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College Signs

College Signs

Acrylic Banners

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine any decent organization or community without a banner, and colleges are not an exception. Today, many types of banners are offered on the market, and acrylic ones are claimed among the strongest, most reliable and resistant to any external factors.

In addition, this type of banners is usually high quality, which implies that such signs will last for many years if needed. In comparison with cloth and vinyl banners, acrylic banners look more expensive and sophisticated; however, their usage profile is not so wide as in other types of banners. Usually, acrylic signs are printed on a transparent banner as it is a stylish and the simplest way to provide a logotype on a banner. Thus, acrylic banners allow printing up to five words, which are the company’s logo and slogan or motto. This type of banners does not imply that a poster will contain much information about a college.

The profile of acrylic banners is related to welcome signs and departments’ signs. Usually, colleges order such banners to use them as pointing arrows, for instance, to the dining room or to the classrooms. Moreover, this type of banners can be used on the basketball courts or football fields to provide information about working hours.

Vinyl Banners

When preparing outdoor or indoor sports events, one should remember that there are many distractors for the audience, including bright lights, promo zones, and other issues that catch visitors’ attention. The main aim of college sports banner is to catch the maximum of people’s attention, and a huge, bright-colored banner is an excellent way to make everyone aware of the team. All bright colors that can be used for sports banners and provide “vital information at a glance” are probably their major advantage. In comparison with other types of banners, vinyl ones do not have watercolor, gouache, or offset printing so college sports banners come with paints and prints that will not fade, get erased, or disappear for a long time since they are resistant to any external factors such as weather or wrapping. In addition, the paint is evenly applied. The price for any vinyl banner seems to be not quite reasonable if a banner is ordered only for one of two sports events. For instance, one meter of a standard vinyl banner, which is usually being used for sports events, costs between 10 and 12 USD, depending on material and width of the banner.

Due to the rapid development of promotion and advertising in college, vinyl banners are extremely popular. Nowadays, they are widely used for many college events, but their major profile is sports events such as football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Sometimes, they are used during celebrations, anniversaries, promotions, or enrollment events. This type of banners is one of the most reasonable decisions when it comes to the combination of price and quality.

Magnetic Banners

Since acrylic and vinyl banners are rather thick, magnetic banners could be an excellent choice when one needs a very flat, tight, and resistant to any external factors banner. Such banners can be placed inside the building as well as outside it. The variety of magnetic banners is made by their design and size. In other words, such a banner is a blank piece of magnet where one can print any ideas for upcoming events. All magnetic banners can be divided into two groups: the first group presents banners that contain only name or logo and contacts (a telephone number or social network icons). If it is a competition or a fair, such a banner contains the company’s logo and one’s contact information in the case of necessity. The second type of a banner is a “sneak peek” . It means that this banner contains information that is not widely known, but it is clear to the team’s fans or to a certain group of people. For instance, there is a main player’s nickname, which is not widely known, but all team players call him that. ‘Go, Mouse!’ or ‘For [Nickname!]’ is a good example of such a banner. The last type of banners that are usually used at any college event is a poster. Posters can contain images, graphic, or texts since there are no restrictions for their design. Such magnetic banners are very convenient in use as they can be applied to doors, refrigerators, and any other flat metallic surfaces. Moreover, such banners are used to provide basic restrictions on the college’s territory, for instance, ‘do not step on the grass’ or to show prices in the college’s dining room.

Cloth Banners

When it comes to regulations and internal laws about the usage of college banners, attention must be paid to cloth banners as they have minor regulations. This type of banners is easy to make, and even though many students create them by themselves, it is highly recommended to order such banners from manufacturers. It is not hard to get a permission if a sports banner has been already agreed upon with college administration, which must be done to avoid any violation of law or problems. Since this type of college banners is not made of plastic, they require greater attention to coloring, letters, and fonts usage. It does not matter whether one works with their designer or freelancer, or if there is a cooperation with the banner company’s designer. Additional signs and letters must be approved to avoid any conflicts once the banner is ready. It is hard to predict what all letters will look like on the final cloth, which is why attention must be also paid to the overall composition of this banner.

When it comes to the usage of college signs, such types of banners are applied to welcome freshmen, for any sports events, and during promotions, proms, or advertising campaigns. In addition, cloth signs can be used for graduation celebrations, B-days and other holidays like July 4, Christmas, and New Year. This type of banners is the cheapest and the easiest way to make a college banner that will suit almost any meeting or event. 

Polypropylene Banners

Polypropylene is a thin and very flat but strong material that can be used for college banners. It can be compared to acrylic banners. Usually, it is used indoors. In comparison to other banners, this one can be described as hard plastic banner. When printing of polypropylene, such banners require level surface preparation. These banners are made of POS materials that are light and that can be used for exhibitions, museum design, and any advertising field in college. Resistance to rust, low weight, low cost, durability (over 50 years), strength, and absolute environmental safety are just a few major advantages of this material. This is a truly modern material of the new generation. However, it also has disadvantages, but they are insignificant. For instance, their most common defect is external damage that does not just disrupt its aesthetic qualities. Sometimes at first sight, such defects are even imperceptible, but they lead to the bad appearance of the college sign.

As for the use of college polypropylene banners, they can be found in exhibitions, food fairs, meetings, and lecture announcements. In addition, they are used during sports events as their cost is not that low in comparison to other signs. This material gains great popularity every day.

Net Banners

Finally, the type of banners used for college signs is net prints. Easy-to-design and order, net print is widely used to decorate walls in college. This is one of those types of banners that accept any size of photo or image to provide a printed net sign. For instance, such banners can be used for a group photo of sports team or college’s motto. Just like many other banners, this one is water resistant and it can last for many years. If compared to other types of banners, net banners are much more expensive, but they last for years, so their price is more reasonable.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of net banners on the market so one can choose any banner for any college event. When it comes to event management, it is critically important to pay attention to its design and provide clear messages that attract the attention of many people. Understanding the principles of communication and information is a key tool, used to draw attention of college students, and such type of banners is one of the best ways to do it. This bright, tight, and colorful way to present any event will keep its popularity for many years from now. In addition, it is important to mention that this is the only kind of banners that can hang on a window as its template and material do not jeopardize the concept of the poster. Net banners are also used to fill the gap between seats on the football field during college sports events. In addition, this type of banners is widely used in many colleges and universities, including Cambridge and Oxford.

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