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Decorating with Mural Wallpaper

Decorating with Mural Wallpaper

Designing a personal space has always been an important task when accommodating to the surrounding environment.

While some people are looking for peace and comfort, others may want to plunge in the room giving more energy. Regardless of the decoration decisions, the contemporary design studios and decoration companies offer the application of mural wallpapers. Murals became popular a couple of centuries ago, and transformed in the modern way of emphasizing personal creativity and uniqueness. Any room can be refreshed with the help of mural wallpaper installation. Today, the owners of small apartments have a chance to extend the space visually or change the common design of any room with the help of a mural wallpaper. In this way, decoration options became affordable to a large number of potential customers willing to refresh the surrounding environment by adding a new design element. A brief outlook on the background of mural wallpapers, precise consideration of their characteristics and usage, as well as review of the Allstatebanners’ services proves that mural wallpapers became an inevitable part of the contemporary designing process popular among modern families.

About Mural Wallpapers

A mural is considered a piece of artwork applied on a wall or ceiling. Murals formulate a complex picture by being incorporated in a harmonious way. First murals appeared at the end of the 19th century and were commonly used to decorate the ceiling. The history of murals started from large canvases attached to the wall. This concept started the development of the contemporary piece of décor – mural wallpapers. Today, mural wallpapers help people to release their creativity while incorporating home and business decorating ideas. Mural wallpapers help transform any room into a creative space for relaxation, business, or training sessions. The main advantage of the mural wallpaper is its outlining versatility in the application. Any room, regardless of its designation, can have a different influence on its visitors due to the vivid picture created by a mural wallpaper. As a result, people do not have to think about continuous room transformation in order to make it more comfortable. It is easy to use mural wallpapers, which the contemporary market offers in a myriad of designs and compositions.


Decorating with Mural Wallpaper

Mural wallpapers are easy to customize because of modern technical advancements. While ordering the production of a mural wallpaper, every client is free to choose any picture from personal archive or set of templates offered by the company. The size of the mural is easy to customize, which makes it affordable, reusable, and comfortable in usage. The size depends on the wall or ceiling, where the client wants to place a mural decoration. If many years ago people used to place murals in the buildings with high walls, today, it is possible to see mural wallpapers in different locations. A vinyl material helps to make every mural wallpaper easy to clean, which does not create any additional problems for the housekeepers and owners. While deciding to incorporate a mural wallpaper in the room, it is worth measuring the size of the wall correctly according to its parameters. With the help of the Internet resources, it is possible to find the guide how to measure the size of the wall with slants, the wall with obstacles, and the wall with slopes. As a result, it will be easier to understand how to install the mural wallpaper without mistakes. All surfaces should be smooth in order to ensure full coverage of the wall with the wallpaper.

Usage of Wall Murals

The usage of wall murals is widespread enough to prove that it is an ultimate way to emphasize owner’s creativity. Many people hire a decorator to design a unique wallpaper or make their own painting, which can be further transformed in the mural wallpaper. Today, mural wallpapers can benefit not only the owners of large houses but also people who live in small apartments. The key lies in creating a mural wallpaper, which will fit the room’s interior, size, and overall composition. Mural wallpapers vary depending on the level of details. Complex paintings may require hiring a mural artist who will help to design a mural wallpaper according to the taste of the owner. Bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and children’s bedrooms can have a transformation in a creative place bringing its visitors to the forest, seaside, or even racing track. Easy application of mural wallpapers helps the owner to transform the room whenever possible. Graffiti-style mural wallpapers, ethnic murals, and tile murals are the most widespread examples of the contemporary design. However, mural wallpapers are popular due to versatility, affordable price, and simple installation. There are many companies offering their services to design and print mural wallpapers within the shortest deadline.


Allstatebanners is an ultimate leader in turning the most creative ideas of its customers into reality because of the myriad of options available while ordering a mural wallpaper. Personal artworks, desired photographs, and a database of templates are the key elements in meeting customers’ needs. Even the most demanding customers willing to remodel the space find the desired wallpaper at Allstatebanners. Scenic landscapes, vibrant designs, and modern patterns help to express the personality of every client according to his or her demands ("Murals Wallpaper", 2017). The company respects the taste and the choice of every customer, and thus strives to produce and deliver a product according to the customers’ demands. Allstatebanners provides its customers with the opportunities to make a room fresh, extend the space visually, or make the design more complex. The company’s website offers its visitors to choose any size and estimate the price of the mural wallpaper. The transformation of living or working space saves the company’s clients from boredom and routine pressure. Allstatebanners takes care of every customer by processing every order within 24 hours and shipping the wallpaper as soon as it is produced . Mural wallpapers offered by Allstatebanners are weatherproof, which means that they are resistant to heat, cold, and water.


While designing a house, every person strives to meet personal tastes. Mural wallpapers became a significant part of the contemporary designing process. People are free to make their own choice in the designing process by creating or choosing an artwork, which will further become a part of the interior. If someone lacks ideas, it is possible to find any piece of art with appropriate size and print it. Every client can benefit from a mural wallpaper regardless of the size of his/her room and designation. Mural wallpapers help to emphasize the owner’s personality and desires because of the incorporation of =unique design in the living or working space. It is easy to install a mural wallpaper due to the caring company, which produces mural wallpapers and rolls them in a comfortable way. Allstatebanners offers vinyl wallpapers, which are reliable, reusable, and easy to clean. Weather resistant characteristics allow the customers not to worry about the form of the wallpaper. Mural wallpapers are ultimate and versatile in meeting needs of the most demanding customers who want to make personal space fresh and innovative.

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