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Banners for Mother's Day

Banners for Mother's Day

Origins of Mother’s Day

The origins of a popular holiday of Mother’s Day go back to the times of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

The Greeks used to have special celebrations devoted to the mother of gods, Rhea. Then, there was a tradition of early Christians who honored the mother of Christ, Mary at a special Mother's festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is also possible to find some roots of the celebration in the United Kingdom. However, the festival as it is nowadays is rather young as it has turned 100 years old not long ago.

A Mothering Sunday in its modern understanding appeared due to the enormous efforts and hard work of Julia Ward Howe who was a pioneer of her time. A holiday celebrated in about fifty countries of the world by millions of people around the globe, started in 1872 when she organized annual meetings of Mother’s Day in Boston and dedicated that festivity to peace. There is one more version which says that Mrs. Juliet Calhoun Blakely, mother of the pastor, on the day of her birthday, 11 May 1877, took over the church service after her son left the pulpit and called all mothers to join her. Two other sons of this woman decided to come home every year to celebrate their mother’s birthday. Besides, those brothers started the tradition to honor mothers every second Sunday of May.

National Status of Mother’s Day

The role of Anna M. Jarvis, a schoolteacher from Philadelphia, in the history of Mother’s Day that gained its national status cannot be overestimated. In 1907, she started a movement in honor of her mother to establish Mother's Day as a national celebration. She wanted to facilitate the healing process that was needed after the horrors of the Civil War to commemorate all the suffering women, both dead and alive. She got numerous supporters who started writing letters and appeals to evangelists, businessmen, ministers, and politicians who could help is establishing a new national holiday. At first, Mother’s Day was observed as a church service held on the second Sunday in May. Anna brought the favorite flowers of her mother, white carnations, and that gave rise to a new tradition. Starting from that time, people wear carnations on their clothes. A white flower means that mother has already dies, while a colored flower honors a living mother. By 1911, the celebration had spread to every state of the US. In 1914, the second Sunday in May obtained the status of the national holiday.

Mother's Day Celebrations Worldwide

The holiday launched in the USA has spread to other countries to become one of the most favorite ones. It is celebrated on different days and in different ways, but there is a common idea of saying thank you to women who have given birth to their children. In the countries of the Arab world, the holiday of Mother’s Day is celebrated at the beginning of spring. In Thailand, honoring of mothers takes place on the day when Queen Sirikit has her birthday, August 12. In Panama, the Catholic Church chose the day of December 8 for celebration which is connected with the Virgin Mary, the most famous mother. The fourth Sunday of the Lent in Christianity is celebrated as Mothering Sunday in Great Britain. In South Korea, people celebrate Parent’s Day to honor both fathers and mothers on May 8. Paraguay has one date for the Day of Independence and Mother’s Day, that is May 15. French people honor their mothers on the last Sunday in May. Nevertheless, it is not the date that matters. It is the idea of love, gratitude, and support which makes this holiday so much loved and valued around the world. Happy Mother’s Day! These days bring tears of happiness to the eyes of women in every corner of the world.

Commercialization of Mother’s Day

Nowadays, people celebrate the holiday to say thank you and pay tribute to their loving mothers for all their support and tenderness. It is the day when the phone lines have the maximum traffic because of the greetings sent. Besides, it is the third top holiday in terns of the number of sent postcards with warm wishes after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. One of the traditions is giving cards, small gifts, flowers, and cards to mothers. The popularity of the holiday is growing, and there is a certain commercialization of the holiday. They say that it was a great disappointment for the founder of the holiday as she considered the increase in purchases made on that day as a demonstration of profit-making and greed, not love and devotion. However, manufacturers of postcards and special gifts see their business boost on that day. Effective advertising campaigns also help the gift sellers not only to bring joy to mothers, but also to make good money. Now, Mother’s Day belongs to several most commercially successful occasions in the USA. People take their mothers to dine out at some cafes or restaurants and spend extra money on presents and flowers.

Use of Vinyl Banners on Mother’s Day

A holiday can be more colorful and mothers can feel more special, if their children decorate the house indoors or outdoors with a beautiful banner. Send your warm wishes in a personalized message placed on a beautifully-designed vinyl banner of high quality. Just imagine your mother’s happy eyes when she sees that you cared about her and prepared such a nice surprise.

In case you are an owner of the store, benefit from a direct message sent to every client who sees your banner and boost your sales on Mother’s Day. You can promote your goods and services using a customized vinyl banner; you will see how durable and visually pleasing it is. Get a special Mother’s Day approach to your customers with the help of a banner to start your store promotion events, sale events, or advertise some goods.

Mother's Day Banner Templates and Services

Advertise any special celebration or event held on Mother’s Day with a banner customized in accordance to your specific needs and demands. We have templates which will be suitable for any occasion, like sales, brunches, or festivities. Besides, you can order a beautiful banner just to show your mother how much you love you and how special she is for you. If you cannot decide which template you would like to use for your banner, you can just give us your ideas and designs, and you will get a banner that you have created yourself. We are absolutely flexible with fonts, colors, backgrounds, and messages.

You may select the quantity of banners you need and their specific size. Specify which special options you would like to add to your banner; it can be a unique logo or image, added reinforced corners, a special customized template of design, etc. We have created a number of themes and designs, but you are free to add to them. A personalized banner on Mother’s Day will be either bring more clients to your store before that day or will serve as a perfect additional element of a celebration that will make your mom happy. You can do both things ordering several banners that will serve different purposes.

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