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An Effective Guide for Those Interested in Offline Advertising

It is a widely-spread point of view that it is not a quick process for a banner to get a message to the public. For decades, advertisers have used vinyl banners as one of the most effective tools, and they line the streets with the busiest traffic to market the most famous products in various industries.

Banners grab the attention of the public, and no passer-by can walk past without reading through a message. It is an acknowledged fact that any type of a banner raises the public awareness of the services or products. Thus, when you make up your mind to pay for an advertising banner, you will be amazed to see that in a present-day world a banner display can be of various types. The number of options is unlimited. Selecting the most suitable banner for your business or event, you can try to find the best one in terms of placement, design, material, color, images, message, printing type, size, and a number of other aspects. You know what your needs are; so, you can give a thought to all the minute details and get the result you want.
However, if you see that this decision is not an easy one for you and the process takes more time than you have expected, there is always someone you can rely on. Yes, if you want to create a flawless banner and obtain the best outputs, the process of creating a perfect one can take a lot of effort and time. Remember, we can help you any time you ask us to interfere. We will provide you with all the information related to creating and using banners; moreover, we will turn this process into an exciting adventure absolutely free of problems. Having this effective guide for those interested in banners, the process will be smooth and easy. You will conquer the offline advertising world and take to it like a duck to water. Your banner display is going to be exceptional, believe us!

Banner Types: Reviewing Kinds of Banners

Benefits of Vinyl Banners

There is a wide range of banners of various types, and each of them has a number of peculiar characteristics which make it special. What you have to do is to specify your priorities and choose the banner which corresponds to your needs best of all. If you are successful in that, your advertising and marketing efforts will be rewarding.
So, you have understood that you can choose among different kinds of banners. Furthermore, there are different materials for printing that serve different goals. Don’t get puzzled in that great diversity! You ask yourself how you can choose the most effective material to make your presentation effective and your display bright and memorable. To know the answer you have to learn more about the characteristics of different materials and them to make the only right decision. Please note that most of the businessmen opt for vinyl banners for advertising campaigns, and that choice is well-grounded.
Vinyl has a lot of benefits which you have never thought about. There are a lot of benefits related to its functionality and effectiveness. Firstly, when you take a ready product, you see that it is really easy to handle it, roll up, hang, and store after it has been utilized. It is a perfect material for manipulations and preservation. Besides, you can use it during long periods of time, then put is aside, and take it again after some break. You have thought that you can use it only during one season? Definitely not! It is simple to do the cleaning and maintenance of vinyl banners even if they are placed outside. Advertising for a long term in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations brings no problems as stained or dusty banners can be cleaned and used again. Vinyl looks new again if some effort is taken to wipe it down using a wet cloth, while other materials require professional services and considerable money for maintenance.

Moreover, the reliability and durability of vinyl are exceptional in comparison with those qualities of other materials. Proper care and storage in a dry place can guarantee up to five years of use for vinyl products. Vinyl displays can even be enhanced with extra grommets, wind slits, and special pole pockets for different purposes and settings

Having a Closer Look at Materials for a Banner: Vinyl (18 ounce)

The world of advertising and print displays has a lot of secrets which can make your business flourish. We will help you enter this universe and get to know as much as possible about the banners that create unforgettable visual impression. However, be ready to make multiple decisions to get the result you need. We do agree that vinyl is one of the most durable, effective, and reliable materials for professional displays. So, let’s dive in further into the description of high-quality vinyl and look at the benefits this choice gives and opportunities that you will get. Standard displays of vinyl prints mostly use the materials of lighter weight; however, there are also certain other options which also deserve close attention. A standard option of 13-ounce vinyl has another alternative. Vinyl (18ounce) is known for its durability and heavy duty. It is an option known for its perfect weather resistance that will neither spot in the rain nor tear in the wind. It is perfect for durable use and it has an absolutely affordable price which is a perfect value for money. You pay and get heavy-duty material that saves you a lot as contrasted with fabric print or textile.

Indoor Banners vs. Outdoor Banners

You should have no doubt that the setting you have will have a special type of banners suitable for its unique peculiarities. Whatever the setting is, there are numerous types for outdoor and indoor locations. It is essential to know that there are certain differences among the indoor and outdoor banners; thus, ordering them you should know where you will use them and to analyze which types of banners will be best for you.
What are the characteristics of indoor banners? They are typically of lighter weight than the outdoor options. A standard type of an indoor banner material is vinyl of 13 ounce. Besides, the design can be made with the use of either semi-matte or matte finish. In some photo options, a banner can be in the central place; then, the shine can be eliminated with the help of matte-finish. The same can be done in case of exposure or high lighting to keep the design, text, and images clear. Besides, you do know what kind of presentation you need, and a banner with its accessories is a perfect tool that can help you get what you want. In case you need your banner and a stand, your best option is a light-weight indoor type.

What is peculiar in a banner of an outdoor type? Its design process is the same with an indoor kind, and an ultimate product will be professional and effective. The difference between those two is thicker vinyl as a material for outdoor locations. A recommended option for banners of the outdoor type is vinyl of heavy-duty type (18 ounce). Weather conditions can be disastrous for outdoor advertising; therefore, banners located at the festivals, fairs, markets, parades, and open-air concerts require greater strength and added toughness. Besides, the printing process should make use of high-resolution ink with waterproof qualities. This type of ink can enhance the sharpness of logos and images; besides, it does not let the images and text to get smudged or damaged under severe weather conditions or heavy rain. A wide range of tools and accessories for the outdoor banners can improve their functionality. Some settings do require grommets, slits, and pole pockets which improve the weather resistance qualities.

Banners: Single-Sided or Double-Sided

When you have already decided on the outdoor or indoor type of a banner, it is time to consider the option of having the graphic printing on one side or prefer to have it on both sides. Those types of offline advertising for your marketing may bring you different benefits. Please note that you take to take into consideration a number of aspects when you make this decision as the needs of your company can be different.

