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Banner Advertisement in 2017

Nowadays any company that offers goods or services needs effective advertisement. The main task of a commercial organization is to let people know that it exists and what it produces and sells.

As a rule company administration is ready to spend big sums of money on advertising. However, determining the most appropriate way to present the company to its current and possible clients may not require significant expenses. A popular modern way to advertise goods, services or events is banners, which quickly attract people’s attention. This essay researches custom vinyl banners and forms of printing, which are used for them, and proves that banner advertisement will still be popular both in 2017 and in the future.

History of Custom Banners

To analyze why custom banners are widely used for advertising nowadays, it is important to understand that they have their own history. Custom banners are created on the basis of state (national) flags, which have always been noticeable for people (Flags unlimited, n.d.). There is also a version that the first primitive banners were the messages, sent by tribes to each other with the help of different symbols on the stones. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the exact date, when first banners were used. Believing that flags originated banners, it is worth noting that flags symbolize the essential values of a state. Banners present goods and services and are also memorable. Business owners decided that custom banners can be useful to attract citizens’ attention and currently they are used as “the perfect advertising, or messaging, tool to create awareness of events, feature a product or service and strengthen branding in corporate messaging materials.” (Flags unlimited, n.d., para. 8). Thus, the practical importance of custom banners for business was recognized long ago.

Vinyl Banners

As the time passed, and more investments were made into custom banner advertisement, the quality of banners improved. They are made out of vinyl to last longer. The best material for a custom banner is coated or dipped vinyl on the basis of polymeric plasticizer (Anatomy of vinyl banner, 2011). In Anatomy of a vinyl banner (2011) it is stated that if a company needs indoor advertisement, it may choose simple one-layer vinyl banners. However, if it wants durable outdoor custom banners, it should be ready to pay for coated vinyl. Custom banner outdoor advertisement requires significant financial investments at the stage of choosing the quality of vinyl.

Custom Banner Printing

All stages of custom banner manufacturing are important. The decision on the mode of banner printing should be made after the client chooses the material. “Solvent inks work great with vinyl and the inks will last fairly well outdoors.” (Anatomy of a vinyl banner, 2011, para. 6). There is another option for banner printing, which is UV-curable ink. This type of ink also lasts long on vinyl banners, but it costs more that solvent (Anatomy of a vinyl banner, 2011). Solvent inks are not cheap, but they make a custom banner of some company durable.

Custom Banner Finishing

Even if a firm chooses the best material and ink for its custom banners, this advertisement will not last long with bad fixing. It is very important to devote some time to banner finishing (Anatomy of a vinyl banner, 2011). It is recommended to use grommets to grab the banner and to fix it to the surface. Workers can use automatic or hand-grommeting tools (anatomy of a vinyl banner. 2011). “Hem, Pockets, Seams—RF welding or Hot Air welding equipment, or stitching with a heavy sewing machine is best for creating hems, pockets and seams.” (Anatomy of a vinyl banner, 2011, para. 10). It is also possible to use banner tape, if the work is done by experienced specialists. Therefore, preparation of custom banner advertising requires team work.

Custom Vinyl Banners: Environmental Issues in 2017

This paper states that custom vinyl banners are an effective form of advertisement. This fact is confirmed by a vast application of indoor and outdoor banners by different companies and the constantly improving technology of vinyl banner production. The more goods and services appear at the market and the more the level of competition is, the more colorful and attractive vinyl banners become. However, it is possible to state that the usage of vinyl banners will still be common in 2017 and banners are an advertisement of the future also because new environmental issues arise in this context (New future, 2016). In 2016 the vinyl council of Australia has received some funding to initiate a “a landmark project with the advertising industry for trials to recycle PVC [polyvinyl chloride] coated banners into new products.” (New future, 2016). Tough the project is at the stage of development, the head of the named council is very positive about its results. He states that they have gathered the best team of researchers, who will solve the task of how to recycle modern banners, made of high quality vinyl (New future, 2016). If this project was initiated in Australia, other countries will also see its positive sides, because banner recycling will bring economic benefits and contribute to saving the environment.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, it is worth stating that advertising vinyl banners are an effective type of advertising. TV commercials may cost much and vinyl banners can perfectly substitute them. Any commercial company is recommended to use vinyl banners and seriously approach banner manufacturing process. A team of experienced professionals can increase the profit of a company by creating a high-quality custom vinyl banner. It is worth noting that this type of advertisement will be actively used in 2017 and in the future, because latest scientific research shows that environmentalists can significantly benefit from the banner recycling and this process can bring big benefits to recycling companies and businesses, which will use recycled products.

Besides the above mentioned, it is important to say that vinyl banner advertising is growing despite the fact that we live in digital era. The research has shown that people trust more advertisement in traditional vinyl banner rather than digital one. You are probably wondering why? It is because nowadays internet is packed with spams and false promises and therefor people choose trusting traditional banner advertising that gives them the sense of reliability and trustworthy product or service.

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