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Be My Valentine: A Message on a Banner

Be My Valentine: A Message on a Banner

Different holiday celebrations give people a chance to relax and diverse. At the same time any celebration requires some financial expenses, especially in the modern world, in which everything is commercialized.

One of the festive days, which is often called a “holiday of love” is St. Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of February. All loving people have a chance to anonymously or openly tell about their feelings to their beloved through messages, cards or presents. Some individuals want the entire world to know about their love and use custom banners for their love messages. This essay analyzes a close relation between banner printing industry and St. Valentine’s Day and proves that commercialization of the holiday brings significant benefits to banner producers.

St. Valentine’s Holiday: A Festive Tradition

St. Valentine’s holiday is a good occasion to express romantic feelings towards beloved people and even friends. It is celebrated in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and some other countries (History of Valentine’s day, n.d.). Even small children at school know that the 14th of February is the day, when they can make some cards for their friends and parents and tell them how they love them. A man or a woman can buy an expensive present for his or her real or possible partner to demonstrate his or her feelings. The way a person celebrates this holiday depends on his or her individual desire, but the states, which celebrate it, try hard to make people spend as much money as possible on cards, gifts and restaurants.

History of St. Valentine’s Day

Though all loving people express their desire to celebrate St. Valentine ’s Day, its history is not well-known. It is defined that there were three saints, who were called Valentine and who committed different actions for the sake of love (History of Valentine’s Day, n.d.). The personality of the saint, after whom the holiday was named, is not established. As it is stated in History of Valentine’s Day (n.d.), “although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and–most importantly–romantic figure.” (para. 4). Thus, people mostly support the traditions of celebrating the holiday of love.

Commercialization of St. Valentine’s Day: Cards and Custom Banners

When the tradition of St. Valentine’s Day is defined, it is important to note that producers of thematic cards and gifts actively use the occasion to get more profit. Hand-made cards are not individually created by people for their beloved, but produced with commercial purposes. Demmir & Gamm (2009) state that “credit for the first commercially produced St. Valentine’s Day card goes to an American woman, Esther A. Howland in the 1840s.” (para.10). she received a card from her friend in England and liked it very much. The lady started to produce similar cards, using her father’s printing press, and sell them (Demmir & Gamm ,2009). “Today an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.” (History of Valentine’s Day, n.d., para.10). There are also some individuals, who want everybody know about their feelings to conquer the heart of the beloved person. They apply to the services of banner printing industry and order personalized banners with Valentine messages. This service is much more expensive than buying a simple card.

Custom Printing for St. Valentine’s Day

A service of personalized custom banner printing is actively offered for St. Valentine’s Day. It is possible to choose any picture for a banner or a common photo. Cheap banners are not the best choice for advertising, because the simplest and low-quality materials are used for their production: “uncoated regular paper can be used for banner printing, but this is not recommended because regular paper does not hold the same amount of ink or toner and does not offer the same durability.” (What is banner, n.d., para. 2). However, for the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, a cheap banner can be an acceptable option, because it is not aimed at lasting long and at the same time it will vividly express the feeling of an individual.

Love Messages on Custom Banners

The customer, who orders a personalized custom banner devoted to his or her beloved person for St. Valentine’s Day, chooses a message to express his or her romantic feelings. The most popular message for the discussed holidays is “Be my Valentine” (History of St. Valentine, n.d.). However, it is possible to print any words of love and even marriage proposals. As it is stated in What is banner printing (n.d.)., a banner can be of any size and it is only important to notify the printing company beforehand about whether this banner will be located inside or outside. Therefore, a custom banner can become the best gift for St. Valentine.

Conclusion: St. Valentine’s Day and Banner Printing Industry

To conclude, it is important to note that St. Valentine’s Day and banner printing industry are mutually beneficial. The industry gains significant profits from printing personalized banners with love messages. Loving people have a unique chance to tell their beloved about their feelings in a creative way, with the help of a custom banner. It is good that banner printing industry works not only to advertise different goods, services and events, but also to help people reach their romantic goals. Hopefully, custom banner printing for St. Valentine’s Day will become more accessible in the future and will be actively used by people to express their love feelings.

Most of the restaurants and night clubs organize special Valentine’s Day events, with a special prices for the couples. The best way to promote them is on a vinyl banner. Many small businesses like clothing stores, souvenir shops etc have a discounted prices for that day in order to attract more customers. Placing the vinyl banners on strategic spot can help spreading the word and bring more people to your store.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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