For and Against a Single-Sided Banner

In those situations when there is a permanent surface or a wall where the banner is located, it is recommended to opt for a banner with a single side since visibility on both sides is impossible. An eye-catching display is guaranteed with such a banner secured against a certain structure, building, or different wall-like surfaces. A single-sided banner with well designed details is sufficient to inform and impress the clients, customers, and all kinds of target audience. Think whether your customers will spend much time in the vicinity of the banner to see if it is necessary to have a more expensive double-sided option. Only if a banner is located in the business venue or office space with frequent clients and customers, it is advisable to choose a double-sided one. Other types of such settings are stores, gyms, health clinics, or service companies. In those settings, it is typical for the customers to spend a lot of time in one space and view a banner display from different angles. So, consider your advertising realities and decide whether your efforts in marketing are aimed at a corresponding type of clients.

For and Against a Double-Sided Banner

A double-sided banner with special mounting should be chosen as a perfect option for traffic settings with two-way transport and open spaces. In a location with a lot of people coming and leaving, a banner with two sides is perfect as a message can be seen from different directions. The information that promotes your product or service can be extended considerably with such a banner, and that is beneficial for such events as trade shows, conventions, and conferences. The objective of a banner in those settings is to grab attention of the target group and raise their awareness. Traffic moving in two directions is an ideal factor for choosing a double-sided banner for a location; besides, it requires specific mounting. Choosing between pole banners and banner stand, one should know about the benefits of each type of mounting tools. Both of them, actually, are suitable for demonstrating the information on both sides of a banner; so, both sides require good design and durable materials.

Banner Stands: Various Kinds of Banner Stands and Their Advantages

Note that a banner stand is an option that deserves your close consideration. It is a tool which facilitates the process of mounting and gives a number of benefits. Using it, you will see that your presentation has no challenges and inconveniences. First of all, you will be able to maintain your vinyl banner taut and prevent wrinkles and sagging. Next, you can ensure absolute mobility and easy transportation options; thus, your banner can be taken to a number of locations. More than that, banner stands are easy to set and manage. It is not difficult to put the stands together and break them down any moment you need. Only 1 minute of your time is needed to reach your target audience with a perfectly set banner stand. Finally, you can decide on the size of a banner stand and customize the display dimensions as well as its design. Opt for this versatile type of this mounting tool that supports all kinds of sizes and choose among the available models.

Fixed Stands

Let’s start with a fixed stand as one of the types in the range of banner stands. Your banner can be effective with the use of different types of mounting constructions, but if you are looking for a straightforward and easy option which requires very little time to be set up, this is the one for you. If you organize a transportable travelling presentation, consider this factor as it will be a perfect option for you when you move between the settings. What is one of the most remarkable characteristics of a fixed stand is its ability to ensure the security of a banner and its ability to be taut with no bungee cords, ropes, tapes, or other materials. In addition, you do not require any manpower to handle a display of heavy-duty and considerable size. This feature is especially important for the fragile banners which can be destroyed, broken down, and set up again in different locations for the purpose of brand promotion. It can be important for industry conferences and various trade shows. A fixed stand has two options: a light-weight one and that with a carrying bag with pads. The latter variant is aimed at the increase in mobility and enhancement of safety and long-term utilization. It is a reasonable investment if what you need is a durable and simple variant for multiple uses during the occasions.

Banner Stands of Retractable Type

One of the favorites on the market is a retractable banner stand. Its mounting does not take a lot of time. Moreover, it can be broken down easily any time you need that, and that does not take much effort. An extra benefit is an easy storage option; that is why many choose exactly this type of banner stands. In some cases, you will need to store your created banners for next seasonal occasions and events, for instance if you have designed a special seasonal advertising banner for your restaurant or café, a holiday promotion for your company, or a reminded to your customers at Christmas or any other festive season. You invest in a well-designed banner, and then this investment serves you more than once. On the one hand, you make the use you get maximum; on the other hand, you care more about the process of design and that results in a masterpiece instead of a typical banner. It is a matter of serious importance to be able to store a banner that you have created for personalized advertisement and save it from potential damage. A retractable banner will save your space and enable you to keep your banner safe until the next season or time when you need it again.

Step and Repeat Banner Stands

You can choose a step and repeat type of banner stands if you do your campaign under specific circumstances. The main purpose of those stands is efficient display of step and repeat banners. It is one of the favorite choices as it is really convenient to use this attractive type of banners at the conventions, trade shows, and events. It is a good type of presenting and promoting a business brand if a banner is erected properly. Such banners are effective if they contain a logo all over the surface in a repetitive manner. Thus, you can use it as a background for some message or an accent for a product stand. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the stand is erected as taut and tall so that the effect is impressive. Alternative options of hanging the banner can result in the wrinkles in the midsection which can spoil the effect. If you choose banners of step and repeat type, you can rely on its structure. An appropriate stand will eliminate the need in cords, ropes, and various mounting accessories for a more complicated scenario.

Banner Stands of X-Shape

The key benefits of this type of banner stands are their light weigh and portability. Their name repeats the shape of their base attached to the corners of the banner. Another advantage is that this X-shaped banner stand can be applied not only once, but throughout the period of use for a few banners. You can choose among the following sizes for X-shaped stands: 48 x 78, 32 x 72, and 24 x 63. Thus, this range of sizes makes it possible to fit the banners for various placements, in particular outdoor patios, offices, outdoor convention spaces, reception areas, indoor center spaces, etc. The most useful feature of such banner stands is their portability; however, there is another outstanding feature which those who opt for this type stands really like. It is an option to do a quick set-up and maximization of stretching for the banner vinyl material. The stand can be hooked on a grommet in every corner to be reliable and stable; moreover, the information on the banner will be displayed in an attractive and effective way so that all the passersby and drivers could see the message. This stand promotes your business, gives information, shows a company logo, and also emphasizes the idea that your company is trustworthy owing to its exceptional attitude to the old and new customers.

