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Banners And Signs May Be Old School, But They're Still Effective

Banners And Signs May Be Old School, But They're Still Effective

Nowadays banners and signage are so common that it may seem they have existed since time immemorial. It is virtually impossible to imagine any sphere of life, be it private of public, business or leisure, without banners.

History of Banners

Outdoor advertising is rooted deeply in ancient times. In ancient Rome and Greece traders used wooden plates which contained "special offers" to attract buyers. What was peculiar, in the evening the text was painted over with white paint, and in the morning the plate could be used again. Later this idea was also used in the service sector: the owners of workshops, taverns and confectioneries hung metal plates with the image of a product that attracted the attention of potential customers.

The next step forward in outdoor advertising was digital printing in the 70s of the twentieth century. Bright banners immediately caught on throughout Europe. It was the time when all types of banners and billboards gained their popularity. Now large-format printed banners containing bright and colorful images appear on shop windows, stands at exhibitions and even on means of transport.

The next important stage in the development of advertising was the invention of sublimation printing. This method lies in the image being transferred to the desired material (metal, wood fabric, glass, etc.) by sublimation (the transition of the coloring matter from solid to gaseous state).

Advantages of Large – Format Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a reliable and at the same time eco-friendly method of image transfer. The process itself is completely harmless both at the production stage and at the completion stage. The finished product is safe for health. At the same time, due to the fact that the paint is absorbed into the inside of the medium, it does not wash out while washing and it also does not fade under the sun. In addition, it does not feel while touching.

The above technology is extremely simple. For this purpose a fabric containing at least 70 % of synthetic fiber is used along with a pattern of drawing printed mirrored with the help of sublimation ink. The layout should be the same size as the image. In this case, the base on which the image will be transferred should be white. Then follows the process of sublimation. After that the fabric is cut off on the perimeter by hot scissors. The finished banner can be fastened with eyelets, on a wall using dowels or metal tubes sewn into the product. The variety of uses of such banners is virtually limitless.

Internet Banners

What concerns the internet banners, they have appeared comparatively recently. The appearance of banners is connected with the American telephone company AT&T which specialized in rendering telephone-related services. That was that very company which placed the first banner in the history on the internet-resource hotwired.wired.com. Of course, it was very simple. Being only 648 x 60 pixels in size, the banner appealed to click on it. This historic event took place on October 25, 1994. So, considering the age of any other invention popular nowadays, this one is really “young” one.

The first banner having been produced, the owners of sites, companies and other entities seeking for advertising found such type of ads quite interesting and efficient. Since that time the technology of banner production has significantly improved. Nowadays the most effective and clickable banners are those whose development involved using some psychological methods. Thus, the most popular have been those the text on which contains the word “free”. The exterior view of a banner is also of a great importance. Animated banners are becoming more and more popular.

Use of Banners Nowadays

None of the advertising methods is universal and ensures the highest performance only in a certain field of application. But if you want to have banners created by us, we will provide you with all necessary information on its effective use. Banners can be used to attracted attention. Owing to their unique ability to be placed in the spots which are not meant for adverts placement (the absence of billboards, window shops etc.) banners are the best way to attract attention to your office, store or a cafe if they are not easily spotted from the distance or are hidden among other buildings. In this case a banner can be placed over an archway leading to the inner yard or directly over the store making it possible to notice it easily.

Another use of banners consists in using it as a fencing cloth. Banners can often be found on overall linen as they are actively used for screening construction projects. When construction or reconstruction works are carried out near a road or a residential block, it is absolutely necessary to prevent building dust, small stones and other elements from getting outside a building site. In such cases a security banner can act as an advertisement. Such large banners are great for advertising cars, large household appliances as well as the object under construction.

Sponsoring any significant event aimed at the target audience, be it an international education program, cycle race, charitable concert or any sport event, is not costly yet efficient for getting your company advertised provided the advertising technique is used sensibly. Banners are indispensable in this regard. Acting as a sponsor, you have the opportunity to put your logo on all the handouts of the event. It will also be visible on the advertising poster or the caption of the event. Besides, sponsors are entitled to placing additional advertising banners, which guarantees the return of such a financial investment.

Types of Banners

Banners can be made in two of the following forms: large-format banners and cross street banners. Banner canvases are most often placed on the buildings under lease - the size of the banner in this case is limited only by the area of the facade, the strength of the canvas and the wishes of customers. Cross street banners are narrow linens whose length coincides with the width of the roadway across which they are stretched and are fixed on masts installed along the road or on sidewalks. Both types of banners are extremely efficient - they can be read by both pedestrians and drivers passing by. The most effective is the installation of a banner on the wall of a building located at the intersection of busy passenger traffic.

The depiction of the information being advertised and graphic images on banners is carried out using large-format full-color printing with eco-friendly solvent inks, which makes the drawing bright and noticeable from any distance. Modern printing technologies allow you to maintain the brightness and color quality for three years or more. Fabrics for banners are made on the basis of vinyl, PVC and are highly- resistant to changes in weather conditions, to mechanical and chemical impacts. The width of a banner canvas can be different. In order to produce a banner in accordance with the specified dimensions, the panels are glued or welded on special equipment.


If you regularly sponsor a variety of events, sell goods or render services, you may order different types of banners. We print banners at a reasonable price and guarantee a high quality of the product. The service life of our banners is several years, and they can be used many times for various advertising campaigns, giving you a constant income with minimal investment.

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