extraordinary flexibility thus enabling a customer to transform a stand into any possible way to make it fits perfectly into any surroundings. Flexible pop up displays are supplied with special bags which are used for carrying and storing the display. Besides, these items are coated with a special laminate layer which makes them resistant to scratches and ruptures. We offer flexible pop up displays together with panels, special bags and tubes which are suitable for transportation and storage.

If you are planning to arrange a display or an exhibition in a spacious place where there is much room to be filled and surprise potential customers with the original approach to space management and advertising techniques, island pop up displays are what you really need to meet all the above requirements. What makes island pop up displays an ideal solution for exhibition stands is their portability, quickness and easiness of installation. We have a wide range of island pop up displays on offer. The choice of pop up displays is rich allowing each customer to find the one which will suit him perfectly.

Retractable Banners Are a Perfect Solution

Retractable banners are mobile roll-up constructions which are an ideal option for presenting information and advertising desired goods, services or any other items. The main purpose of such stands is to inform potential customers about a product or a service. Specially designed aluminium cases and bright design of the canvas are the factors which can easily justify the purchase of such stands. We have on offer a wide range of retractable stand displays. They are of different sizes and formats. All of our potential customers will find what they are looking for. We have retractable stands for those customers who do not intend to pay much, those who value practicality and reliability and those who want to attract a wide audience to their stand. Our retractable banners are characterized by a wide advertising capacity being able to provide publicity for any goods, works or services; they are made of high quality materials including a good tensioning mechanism. Retractable banners are supplied with convenient cases meant for their transportation and storing. They are characterized by exclusive durability which will make it possible to use them for a long time without any necessity to pay extra charges throughout their entire service life.

Some Tips on Maintaining Pop up Displays and Retractable Banners

Pop up displays and retractable banners are most frequently made of fabric, so they require special care. Such banners tent to shrink and get distorted and the colours are often likely to fade when they are washed. Thus, frequent laundering does more harm than good for keeping fabric banners in a good condition. That is why, it is highly recommended to use such banner types indoors where weather conditions and other external factors are less likely to harm them. Should such displays and banners get dirty and need cleaning, use the methods which involve dry cleaning. A good thing would be to get the dust removed from the surface with the help insulating tape. If the stains are not easy to remove, use pre-treatment techniques. Never use strong detergents; otherwise the fabric will be spoiled. Some pop up displays and retractable banners may be quite large in size, so it is advisable to turn to a professional cleaner for help rather than wash the banner at home in a washing machine.

Storing Banners Does Not Require Much, but Secures from Unpleasant Surprises

Our pop up displays and retractable banners are supplied with specially designed bags or cases which are indispensable for storing and make convenient and trouble-free. Though, while dismounting a banner, you should remember several simple tips. As long as your banner is going to be stored in a bag or a case, it should be rolled, not folded. If folded, the fabric may get creased or wrinkled which is quite difficult to fix. Make sure it is rolled with the picture surface inside. If the banner needs slight cleaning before it is being stored, make sure that it is thoroughly dries as dampness may cause mildew. Avoid banners getting in contact with solvent as they can cause irreparable damage to them. Make sure a room where pop up displays and retractable banners are stored is quite well ventilated and air conditioned. Following these simple rules of maintaining and storing your pop up displays and retractable banners, you will prolong their operation life and will allow you not to pay extra charges for renewing the banners of yours.

Order Now and Enjoy High Quality and Original Design

If you are looking for a high quality original pop up display or a retractable banner, we have a wide range of them to suit any taste and satisfy all your requirements. Being our customer you may create your own design and our specialists with do their best to implement it. Besides, we have a great number of ready to use templates to convey your message. The only thing you have to do is to tell what kind of event the banners are going to be used at. It may be an exhibition, some company celebration or presentation, trade show or promotional event, the pop up displays and retractable banners we have on offer will surely make any of them successful. Our banners are easy to maintain and store as long as we provide special accessories for this purpose. Easy to use and store, durable and resistant to any kind of internal or external factors, made of high quality material and designed in a unique original manner, our pop up displays and retractable banners are the best option.

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