Wall Murals in Advertising Offline

Not every company would choose all murals as a type of offline advertising, but it has its evident benefits as well. First of all, it can fill the whole space of the wall and allow any design you would like to choose. This type of banners is mostly used for decoration and ensuring a bright touch to some venue or a living space. Nevertheless, experts in creative advertising managed to find an innovative approach to wall murals to turn them into an effective marketing tool and a unique advertising form which cannot get unnoticed enchanting the target groups of potential customers. This type of advertising is great for those companies which provide travel services; so, they can attract new clients with amazing views and landscapes. A wall mural is a real treasure for a travel agency as the breathtaking skylines and fascinating panoramas cannot but inspire the clients giving them a dream and an image of their fantastic rest. Although a mural is simple and perfect in portraying landscapes, it also can give unlimited space for creative work and artistic imagination. A wall-size image, design, or a photograph is always perceived differently from a usual one. Easy adherence of such murals to any wall surface as well as the quality of vinyl to stick is widely used in different kinds of business.

A unique range of dimensions and simplicity in attaching the banner, this display allows customization of all elements, including text, graphics, photographs, color scheme, and so on. This allows making a banner informative as it can contain promotional offers, details for the customers, or specific messages. This type of print display is not only versatile, but also very effective in encouraging the customers to have a special attitude to a service or product. For instance, your business deals with special services which you can associate with the feeling of calmness and peace; so, the design of a large-size mural may show some images which make you feel the tranquility. However, if you want to advertise some trendy clothes or any other active product, you will require graphics with bright colors and loud images. A professional design expert working in an advertising team can ensure that the marketing presentation is outstanding; it will grab the attention of your target audience at an exceptional speed and multiply the number of your clients in no time.

Window Signs

One more offline advertising type with high rate of persuasiveness is a window sign. Its proactive character and customization of all elements, in particular text, graphics, details in promotional campaign, and other aspects, result in high effectiveness of this advertising tool. Any storefront and any window can turn into a perfect display for your ideas and messages. This practical and effective option is perfect for those businesses which have a specific target audience and know how to use the window displays to maximize the reach of their advertising. You get a sign on the window and add vibrancy and voice to every promotional campaign you organize. An inanimate object enables you to give a new life to your products and services.

Along with remarkable efficiency of window signs which are popular among the businesses, there are numerous features which make this marketing tool unique and exceptional. A great functionality is the feature which makes window signs special. Made from a film material with perforation, such signs are easily attached to glass. Besides, it is not difficult to remove or change them for new ones when the season is over, for example.
The passersby walk along the street and see an image of a perforated window display, while those who are indoors do not suffer from lack of light as it enters the room freely. If your company has a certain space where your clients and customers spend some time or frequently visit, a window sign will be a perfect marketing idea. A standard banner with no perforation will definitely interrupt the work inside as the natural light will be blocked, while a window sign never limits the outdoor visibility maximizing the effect of advertising at no cost of those who are in the room.

Pole Banners: Purpose, Location, Effectiveness

Driving along the road, you definitely see a lot of bright banners with various poles and light posts. The popularity of such method clearly demonstrates that pole banners are in demand they are effective if used properly. How are these vinyl objects made? They have special pole pockets at the bottom and at the top; thus, they can enjoy total security against a pole in any outdoor or indoor setting. The banner can be stretched right after the mounting because a pole pocket is located at the bottom and at the top of the banner. The resulting presentation is professional and impressive because of this taut look which definitely makes passers-by interested.

Vinyl material for printing pole banners can be 13 or 18 ounce thick; besides, there is a wide range of sizes. The favorite size is 3 x 2 feet. Such kind of vinyl advertising display is in high demand for numerous organizations and businesses because it can create a demonstration which arouses interest, especially if placed at a large scale public event, for instance a convention, tradeshow, conference, or fair. You can try several pole banners and see that an effect can be added to every hallway, driveway, or sidewalk; thus, people walking there will have no opportunity to miss the message you want to send to them. However, it does not actually matter whether you decide on using the pole banners in bulk or alone; the fact is that a pole banner with good design brings a lot of benefits for your company when you try to promote your company’s services, products, or special offers. An available pole-structure will be perfect for a banner, and a pole pocket option will serve you right when you try to hang your display in an indoor public area, a store, a small shop, or some business office. This type of advertising has an outstanding potential for suspension; besides, it adds flexibility and versatility to every marketing and advertising attempt you think about.

Matte Banners: Is an Option with No Shine Good?

It may sound not modest, but having some shine and gloss can make us a little happier. Sometimes, we long for the glitter, but it is not always appropriate and effective. There is special place and time for that gloss, while a vinyl banner without any gloss will be a universal versatile tool suitable for all settings. When the sun is high or exposure to light is excessive, we sometimes cannot see the images or test in a standard vinyl material clearly as the surface is excessively reflective. However, if you opt for a matte banner, it has no gloss. So, this is a display that will not shine in the sun. Isn’t it the option that you need in the settings with excessive brightness or too much light? Matte banners are printed using high-quality vinyl material (13 ounce) which allows you to place them outdoors under any weather conditions. Their resilience to brightness and high shine make them an ideal variant for outdoor trade shows, outdoor stadiums, or fairs.

