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Tips & Tricks on how to market your business, your idea, even yourself through printed banners.

Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart

Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart 

Digital marketing has taken over the 21 product or service promotion. Ranging from emails and targeted ads coupled with social media explosion, this form of marketing has significantly earned its position as an advertising tool.

However, a majority of the most efficient traditional marketing approaches are still grounded firmly in the real world despite the advances in technology. Printing commercials and information on banners is perhaps among the first advertising techniques recognized by businesses. However, custom banners remain incomparable when communicating a message to a multitude fast and efficiently. Therefore, this discussion looks at what custom banners can do to business.

Custom Banners Set a Business Apart 


Foremost, photographically imprinted and custom-made designs give an alluring and distinctive design (Bleier and Eisenbeiss, 2015). For example, a textile advert suspended in an art passageway with the entertainer’s outline is an awesome banner that endorses the performer, alongside the website, dates, and other information makes an exceptional usage for the material. Accordingly, several options exist, and consulting experts for extra tips can help to explore them.

Additionally, they enhance business speed. Notably, custom banners made from vinyl are stress-free to make. More so, they are delivered to clients within the least time possible, and meeting rush orders are made possible. Modern technology has made things even easier whereby producing great fabrics and vinyl ads are done in a fraction of time compared to previous times (Harwani, 2015). These banners look professional, and they are easy to create and display company logo, graphic, photograph, or a bold message. Importantly, they are delivered in time making customers to know one is open for business. 

Moreover, they attract the curious and on-looking shoppers, particularly when featuring a product with a price reduction. This tactic makes them consider looking at the item and potentially buying it. These banners state the message clearly and giving a product the presentation renders them irresistible. It is worth noting that they can be placed horizontally or propped on stands (Bleier and Eisenbeiss, 2015). Besides, they can be narrow, wide, tall, or medium depending on preference. Furthermore, there are expandable types while others can be interconnected for an extended effect.


Vinyl Banners are Inexpensive Compared to Other Advertising Sources

Several factors contribute to the inexpensiveness of this form of publicity. The first aspect is their durability (Harwani, 2015). This element makes the obvious benefit of vinyl banners over fabric one. Remarkably, Vinyl banners are resistant to weather, wind, and tear. This advantage makes them the seamless choice for outdoor ads. Vinyl banners made from mesh material allow the wind to pass through. This aspect reduces the chances of flapping and tearing as well as making it an excellent way to retain strength during rainy periods. In comparison, canvas banners are more subtle when faced by harsh elements. These banners are more delicate than vinyl ones and frequently necessitate edge fortification to avoid ripping in windy situations. This reinforcement presents additional expenses to business. 

Additionally, vinyl banners require less maintenance (Littau and Jahng, 2016). Displaying banners outside makes them accumulate dirt and grime quickly and thus require regular washing. Nonetheless, Vinyl is simply cleaned by using water and mild detergents and soap. On the other hand, canvas banners are easily stained and soiled making them hard to clean quickly. Moreover, they are also vulnerable to creases and wrinkling. This disadvantage makes them require steam iron to correct. Therefore, vinyl is the better choice when considering low-maintenance marketing. 

Harwani (2015) explains that the material selected for printing on affects the way a design looks once it has been printed and exhibited. Notably, screen printing or digital printing is used for a majority of vinyl banners on a different format printer. This print allows upbeat, pulsating colors at a low-cost price. Additionally, Vinyl resistant to fading effect thereby provides bold and stunning designs that are sustainable compared to alternatives. However, canvas printing is advantageous when considering aesthetics of a textile. The dye sublimation process that requires heat and pressure to transfer an image to cloth directly produces a richer and more detailed design. Canvas banners hold an advantage in indoor and up-close scenarios.

How Custom Banners Help a Business to Grow 

One of the essential perspectives for a business to grow is reducing cost while increasing output (Bleier and Eisenbeiss, 2015). Custom banners play a significant role ensuring this motive is achieved. Importantly, they cost less to produce thereby saving a business some cash. Furthermore, they are easily personalized by applying innovative print technology and long-lasting custom or Pantone colors. These inks have patents that are consistent and accurate from one printer to another. 

Custom banners are also easy to transport since they are flexible and lightweight.  In comparison, carrying wooden signboards or billboards is cumbersome since they are heavy (Harwani, 2015).  Vinyl or textile displays lessens the problem. In most cases, they just require rolling them up or compressing into small packages making them easy to carry

Additionally, these banners reach more people and aid in increasing traffic to a shop or commercial house (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, and Turban, 2015). Custom banners are best for advertising promotions, special deals, limited time offers, and other seasonal sales. More so, they are a cost-effective approach for bringing a brand to life and assist in boosting a product. They also come in different weights, materials, and finishes. 

The Benefits of Using Custom Banners 

They are the cheapest means of advertising using the printing approach. Innovative advertising companies hold an advantage in the print ads world, but the inexpensive nature of the custom banners allow small firms to participate in this industry (Harwani, 2015). Digital print shops can make custom ads in the main towns. The only tools required are a desktop image and publishing suites. 

Additionally, they are an effective way of advertising (Littau and Jahng, 2016). Particularly, a well-created sign is a natural part of the environment, and several individuals pay attention to them.  Banners that are coupled with design principles such as graphics, distinguishable logo, color pattern, and correct copy are believed to catch the public eye. This aspect makes them appropriate and efficient for outdoor advertising targeting the larger population group. Furthermore, they are valuable for seasonal businesses. It is true that some businesses operate during certain seasons and thus advertising keeps on changing with such times. Custom banners present the most efficient way to handle seasonal operations and advertising.


Although traditional advertising methods still exist, the use of custom banners has taken over the industry. The advances in technology have further intensified the use of digital printing. Custom banners are commonly being used owing to their various benefits. For instance, they enable a business to set itself apart from others by giving an alluring and distinctive design. They also enhance business speed and attract onlookers. Moreover, customized vinyl banners are inexpensive to make compared to traditional methods. These banners are cheap owing to their durability and low maintenance costs.  However, canvas banners have an advantage over vinyl in that the dye sublimation process that requires heat and pressure to convey an image to cloth directly produces a richer and more detailed design. 

Custom banners also help a business to grow by reducing expenses. Additionally, they are easy to transport compared to billboards and also attract more people.  Moreover, companies that use custom banners for advertising reap several benefits including low advertising costs and effectiveness.

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