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Drone Advertising – Weatherproof®, FlyByHIRE™, BanAir™ and

Drone Advertising – Weatherproof®, FlyByHIRE™, BanAir™ and

Advertising always has, and always will be, very important for any type of business out there, and any market at all. Advertisers from all kinds of industries always keep trying to come up with new interesting ways to advertise their products and services. Lately, and up until the following innovation, most advertising methods have been pretty much the same. Yes, advertising has evolved a lot since some decades ago, especially transitioning from word of mouth, over traditional radio, television and paper advertising, to online advertising. However, most people still tend to skip over TV commercials, change their radio stations, skip reading through the paper or online ads. Those ads simply aren’t all that interesting, or they can’t keep one’s attention for far too long. Business industries have long needed something that will stand out, something that will be more than just interesting to watch and read and, something that will get the desired message across, quicker and more efficient than with any other advertising method.


Drone advertising is a new, innovative, advertising concept that is starting to change the whole advertising game and meaning behind advertising. Drones, themselves, are still quite new and innovative and extremely interesting to people of all ages, genders and of different interests. Drones are a lot more than just toys, although, they are very fun to use. People started figuring out various different ways of putting drones to some good and smart use. Mostly, that has been for aerial photography, besides just for amusement purposes. Also, drones have been briefly used by Inc., for speedy delivery services, however, this purpose was quickly forcefully ended, because large and heavy packages carried by drones was not considered safe.

Drone advertising is not online or simply “traditional”, it is live and, most certainly, out of the box. With this new advertising method using a drone and a banner, marketers and advertisers will be able to attract a lot of attention. This is the future of advertising and, what we like to call, marketable marketing.

The new drone powered advertising service was recently introduced by Weatherproof®. Weatherproof®, as you may already know, is a division of David Peyser Sportswear, and a leading sports apparel manufacturer. This particular drone-advertising service is known as BanAir™. BanAir™ is a subsidiary of FlyByHIRE™ and, FlyByHIRE™ is one of the first aerial photography companies in the world. By now, you should already know that this innovative technology has success written all over it.

The concept of drone advertising is pretty simple; banners, printed by us,, are attached to a heavy-lift drone and flown anywhere and anytime, by licensed professionals, thus introducing a totally new outdoor advertising technique. Since it is fairly new, it is very eye catching and interesting, and it guarantees to gain attention.

Banners that we use for drone advertising are vertical mesh banners. They are high quality, outdoor vinyl mesh banners, weather and wind resistant. So far, vinyl mesh banners have been commonly used outdoors for easy advertising. Because of the skeleton of the material, mesh vinyl is very grateful for use in windy areas. Vinyl mesh banners are commonly installed against fences, or anywhere else freely in the air, where air and wind will flow through.

Now, let’s take a look at the BanAir™’s advertising concept. We have already established that mesh vinyl banners are perfect for outdoor advertising. We have also established that, because of their skeleton, they perform well in open air and windy conditions, which is exactly what drone advertising needs. Since banners attached to drones will be flown around, it is necessary and preferable that the banner can handle air and wind, and not get damaged too quickly and too easily from it. BanAir™ claims to advertise drone flown banners day and night, rain or shine.

Finally, let us discuss some of the possible events at which you can hire FlyByHIRE™ to fly a banner-holding drone for you. Any occasion that you can think of, any at all, can be an excellent occasion for putting drone advertising to use. Whether that is around your business offices or a warehouse, somewhere in your city or your neighborhood for your business purposes, for advertising of your products or services, or even for personal reasons such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation parties, and so on – anything works, and anything is a good enough occasion. How much exactly will this advertising method cost you – we are not sure, however, what we are sure of, is that you will gain a lot of attention.

If you are interested in drone advertising, make sure to contact us, at, give us a phone call at 1-888-883-7414, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, you could contact Krista Murden at Weatherproof®, at 1-212-695-7716, or Judah Rifkin at FlyByHIRE™, at 1-516-305-7312.





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