The outdoor functionality of this advertising option is superb; however, they can also be used indoors with the same effectiveness. A lot of business campaigns are conducted with the help of matte banners in indoor sports complexes or public arenas where excessive indoor lighting is considered to be typical and unavoidable. Organizing a banner display in such settings, it is a matter of crucial importance to take into consideration the reflection and shine from closeness to excessively bright light; this can reduce the effectiveness rate and prevent the target audience from seeing peculiar features of banner graphics. Eliminate this problem easily with the use of matte materials and show your logo, text, images and graphic easily. Make sure that the sign visibility is good to enable the audience see what you want to show. The same rule applies to those settings where your advertising display is going to be exposed to the camera lighting or numerous photos. Increase the reach of your banner choosing a matte variant; make visibility of your information enhanced for your potential clients. Share with ease!

Step and Repeat Banners Advertising

A special option of vinyl banner advertising is a banner of step and repeat type. It is typically a large-size banner display which represents a logo of a company throughout the sign area repeatedly. Most often, it is a preferable choice for conventions, different formal events, expositions, and grand openings. This type of banners have exclusive design which differentiates them among other types of banners and even gives them a special status of an elite advertising tool which is commonly used by reputable proactive businesses that want to establish their solid standing in the market.
A step and repeat banner is a vinyl option that is not intended for promotion of only one product or certain information. Most often, it goes in combination with other banners that contain much more information. The details of design make this type of banners specific and recognizable. It is referred to as a presentation which emphasizes the expertise and professionalism of a certain business or organization; therefore, a banner causes intense interest of the target audience in the products of the company and its activities. How can these vinyl banners be used? They can be located on a blank wall or used as a backdrop. Consequently, they are perfect for promotional events, trade shows, trade conferences, launches of products, grand openings, corporate events, and other events of such kind. It is highly recommended to consider this option if you need a perfect background for a display of photos.

Moreover, the mounting of such banners can be done easily in different ways, one of which is a stand for step and repeat banners. One of the purposes why these banner stands are constructed is to ensure secure holding of a vinyl banner in a large size, as it makes the procedure of setting up easy and quick.

Banners of a Billboard Size

There are several sizes which are used in banners of standard billboard types (from 20 x 20 feet to 15 x 10 feet through 20 x 10 feet and 15 x 15 feet). Actually, one can choose among an unlimited number of size variants, as a designer can customize the dimensions of banners at the early stages of creation. So, this efficient type of banners is known for its versatility, capacity for customization, and great features of an outdoor advertisement tool if large scales are required.

This is an effective tool for marketing and advertising which has been used for dozens of years. It has always been trusted as a great technique of causing great interest in the audience and stirring up the masses. Now, a sign of a large size is preferred by numerous businesses and companies as they need to strike the interest in the public with a brand new graphic and encourage the people to become new clients and try some unknown product. A company makes use of a large dimension and effective location to involve the potential customers into their activity. The most effective use of a banner in a billboard size is in the area with heavy traffic as there are a lot of people who can see the message within a limited allowed period of time.
Where are the most common settings for billboard banners? Most often, they are buildings of various sizes and shapes as well as existing structures where the mounting of banners is done with the help of cords, ropes, and special grommets. A banner may be secured either for a short-term or a long-term use in advertising campaigns.

Signs with Perforation and Mesh Banners

One of favorite types of banners is a banner with small openings or perforations. Numerous organizations and companies use it, although it is often confused with front window advertisements in the stores. Those types of displays are applied in different locations and they are growing in popularity. Printing of perforated types of banners is done on the mesh material of light weight. It is possible to locate mesh banners on the building sides or create a visual demonstration somewhere outside using the standard tools for mounting. What makes mesh-made banners special is their individual composition which prevents all damages that can be caused by strong winds. The flow of wind can go through with no limits and the banners can be set up easily. It is a perfect benefit for those who need to get a set-up outdoors for a long term as persistent winds and harsh weather conditions can affect the display unless it is of this type. Thus, what you get is a combination of a maximum steadiness and top effect.

Being resistant to winds and weather conditions, the banners can also be easily customized in design and size, just as the standard banners made of vinyl can be. The size of the perforated banners can be small, but their space will be sufficient for placing it in the area of a window. Besides, it can be sufficiently large to be printed for covering a tall building side. So, if you want to send a message and fill the space of a window, for example, you can get an option of a perforated window sign. There is a common concern related to the capability of mesh material to portray the needed graphics. However, this concern has no grounds. Banners of this type can present all types of text, logos, images, and designs clearly and enable everybody to see them. The exposure of those banners is maximum possible and their visibility is great inside the offices, stores, and buildings. In contrast with the traditional vinyl banners which prevent the sun rays from getting into the stores as they cover the windows, the signs with perforation are perfect in terms of visibility.

How to Choose an Ideal Size for Your Banner

Have you ever tried offline advertising for your business? If your answer is positive you have definitely looked through various options that the companies offer for vinyl displays. So, you know that you are free to choose among a great number of dimensions and sizes which can serve any purpose. Think about your specific goal in advertising and choose the size that you believe will be perfect for your ideas. Note that the smallest vinyl banner can be 2 x2 feet and the largest one can be as large as 150 x 10 feet. The number of options is unlimited, thus, you have to decide on the choice that will be the best for your individual case.

First of all, decide on the placement of your banner before specifying the size needed. Do you actually need a banner of a billboard size? Do you have a corresponding setting for it? Probably, what you need is setting a banner in the store with a small set-up and a banner of a corresponding size. When you know exactly where you are going to place a banner, you will decide on the customized size and an optimal design which will address your needs and appeal to the target audience.

Secondly, think of the target group which you would like to address. If it important to know exactly which people are going to be your primary audience as this will impact the size of a banner and its specific characteristics. If you are oriented towards the commuters who get to work daily and are on the roads in the rush hours, you have your audience composed of business people from the young to those in their middle age. In that case, what you need is a banner of a large scale placed along the intersection and the main roads so that more people could see it during the busy hours. It would be wise to invest in a banner of a large size or even a billboard type of maximum size as it can create the best effect. However, if you have some new promotion and you want to encourage the customers to opt for it, a small banner placed inside your store or your reception area can be the most effective for your purpose.

