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Custom Printed Vinyl Banners


Nowadays there exist many organizations, which follow different purposes. Some of them are engaged in charity activities, others are purely commercial and do some business to gain profits. Regardless of the type of an organization, it needs proper advertising of its activities for the people to know about its existence. Advertising is especially important for the companies, which sell some goods or offer some services. This paper discusses custom printed vinyl banners as a form of advertising and strives to prove that they are a very productive method for any business to promote its good or services and increase the level of sales.     

Vinyl Banner Production & Materials

The first point of the discussion is production of the banners. Speaking about purely technical details of manufacturing vinyl banners, the quality of the material and ink is not less important than the slogan or message that will be placed on a banner. If a banner is qualified as “vinyl”, it does not mean that all vinyl banners are the same as the composition of the material can be different (King, 2011). King (2011) writes that people’s knowledge of banners is usually limited only by the size of an ibject, its colors and message and the size. However, in order to make the right choice, it is possible to speak about the anatomy of a banner. The general scheme of the banner material is a chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride and some type of a plasticizer (King, 2011). “Plasticizers are used as softening agents that provide added flexibility and can be either monomeric or polymeric.” (King, 2011, para. 3). It is important to know about this element of vinyl, because it is responsible for the flexibility and durability of a banner, in other words, for the quality of it.    

Different Types of Banners

The issue of plasticizers is important for this discussion, because banner material can behave differently, depending on the weather conditions. There can be indoor banners, for hanging them inside the accommodation, and outdoor banners, for putting them in the street (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d.). The last group is obviously considered to be better. “For most outdoor applications, 9-ounce vinyl mesh is the best material.” (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d., para. 1). This composition is not afraid of rains and consists of many minute holes. These holes strengthen the banner and do not give it a chance to tear, when moderate winds are blowing. It is also strongly recommended to use the named mesh for the banners, which are aimed for concert events, because the holes give viewers a chance to see what is happening on the stage through them.

Cost VS Endurance 

It is possible to use cheaper compositions for indoor advertising or for the banners, which are projected not to hang for a long time. However, the 9-ounce vinyl mesh is definitely most often advised for high quality advertisements (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d.).

Vinyl Banner Printing & Types of Inks

The second aspect of a good banner, mentioned above, is the  ink. When printing, vinyl banner , selecting the right ink is critical. There exist different types of ink and each of them has its merits and disadvantages (Best inks, 2013). Thus, it is possible to use aqueous inks, but only for short-term indoor banner advertising. Moreover, it requires specially coated vinyl substrates. UV-curable inks do not cover the uncoated vinyl very well and can easily scratch. Eco and mild-solvent inks suit well with many vinyl types, but it is needed to check the substance of each ink before buying it. Relatively new latex inks work well with vinyl materials, but require heat to make the inks bond, which could be problematic with heat-sensitive surfaces. “True solvent inks bite deeply into vinyl materials and, despite the venting requirements associated with solvent inks, they are perhaps the best choice.” (Best inks, 2013, para. 1). King (2011) supports this opinion and also calls true solvent inks the best. He adds that UV-curable inks can substitute true solvent inks in most cases, but they are more expensive, because they are put on banners, which are manufactured to serve for six months only. The banners for solvent ink coating can serve for a year. The reason of this is the fact that plasticizers, contained by the banner material are monomeric in the majority of the cases and they tend to vanish from the banner with time and make it stiffer. True solvent ink has a potential to keep the monomeric elements inside (King, 2011). King (2011) writes that huge banner sales are organized by the manufacturing companies, because they want to sell their stock. 

Remembering that true solvent inks are, traditionally named the “king” of banner inks, it is important to know all the reasons of such a wonderful image. The solvents, which the ink contains go deep into the vinyl and provide a durable bond, which does not fade.  No further laminating or coating is needed with the true solvent inks. However, this type of ink has one drawback. It contains high levels of VOCs [volatile organic components] and is toxic. It is possible to solve this problem by ventilating the accommodation, where the painting on vinyl banners occurs (Best ink, 2013). Therefore, good material and inks have a potential to make a banner serve during a long period of time. 

Vinyl Banner Sizing & Cutting

The last point of the banner production process after choosing the right material and ink is finishing the banner. The size of a banner can be different and manufacturing companies usually offer some standard sizes to facilitate the customers’ choice (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d.). The message or slogan can be written on one or both sides of the banner and it can be madegloss or matte, depending on the coating (King, 2011). King (2011) notes that making grommets in a banner to hang it is the best way for grabbing the banner and holding it tightly. “Hem, pockets, seams—RF welding or hot air welding equipment, or stitching with a heavy sewing machine is best for creating hems, pockets and seams.” (King, 2011, para. 11). The author warns the companies against using the banner tape and states that it generally works, but has a tendency to pucker and banner fixing becomes not so strong. Ordering an ideal banner does not necessarily mean buying all the most expensive materials, but it is not possible to properly advertise a company, trying to save money on the quality of the material and inks. Sometimes it is better to make a banner smaller.

Running a Campaign with a Vinyl Banner

As it was mentioned in the introduction, businesses of all possible sizes have different needs. Advertising campaign is what any company should develop. Vinyl banners can become a valuable element of such a campaign and there are certain reasons for this. First of all, banners are affordable and easy to use. Visual elements of an advertising campaign, namely symbols, signsand the Internet site advertising possess an important position in marketing of a company and need significant investments (Why vinyl banners, 2013). Banners can help any company to save some money on these visual materials, because they are bigger than posters and the firm has a chance to promote its name “in front of large numbers of potential customers.” (Why vinyl banners, 2013, para. 3) at once. The second plus of banners, related to the first merit, is their ability to provide any volume of information, starting from several words in big letters and ending with quite long messages. Potential customers will pay attention the company’s office, if it hangs the banner, enumerating the activities of a firm, on the window glass from inside. Therefore, a company has a chance to advertise all its goods and indicate all its locations (Why vinyl banners, 2013). 

Usage of a Banner for Advertising

A separate issue, related to banner advertising is the occasions, for which banners may serve. As it was mentioned above, companies need banners to promote their goods and services. One more important sphere for using banners is sponsored events. Festivals, markets, tradeshows sport competitions, parades, school events and many other occasions are a perfect chance for business to promote its name. Certainly, the price of this advertising is significantly higher in some cases, but it is worth it. Speaking about car dealing and real estate business, where banners are quite actively used, it is important to correctly choose the place for hanging a banner. It should be either a place in a huge shopping mall, which many people enter every day or a part of a highway, used by the majority of the drivers. It is important to choose the message for a banner to demonstrate that a company makes some exclusive offers of cars or real estate (Why vinyl banners, 2013).

To conclude, it is important to note that banner advertising is still popular for any type of business and event. There is a wide choice of the Internet advertising nowadays, but not all people pay attention to the Internet banners, when they work online or send messages. Using banners is not the most expensive advertising method and in order to be effective, a team of advertising agents should develop the slogan (motto) of a company or a message about the goods or services, which attracts the people’s attention, choose the appropriate place and decide on high-quality vinyl material with true solvent inks. The budget of banner advertising should be reasonably developed for any commercial company.

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