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Chicago-The Cradle of Printing Industry


    In one of our previous posts we were writing about "Big Apple"- the city that many people dream of going to...This time we want to introduce you to "Big Onion"!!!
Chicago - the one and only, jewel of the Midwest, is the capital of the state of Illinois. It is the third largest city of United States with population 2.8 million people living on 237 square miles of land. 

    You are probably wondering why "Big Onion"? It is only the one of numerous nicknames that this city holds. The actual translation from native American word shikaakwa(Chicago) is "Wild Onion" that grew at the riverbanks at that time. People eventually came up with "Big Onion" to make a parallel with "Big Apple".
In 1837 Chicago was pronounced the city. Three years later,in 1900, the first large-scale project of redirecting the flow of Chicago River to Mississippi River instead of Michigan Lake was finished. It was celebration time for citizens of Chicago. There are other meaningful nicknames referring to this city such as "The Wind City", "The Second City", "The City that Works" etc. The most recognizable nickname of Chicago is most likely "The Windy City". You might be thinking :"Oh yes, I know! It's because of the constant breeze coming from The Michigan Lake". Even though it is one of few theories, the most of information point on the theory of "Windy Climate" among the local politicians in 1870. 
"The Second City" refers to the battle with New York in 19th Century over the title of the most populated city. Even though this epithet remains, today Chicago is the third largest city in The States right after New York City and Los Angeles. 
- In Chicago every 17th of March one of the biggest St.Patrick's Day Parades is being held. Honouring that cultural event and Irish community the Chicago river is dyed green every year. 
- Speaking about Chicago River it is important to mention that it is the only river on the planet that flows regressive.
- The legendary "Route 66" begins on Adams Street in Chicago
- The great Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in this very city.He had studied drawing in prestigious Institute of Fine Arts.
- Chicago holds the largest collection of impressionists' artwork outside of Louvre, Paris
-The world largest continuous street (23.5 miles) is located in this city and it is named Western Avenue
- Hugh Hefner has opened first Playboy Mansion and started Playboy's publication in 1953 
- First McDonald's restaurant in United States was opened right here, in Chicago in 1955 by Rey Kroc
- The first cell phone was created in Chicago by Martin Cooper
- The first Rotary Club was established in Chicago
- From the top of Willis Tower (former Sears Tower) even four states are observable (Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana). It is 110 stories high skyscraper opened in September 1973 after three years of construction.
- The very first skyscraper made in the world was Home Insurance Company in 1885 in Chicago.
    This picturesque and welcoming city is the home of 31 Fortune 500 companies. It is the list issued annually by the magazine Fortune, that indicates 500 the most successful companies in The United States. Chicago is the biggest transportation and distribution centre of the country as well. Other branches of industry influencing the economy of the region are: food processing, manufacturing, insurance, printing and publishing.
    Chicago is printing capital of the country. Recognized as one, in the last decade of 19th century this city became the center of commercial printing of United States. By the term of commercial printing we consider mainly magazine and catalog publishing. Nowadays, printing industry is present in every sphere of everyday life. According to the customers data and information provided by AllStateBanners, 99% of businesses, schools, religious institutions and different organizations use vinyl banners in promotional and advertising purposes. 
Inexpensive, easy to place, reusable and weather proof vinyl banner are the perfect solution for spreading commercial and other message.
    Inexpensive, easy to place, reusable and weather proof vinyl banners are the perfect solution for spreading commercial and other message. Besides, banners add ornament to the city, either being hanged or placed on banner stands displays.

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