A small-sized vinyl banner display:

Indoor settings as well as placement on the windows do not require large banners. Thus, the size of 2 x 2 feet is perfect for those vinyl banners that are chosen for stores and offices; besides, businesses use banners of 2 x 6 feet and 2 x 5 feet. They are not large, but their sophisticated design in combination with bright colors can maximize the advertising effect. A vibrant display in a small space or together with extra signs and banners are frequently used and enjoy their well-deserved popularity.

A medium-sized vinyl banner display:
If a banner is 3 feet high and 5 - 8 feet wide, it is considered to be of medium size. It is a great size for the spaces with intensive foot traffic. Besides, it is effective to use those banners with the help of specific banner stands, tools for suspension hanging, or other mounting techniques. This size allows for easy management, maintenance, and providing maximum effect in promoting and advertising.

A large-sized vinyl banner display:

A banner is considered to be large-sized if its dimensions exceed 5 x 5 feet. It is a perfect choice for conventions, conferences, trade shows, and various outdoor settings where the traffic is heavy. Choosing an option for your assigned outdoor location, it is important to take into consideration the type of traffic in that area. For instance, if a banner is of size 5 x 5 feet, it is sufficiently large to produce a strong impression and preserve its versatility and flexible nature without taking excessive space. However, if the foot traffic in the area is not that intensive and it is characterized by vehicle traffic mostly, it is recommendable to choose the banners with larger dimensions. If you place an advertisement of a grand scale, you can catch the attention of the drivers who will be able to see all the details and grasp your sent message.

Process of Banner Design and Digital Printing

Thus, let’s summarize what we already know about the growing popularity of banners in the course of the years and the increasing awareness of the public and businesses about the benefits of this remarkable tool used for promotion. Banners have gone through all the trials in the indoor and outdoor spaces and have demonstrated that both the area with intense traffic and small spaces can benefit from this offline advertising tool. The variety of designs that banners may have is enormous as well as the number of options for their placement. It is impossible to deny the popularity of banners placed on the buildings, railway stations, bus stations, and different public places. The history of a banner can be traced back to old times, and they have never stopped developing. This ability to evolve and get better has caused considerable growth in popularity and a great potential for further success.

It is hard to believe that the first banner was painted and lettered by hand. Moreover, it was complicated to create it altogether; therefore, people made them in parts and then collected the constituent parts to compose a visual display of a large scale. They used to mount the banners only with common adhesives; however, now the mounting tools are absolutely different. Currently, a banner can be secured anywhere and in a great number of methods; your potential of choosing among the options is limitless. Besides, the printing techniques are developing daily and the outputs you get today leave you speechless with their colors, innovative approaches to mounting, and remarkable ways to send an advertising message. There are different ways to create a new vinyl banner customized for your needs. The easiest one is to make use of a template available online or some images which you like. The most effective one is using the services of a professional design team that looks at your demands from a new creative perspective. Their vision can help you to make your banner outstanding, and people will get to know about your company as they will see your logo, graphics, images and text which they will like.

Stages of design process:
1. Choosing of the size and type of a banner.
It is done by a team of designers and marketing experts to find a perfect fit for a chosen location.
2. Choosing of a method.
Organizations and businesses opt for either hiring a team of designers or using the available templates. They can provide their graphics and images in both cases.
3. Creating an online banner proof
The team decides on the final look of a banner, creates an online sample, and starts the printing process after all the details are approved.
4. Transferring graphics to vinyl
Using a inkjet printer, a computer image of a banner is transferred to the vinyl material chosen in accordance with the needed weight, size, and customized design.
5. Printing a banner

Feeding the banner vinyl through a printer, you get a banner with the chosen text, images, graphics, and design on the durable material printed with the use of the ink of high quality and beautiful colors.

What do you know about digital printing?

Present-day vinyl banner printing cannot be imagined in the world of offline advertising without digitized printing. Its important role cannot be overestimated in the time when everything develops so fast. If you need professional vivid printing of high quality and maximized effect, you cannot do without modern inkjet printers of large format. Specifically designed for banner printing, a printer uses UV-curable eco-solvent ink based on water for a high quality ad which is not damaged with any winds or weather influences; thus, the useful life of a banner will be much longer. Moreover, special inks used for banner printing are resistant to fading under the UV impact or to running ink.

Banner Design and Graphics

It may seem challenging and complicated to make an effective design for a banner. That is absolutely right that constructing an outstanding advertising display is supposed to take into account numerous factors and aspects as it should be attractive enough to make all the people in the street or indoors pay attention to the content. However, it is not such an enormous challenge as it might seem at first. Designing banner graphics done with the assistance of professional designers and experts in printing may turn into an exciting creative process. Your exclusive vision can be easily turned into an advertising that can be shared with all the people. You should definitely ask a design expert in banner graphics to assist you at all the stages of the process; however, at the same time it is highly recommendable for you to know all the details that can make your vinyl banner extra effective.

First and foremost, you should consider the font size that will be used in a banner. This minor detail can make a huge difference as the target audience’s perception will depend on it. For instance, a small banner can be unnoticed by the passersby who hurry and do not pay attention to little pieces of advertising around. Besides, if there is too much text in the banner and the graphics are boring, there will be no striking effect that can grab the audience’s attention. Thus, it is a matter of huge importance to ensure the visibility of the font which should be both large and bold. Seen from a considerable distance, it should contain the most essential details that potential customers should know.

Only pertinent details are to be included. Think twice whether each of the details should be there for the public. Before printing, eliminate everything that is not important and leave only the most essential text and details. Enhance the efficiency of your vinyl banner and do not make it too stained or overloaded. Avoid adding the contact information on the banner of it is set in front of the store or inside it; however, if the banner is located at a distance, always make sure that the contact details are there. Remember a 3x5 rule. You can choose between having 5 lines with 3 words in each and 3 lines with 5 words in each to make the banner most effective and striking.

