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Diving Deeper into the Banner's World

Diving Deeper into the Banner's World

Introduction to Vinyl Banners

The present-day market abounds in organizations and companies which have different activities and different objectives. Some of the companies do charity; some are engaged in gaining profits, while others do commercial activities. However, whatever activities the company does, it always requires high quality advertising. People should know about the services the company provides, the goods the company produces, or just the planned events. One of the forms of effective advertising is the use of vinyl banners. This paper is aimed at explaining why vinyl banners are productive for all types of business as they enable the companies to increase the sales, promote their activities, or advertise the goods and services.

Production and Materials of Vinyl Banners

Banner production and technical peculiarities of manufacturing is the first aspect of discussion. It should be emphasized that the message of the banner has the same significance as the quality of the used ink and materials. The composition of materials can be different; therefore, not all vinyl banners are similar even if the product is called ‘a vinyl banner’ (King, 2011). Typically, people differentiate between different types of vinyl banners on the basis of their size, object, slogan or message, and color. However, King (2011) highlights the importance of the so-called anatomy of a banner that can help the customers make a right decision and not to fail in the choice. It is necessary to consider the material and its chemical composition used to make a banner. The general scheme includes the peculiar characteristics of plasticizers and polyvinyl chloride. The flexibility of the banner materials is ensured with the softening agents. Plasticizers of polymeric or monomeric type are used as softening agents (King, 2011, para. 3). The customers should be aware of this vinyl element as it influences the durability and flexibility of banners. In general, it means that the quality of banners depends on all the mentioned aspects.

Variety of Banners

It is essential to pay special attention to the special characteristics of plasticizers as the behavior of banners is different under different weather conditions. The banners can be outdoor and indoor type. Indoor banners are placed in the offices and accommodation, while the outdoor banners are located in the streets (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d.). Those banners that are suitable for street use are of much better quality. The most durable material for such kind of banners is 9-ounce vinyl mesh as it contains numerous little holes and does not get spoils in the rain or under any other weather conditions (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d., para. 1). Such a banner is even strong enough to be outside in the windy weather as durable materials do not let it get torn. The vinyl mesh (9-ounce) is also highly recommendable for the concert events banners, as they can be used on the stage to allow the audience to see the performance through the holes in the banners.

Price vs. Endurance

The cost of banners can be lower if they are used only for indoor advertising and are not supposed to last for a prolonged period of time. In such cases, it is possible to use cheaper materials and save on quality. Those banners, which are used outdoors and are supposed to be used for months, require more expensive materials, in particular 9-ounce vinyl mesh (Outdoor vinyl banners, n.d.).

Aqueous Ink

Good quality of banners is determined not only by the quality of the material, but also by the ink used. While printing vinyl banners, it is crucial to select the most suitable ink and be careful while selecting. There are a number of types of ink with their own benefits and drawbacks (Best inks, 2013). Aqueous inks are applicable only for indoor banners if advertising is needed only for limited time. Banners also require vinyl substrates with special coating as the banners with UV-curable inks are subject to scratching. It is important to check the composition of the ink before purchasing it for the banners of a particular type as the mild-solvent and eco inks are suitable for particular types of vinyl banners. Vinyl materials also work well with new latex types of inks; however, the inks bond only if heating is applied. This procedure can be problematic in case of surfaces that of heat-sensitive type. The vinyl materials do well with true solvent inks that go deep. They are the most appropriate choice for the advertising in spite of the venting requirements (Best inks, 2013, para. 1). King (2011) also believes that true solvent ink is the most suitable option for the banners, pointing out that in certain cases true solvent inks can be substituted with UV-curable inks. However, the latter cost more, and they are use for the banners made for six-month-long use,while the solvent ink coating on the banners can last for twelve months. This difference can be explained with the nature of used plasticizers. In most cases, those plasticizers that are used in the banner materials are of monomeric nature; thus, they do not last for long and gradually vanish, making the banners stiffer. The monomeric elements can be kept inside owing to the use of true solvent ink (King, 2011). When large manufacturing companies need to sell the goods they have in stock, they use enormous banner sales.

Solvent Ink

It is essential to know the reasons why real solvent inks are meant to be the best among different types. The ink contained in the solvents goes deep into the vinyl and ensures that the bond is durable. Besides, the obtained images do not fade. Furthermore, true solvent ink does not need any further coating or laminating. Still, this type of inks has a disadvantage as they are toxic. True solvent ink contains high level of volatile organic components (VOCs). The problem can be resolved with ventilating the rooms where the vinyl banners are being painted (Best ink, 2013). Thus, if good inks and materials are used for making a banner, it will serve for a long period of time.


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