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Business Banners & Signs

Business Banners & Signs

Today, banners and signs are popularly used in the Internet marketing. With their help, it is possible to create an attractive image of a company for its potential clients.

Banners are objects of an advertising format that are embedded on the site. They can be either static images or texts with animated elements. Typically, banners contain a hyperlink to the advertiser’s site or a page with additional information. Goals and objectives of the banner advertising include raising the awareness of the brand and promoting little-known companies. In addition, they can also be used for stimulating sales. If there is a need to promote a new service or product, banners are highly useful; thus, it is necessary to study the role of banners and signs in the modern business world.

Formats of Banners

There are several types of banners, all of which have different goals. The text is a type of promotion tool, the advertising message of which is embedded on the web page with the preservation of its basic style; thus, the banner looks like an element of the site (Combe, 2012). Users of the search engine usually ignore graphic banners, but they are interested in the text ones. The next type is a text-and-graphic format that combines both the image and the accompanying advertising text, which also has separate requirements, for example, the number of symbols . Another popular type is an animated banner. It includes a wide range of advertising formats that contain animated elements that are implemented in different development environments. There is also an HTML banner; it is an advertising format that is created with the help of the HTML code . It can also be created in Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Edge Animate, and the SWF format conversion via Swiffy. People frequently apply video banners, as well; this format is usually embedded in the players of popular video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. There are non-banners that represent a format that goes beyond the standard area of placement, including 3D banners, Side Kick, Full Screen, Bottom Line, and other types. In addition, there are banners that are not used on the Internet but on the street. All of these types of banners are widely used in the business world these days.

Reasons as to why Advertising Banners Are Used in Business

Banners are flexible and easily adaptable sale tools that are used anywhere on the street, at malls, in stores, or on the World Wide Web. The researcher Bruce Brown states, “Banner advertising used to be the largest type of advertising on the Internet” (p. 139). There are several reasons as to why they are so popular. First, they are of good value. Advertising stands are not as expensive as large displays are. Therefore, they can save a person a serious amount of money. Unlike billboards with pop-up ads or displays, banners can be placed directly on the walls of premises that belong to commercial structures. While screens that are more complex strongly focus on achieving a certain goal, banners can advertise everything. There is no doubt that an advertising banner is an excellent investment for any business. According to Bruce Brown, banners are highly effective, as well. Studies show that signs and stands with correctly given information push people to unplanned purchases. Regardless of the type of activity, such an impulse is a good choice for a company. In such a manner, it is obvious that banners are an effective way of advertising. Well-designed graphics and messages create the difference. It means that attractive graphics, which emphasizes an important message, can make the client interested; thus, it will help the business show excellent results. Another reason for the popularity of this advertising tool is explained by the fact that banners are universal. There is a great number of advertisement stands at trade platforms and space, but they can be just as effective as an in-the-store advertisement. Advertising banners are the best way to promote a launch of a new product or announce discounts at the retail location. Their sizes are perfect, as well. Most advertising banners are located in such a way that people pay attention to them unconsciously. Unlike a traditional advertisement, which is sent via the television and radio, banners have a more advantageous position since a client is directly in front of the ad and can buy something or at least get interested in a certain thing. Banners push customers to enter the store and make a purchase because the goods are in front of them (Brown, 2011). It is another benefit because they do not have to plan a visit; thus, they are less likely to change their mind. All these facts prove that banners are a highly effective method of running a business.

If a person wants to communicate a certain story to the audience and cause an emotional reaction in people, traditional banner advertising is not enough. People use the Internet not to look at banners. They read news, communicate with friends, play online games, and watch videos. Therefore, Internet marketers often think they cannot attract the attention of users; in turn, many people believe that banners cannot contribute to the product promotion and, as a result, increase sales. In fact, the presence of banners results in a better brand awareness and prompts users to make a purchase.

There are many examples of an effective use of banners. A vivid example of the effective use of banners is the advertising campaign of Android. The creativity of this campaign that focused on the Android Wear increased the brand’s popularity and the number of perfect purchases by 15.8% and 9.4% respectively. It is also believed that this type of advertising creates a sense of urgency in users. Banner advertising is relatively inexpensive, and it has broad targeting options since the image and text of advertising can be effective tools if a person has a clearly defined goal.

Principles of Creating Effective Banners

It is obvious that banners are a necessary tool for an effective business. Despite this fact, not all banners can be good and efficient. It is associated with the fact that they are applied not in a right way. Therefore, there are several principles of effective banners for business. Primarily, a banner should be as attractive and eye-catching as possible. Advertising should attract the user’s attention. Only in this case, it is possible to distract a person from the main goal of his or her visit to the site and pass an advertising message. In order to stand out against the general background, a person can use images of human faces, animation, vivid and distinguishable text, and brand colors. A banner should be clear. There is no necessity to use various details because in this case, the banner will look cluttered. A call to action must also be easily readable and understandable. What is more, a banner should be concise. When a user takes a look at the advertisement, there are only a couple of moments to attract his or her attention. In this regard, it is necessary to make an offer as briefly as possible. Moreover, the size of the banner also plays an important role. In the Handbook of Strategic e-Business Management, it is written, “The bigger ad size, the better the impression made on the consumer”. Thus, such a factor as the size of the banner is also crucial. All these principles can make the banner advertisement highly efficient.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that banners are not an omni-purpose tool; thus, they should be combined with other types of advertisement. For example, video advertisement is perfect for a campaign, with the help of which a person wants to tell an emotional and interesting story about the product. In general, the most important task is to create a clear laconic message for each media channel. In such a manner, for mobile devices, it is beneficial to use advertising that fits perfectly into the context that depends on the user’s location. A person should take advantage of every available tool in order to convey the message.

Business Signs and Banners

Signs are another tool that can make a business successful. There are also several rules for business signs. The first rule considers the fact that a sign should clearly show what it means. The first question that the client asks when visiting the site or seeing a sign is, “What is it?” The sign should show whether it is a beauty saloon, a school, or an office, for example. This definition should necessarily be in the signboard. It helps a person understand where he or she is going to get. In addition, signs need to demonstrate what is sold or offered. It is to be clear what one can buy. Besides, the sign should be bright and laconic. It is installed for attracting customers and making the business successful as a result.


Banners and signs are considered popular tools for the business development. They are effective means of attracting new customers. Both banners and signs should be bright, informative, and concise. Banners are the most common type of promotional products. It is obvious that the inclusion of the creative component requires intellectual and time costs, as well as certain financial investments. However, the original banners and signs help increase the return on such an advertising campaign significantly; thus, a businessperson can bear fruit in the future.

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