Not more than 15 words!

If it is needed, add wind slits or additional grommets. This improvement can enhance the process of designing and serve as a benefit while using. If you use your banner outside, this addition of grommets or wind slits will add to the security and stability protecting the banner from harsh winds. Extreme weather changes may damage the banners which otherwise can be safe with the extra details added. At the same time, additional grommets are useful in the course of mounting as they enable the workers to secure a vinyl banner with extra connection.

Including a snappy slogan is recommended. Having limited the text to maximum fifteen words and chosen the best text font, it is time to find a slogan that will be easily remembered. It will ensure a strong lasting impression produced on the people you want to have as your target group. A good slogan improves the banner’s visibility and helps the audience to see and understand the presented information easily. Consider the key aim of your banner and then decide on the appropriateness of a slogan. It is clear that advertising new services or products, a company will get numerous benefits from a catchy slogan which will be funny and not very sophisticated.

Don’t forget about the peculiar features of the mounting location that you use. This factor can influence the choice of your banner design and the graphics; thus, be careful while choosing. It is essential to take into account the dimensions of the mounting setting. Take accurate measurements of the setting you have chosen and then decide on the method how your banner will be secured there. Your banner’s dimensions should fit along with the setting perfectly. Besides, pay special attention to the space composition as it will help you make the banner look unique and special in contrast with the environment. A dark-blue banner mounted to a wall painted in dark blue will not stand out; thus, you lose an eye-catching factor and cannot attract as many customers as you would like to. However, a background in contrast with the banner will be a winning combination.

Have a look at the advertisement around. Your banner should look special among others which might be in the vicinity. The advertisements placed by a competitive company should be different from yours. You can choose different dimensions, other visual priorities, and specific design not to be confused with your competitors. It will not be a problem if you use very bright colors or a huge size of a banner if that makes your approaches different from those of another company’s campaign. Make a decision regarding your preferred design and colors having analyzed those of your competitors. Don’t let your banners blend with other advertising materials! Your task is to make your ad memorable and easily noticeable.

Contrasting colors are your ace in the hole. When you hesitate which color to choose, remember about contrast as a dominant rule. It should be contrast in design, font size, colors, banner background, mounting peculiarities, and other factors aimed at making a strong impression. Your target audience should have no chance to miss your product!
Besides, maximize the exposure! A double-sided banner creates much more response than a single-sided one. Opt for double-sided one after you have analyzed the location. In a setting with heavy two-way traffic, there is no other choice than a double-sided banner placed along the road. Your investment in the advertising will be twice more beneficial if the banner will be seen by twice as many people. Your logo, slogan and contact information placed on both sides will maximize the exposure and bring you more clients. However, if you see that the banner will be mounted against a wall of the building or along the road with one-way traffic, it is reasonable to save and make a banner single-sided.

How to Choose the Best Location for a Banner

Placement is one of the most essential factors when it goes about the efficiency of offline advertising. If the location has low rate of visibility, even a banner with the best design cannot reach the maximum potential because not many people see it. There are some evident settings for banner mounting, in particular your store, a reception area, a lobby of your business, your office window, or other places to set promotional materials. However, there are some other settings which are not so evident but which can be used with a lot of benefits. The most efficient method of selecting a location for a banner is taking into account all the relevant factors as well as your desired target group.

First of all, start your to-do list before ordering a banner. Make a decision regarding the target audience and your desired demographics. Only having exact understanding of which people you want to involve, you can decide on the placement of your advertising and promotional banners. In case you have a healthy food business and you want to advertise one of your products, you should analyze your target audience and engage those who like to go to sports centers and gyms. If you don’t focus on the target audience, you may simply waste your money and efforts placing your great banners in the locations which are absolutely inappropriate. Only having solid knowledge regarding your demographics, you can build up your strategy about banner mounting. You should look for the locations where your potential customers like to visit.

There is great variety in the options for settings. You can choose among numerous locations and get different advantages and benefits in each of them. Consider, for instance, placement along the highways and roads to catch the attention of the commuters who go to work and return home every weekday. They do have time to stare at the bright banners and they may get interested in your message if you send it in the right way. You may also think about locations with intense foot traffic and set your banners at the eye level for those who frequently walk there and have time to look at the displays.

Make a huge difference in the market analyzing the banners and advertising materials of your competitors. Moreover, combine the efforts you have made in one advertising campaign with those made in the next one. When you organize a professional convention or a trade show, you can create new banners to promote those events, but you can also accompany them with other banners which will promote your products and services. So, take advantage of all the aspects related to advertising and use every stand and mounting set-up at your trade shows to advertise all the best offers your company can make. Your priority is to increase the awareness about the company. Thus, make your horizons wider and back-up all the banner advertisements getting new benefits for yourself.

Hints Related to Mounting a Banner and Corresponding Accessories

Having resolved the problem of choosing the best location, you face another challenge. What you have to do now is to analyze the setting and decide on the best method of display mounting. You may consider two main options which both have their pros and cons. First of all, you can make your banner display permanent in one and the same location. It is effective if you are sure that the location of the company will be consistent and stable for a long time. Besides, you have to be absolutely sure that the target audience can be best reached exactly at this location. If the setting can maximize both the reach and visibility, you can opt for a permanent display or installation. In addition, if it goes about a permanent location of your business or a certain store, it is a good idea to place a banner there for good. Permanent displays can be mounted with the help if grommets and screws to a flat surface. Be careful while securing vinyl banners as they should be stretched to the maximum and lines up without any wrinkles.

However, if you are not sure that it will be effective to place a banner in a fixed place, you may prefer a temporary banner display which is a more common method. Using this type of installations, you can take different tools and secure your vinyl banner to get the best outputs.

