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Tips & Tricks on how to market your business, your idea, even yourself through printed banners.

Business Challenge: Vinyl Banner Marketing


Discovering new opportunities in the sphere of marketing gives a perfect chance to finally find the goldmine of advertising that will provide the biggest number of customers for the low cost advertisement. However, despite using such chances and 
experimenting with new designs many small businesses prefer using the same routine ads all the time. It is good to have what you have but why not to challenge your strategy with new opportunities and have a chance to increase your profit. Vinyl banner printing gives a chance to try a new strategy every month that can be extremely profitable if smartly used and placed in the right location.Changing your marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to find the best promotion method that will lead to the growing number of customers. Try a new challenge that you will be able to renew every month with vinyl banner marketing. 

Why vinyl banner marketing?
The best way to reach your target market of customers is to use outdoor vinyl banners. Thus, you will be able to promote your brand and product to the masses 
spending a lower budget. Banners are effective, attractive, with low cost investing, easy and fast production. It is essential to have a compelling working 
design, choose the best places for distribution and your banners will determine quite effective advertisement campaign and return on investment. 

Banner design
During the process of design of your vinyl banner, use the most effective principal of 3S – simple, short and sweet (Burrow & Fowler, 2016). Your target customer 
should see the clear information. The banner should be creative, meaningful and clever, or funny if possible. The banner should have contact information, possible 
benefits and the company name, to make it possible for people to search for the name via Google. Using QR codes on your banners will make it interactive, what 
becomes quite effective method now as people can find other fun staff there like quizzes, videos or visit your website right away. 

Banner display

  • Three best places for banner display include:
  • High-traffic intersections, try to choose those with stoplights; 
  • Developed shopping districts and malls with significant number of pedestrians;

Places with known frequency of target customers. High-traffic intersections make it possible to have a maximum effect at a low price. Customers that see the banner advertisement near the shop center have a positive attitude to it as they are in the mood of spending money (Burrow & Fowler, 2016). Places with known target auditory allow the best targeting response. 

Banner printing
The best variant is to choose white mesh vinyl banners and use the readable design with bright elements. Mesh vinyl is stable for wind, rain and different 
temperatures. The colors and the design will be stable and visible during the whole month, advertising for your business. Thus, you will be able to have maximum return on investment in high quality banner printing at a low price.

Banner effectiveness
One of the most effective methods of monitoring success of each banner is to use specific numbers or URLs to indicate your different banners. This tactics makes it possible to track the performance and success of each placement and each banner. Thus, one can monitor the level of participation of every banner in total sales rates, response and conversion rates. Make a comparative system based on your own tracking and online searches to be able to monitor the overall sales and online responses. The base gives a possibility to make quality analysis of every strategy to derive the best and the most effective way of promotion, that will lead you to the best profit. Usage of vinyl banners is quite profitable as it gives the opportunity to promote the business and get the profit with less than $500 investment. Moreover, you can use a new marketing idea every month, thus, investigating the market and searching for the best strategy.

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