Banner Frames: How to Make Them Perfect

If you use temporary banners, you will need such common accessory as a frame. It helps to protect the edges of your banner and make it secure. As a result, the banner’s lifespan will be considerably increased. Where can you place your frame? It can be set at your office, on the reception area walls, or at any other locations where your target group frequently comes.

Banner Stands

Highlighting the main ideas of your advertising banner and grasping the audience’s attention can be easily done with the help of a banner stand as one of the most convenient mounting tools. Other types of mounting accessories may have a number of disadvantages, while this one offers only the benefits. When you order a banner, you may order a banner stand that accompanies it. Thus, you will avoid a risk of getting a stand which would not fit your designed banner. If you want to make your banner look professional and business-like, add this special accessory and enhance your marketing efforts considerably. Furthermore, add dimension to space with a perfect filler of banner stands and it will obtain special character and increase the efficiency of promotion efforts of your company aimed at advertising your services or products. Enjoy the easer and durability of banner stands as mounting contraptions at the entryways, offices, terraces, patios, and other locations. Don’t waste your time on complicated structures. If you need to break your banner display down and set it up again, use a banner stand and do that within several minutes. Store them easily and use again when the need may be.

Banner Tape

One of the outstanding tools in banner mounting is a banner tape. Whatever type of vinyl you use (from heavy-duty material to light-weight vinyl of the highest quality), banner tape can add neatness and tidiness to your display. An adhesive tape can be used to make a hemmed-look at the edges. Thus, you will ensure the protection of the banner edges and extend the durability of your advertising materials. Besides, your banner will look as a professional display and persuade your potential clients to get involved in intensive cooperation with you.

Bungee Cords for Your Banner

A bungee cord can be effective while mounting a banner if secured to a surface with a bungee cord fed through a grommet. The elastic nature of such cords makes it possible to ensure the best effect. Securing objects with the help of such cords is an easy process which requires no extra efforts in different situations. If you decide to use the cord mounting your banner display, you will be amazed to see how easy it is. They are capable of strong holding being elastic; so, if you want to place heavy-duty banners outdoors, there will be no better choice for you as the harsh winds and weather conditions can otherwise be a problem.

Banner Plastic Clips

A vinyl display with no or few pre-included grommets may be secured with the help of plastic clips. It is a good alternative as typically grommets go together with the banner to ensure its security using a special aperture with the fed hook, rope, or cord. The security of a banner depends on the number of grommets included. Thus, the more grommets your banner has, the stronger it is and the more secure the whole presentation will be. However, if there is lack of grommets, some extra points can be obtained with the help of plastic clips for the cords, ropes, and bungees. Nylon material is sufficiently durable to ensure the efficiency of plastic clips for your banner, and the material can be held strong by a construction which resembles teeth and acts as a solid attachment for trustworthy securing of banners and advertising displays.

Fasteners of Hook and Loop Type

One more type of accessories used in banner mounting is a hook and loop fastener. This tool has certain limitations, although it also has a number of advantages. One of them is affordability for any business. Besides, such a fastener can ensure sufficient versatility for certain kinds of vinyl banners in different dimensions. Typically, hook and loop fasteners are chosen for indoor banners of smaller size and lighter weight. They need to be directly attached to a smooth surface; thus, the best option for them is a window, a flat wall, a desk front, or a table front. First of all, the hood is attached to the banner and the loop side of the fasteners is attached to the opposite surface. After that, two sides are adhered to each other to ensure that the banner is taut and rigid. This type of fasteners can be used together with the banner tape in a perfect combination. Having hemmed the display edges with banner tape, they are secured to the smooth flat surface with the fasteners of hook and loop type. Thus, you will need neither bungee cords nor ropes as they will not add to the attractiveness of your advertising display.

Metal Banners Hooks

Metal banner hooks are the most common accessories applied in banner mounting along with grommets. One side of the banner hooks is a bit narrower in comparison with the other; thus, it is considered to be of s-shape. The wider end can be directly attached to the ropes or a secondary surface to attach the banner to the ceiling, poles, or various facets, while the narrower end is attached to the metal grommet. The metal of the banner hooks is strong, and it makes the banner advertisement image sharper and more impressive. Owing to the hooks, banners can suspend from the ceilings at the promotional activities, conferences, trade show events, or grand openings.

Suction Cups for Banner Displays

Hook and loop fasteners have one more alternative which can also be used for some kinds of banners. It is a suction cup which is not good in case of large-size banners, but is perfect for those in smaller size. It is not good for the banners printed on vinyl material of heavy duty either; however, you cannot find a better choice for the glass surfaces or store windows displays. Each suction cup is accompanied with a metal hook which attaches it to a banner grommet. The detachment is made easy with the help of a pull tab in a silicon cup; thus, it can be secured to the glass surfaces easily and with no waste of time. Suction cups for banners are able to ensure the support of displays that weigh up to 10 pounds. Moreover, it is guaranteed that the proper use of suction cups ensures no damages to the adjoining surfaces.

Banner Grommets and Zip Ties

If you need to secure a vinyl banner presentation quickly and efficiently, but you do not want to spend a lot of time, money or efforts, you can try special zip ties. They are close-fitting, tight, and strong; thus, you will have no problem with possible wrinkling of your banners or their sagging. The tautness of plastic zip ties is accompanied with their flexibility which is in high demand in banner displays. Thus, the banners can be attached in a chain to each other; besides, their can be attached to different types of surfaces. If you need to attach an outdoor banner, it is highly recommendable to include the wind slits and protect the banners from harsh weather conditions and strong winds. The ties are rigid; that is why the give the banners have will not be great. As a result, if the weather conditions are extreme or there are some specific situations, it is possible that a banner will be torn. However, if the zip ties are placed carefully and there are additional wind slits, it is easy to avoid tearing of your banners.

Banner Ropes for Securing

What is the most common way to ensure the banner mounting? For sure, it is using ropes and hanging your banner with the help of other additional accessories, for example plastic clips for banners and grommets. Banner ropes are easy to use and versatile; thus, banners can be hung with no problem. The range of options for using ropes in banner mounting is absolutely limitless, while the zip ties and suction cups have certain restrictions. It is possible to use the banner ropes to suspend your display above a walkway, a doorway, a gate, or at any busy public space.

Increasing Durability of Your Offline Advertising Display: 

How to Preserve and Recycle Your Banner

Advertising and marketing are often associated with great costs involved; however, vinyl banners as offline advertising tools are knows as affordable means of promotion. A lot of businesses have tried this type of advertising and could see that it is one of the most effective and easy to use methods with the best value for money. Your advertising purposes can be achieved with the help of customized vinyl banners of high quality. Nevertheless, the cost is only one of the factors which make banners stand apart in the list of advertising tools. It is amazing to see how the attention of the target audience can be captured with the help of the banners created with much care, effort, and creative energy. As a result, the new graphics can do magic. An ideal banner display is a product of many long hours of work, analysis, brainstorming, and heated discussions of those who want to make it effective. The affordability of the banners cannot be denied; however, you should remember that they still require certain investments. Thus, having invested in a good banner, it is necessary to take care of it and preserve it from damages to get the most out of the efforts and money spent.
First of all, don’t try to save a lot while ordering a banner. Only a product of high quality material with reinforced corners and fortified edges can serve for a long time. Make sure that you purchase a high-quality product and enjoy the prolonged period of its use. It is always advisable to invest in durable materials and heavy duty vinyl of the situation is appropriate and you can afford that. If you place a banner outside, it is evident that it should be able to withstand rains, snow, strong winds, and other weather severe conditions. A cheap low-quality banner cannot survive even in one storm, while a stronger one can demonstrate that it can be used for a long time without considerable damages.

Take care of your banner and ensure that it is clean. Check on your banner’s state and make sure that it is free from stains and dust. Thus, you can both improve its attractiveness and preserve its life. Use special cotton cloth or a microfiber towel which are the most effective in cleaning such surfaces. Mind that cellulose fiber fabrics and sponges can scratch the surfaces or cause damage to the vinyl layer as their texture is much rougher.
Do not use any cleaning supplies with chemical detergents. You can wipe down the display with water and soap to make it free from dirt, particles, and dust. There is no need in chemical detergents as the eco-solvent ink and vinyl are vulnerable for such harsh interventions and can fade. Your sign or banner will be clean and bright if you preserve it with diluted water with no fragrance and mild materials.
Don’t keep your banner wet. It seems absolutely understandable; nevertheless, it frequently happens that the banners are not dry for a long time. As a result, the presentation is exposed to moisture and that makes its lifespan shorter. It is clear that the outdoor options cannot be dry as they are placed in the street under the rain or in strong winds; nevertheless, it is recommendable to take care of the banners especially when they are going to be stored for some time to use them later. If the banners are stored in moist places, the display may become moldy. Thus, don’t forget to take some extra steps and either buy a dry container or find a moisture-free space for a banner storage.

Avoid folding! Instead, roll the vinyl banners to extend their lifespan. The best way is to get a special container which can preserve the banner perfectly and enable you to transport your displays easily and with no damage or loss. You do invest in your advertising tools; that is why take care of your displays and increase their effectiveness as much as you can. If you are looking for the alternatives for the banner containers, you can find other storage options. However, the most essential thing to remember is not to fold the banner. Vinyl can be rolled with no negative consequences, but folding is ruining for it. If you fold your banner, you can easily crease, tear, or bend it. As a result, your target audience will see a damaged advertising tool and the impression it will make will not be favorable.

Pay special attention to the peculiar features of banner mounting. If you go an extra mile and ensure proper and secure mounting, it will lead to amazing consequences. You will see that your displays are as good as new even after a prolonged use outdoors. Preserve the quality of your banners with the use of such tools as cords, banners stands or ropes. If you keep the banner off the roads and ground, you will prevent numerous damages as the passersby can accidentally step on it. Besides, choose the banner options with reinforcement of the corners and hemming of the edges. It adds to the cost, but at the same time it brings great effect increasing the resilience and strength of the banners. In case you have bought the banners without the needed reinforcement of the corners or edges, you can use special banner tape and add professional look to your display with the help of this tool. Moreover, you will ensure the protection of the exposed areas and enhance the strength of your banner. You want to ensure long-term use and maximum effect of your advertising; so, you are supposed to take care of the quality of your displays.

What is the maximum period of use for a banner? In case you take proper care of your banner and guarantee its storage in a dry place, you can use it as a part of your advertising campaign for the period of up to five years. Remember that you will get the most out of your display, notwithstanding its type, cost, or size, only if you follow the recommendations related to proper banner care. 

How to Choose a Reliable Banner Printing Company

Now you are sure that offline advertising can give you a number of benefits and you are eager to try it. So, your next step is to find a company which has already established its standing in the market of banner printing and can turn your vision into reality. You definitely know that you need professional help in the process of banner creation, but it can be challenging to distinguish between frauds and trustworthy experts.

A wise choice for you is to try the services of Allstate Banners, a well-known US-based company with fast turnaround and first rate customer service. What you need is reliability, expertise, and guarantee of top quality banner design and printing. We have been in the market of offline advertising for years, and out team of designers and printing experts enjoy our work and ensure the best products at an affordable price. We are trusted by a lot of returning customers, reputable businesses and well-known brands.

We will be happy to accompany you in the process of banner design and creation. We will help you to stand out in the market and attract new customers with the end-products that you have always dreamt about. We welcome you to try our services and get an insight into a magic world of offline advertising tools.

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