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Importance of Church Signs

 Importance of Church Signs
Signage is the use of visible signs and symbols to communicate a certain message to people. Signage creates awareness for the chosen group. Signs refer to visual graphics created and designed to carry information to the viewers. Signs have the purpose of communicating and conveying information so that the receiver is in a position to make an informed decision based on the information provided.

The use of banners and signs in church communities is important because the vast majority of people will see the signs and banners. Church banners and signs are an effective inexpensive way of directing people to find information about the church and communicating important messages from the church to its congregation.

Branding and Visibility

Many churches use banners and signs as visual aid in their services. Church signs are used to inexpensively help people who are looking for the church and effectively communicate basic information about the church. A church sign helps in conveying what the church cares about, any event the church is having, the contact information for the church, and the time they meet. Therefore, signs are used to attract worshipers. Banners are equally important because they are used by church attendees to find a deeper connection with God when the service is ongoing. Banners display a number of messages and scripture passages. They are especially important to people who might have never attended a church before. They go around their day as usual and come across a church sign. The person may become interested in going to church by a good church banner. Church signs can also act as reminders to people who went to church a long time ago and might want to know where to find a church and the services offered again.

Gives Direction

Direction giving is another key purpose of signs in church. It occurs especially in big cities where a given church might have many branches, and a person would like to visit one of the branches. If the visitor has never been there, signs will be of great assistance to guide them down roads, streets, and corridors until they reach the destination. Direction giving signs should be simple, clear, and easy to understand for them to convey their meaning. They should be placed in a way to attract the eyes of the passers-by. Some of the churches are big and need signs to distinguish places. For instance, some churches have many services like services for children, services for teens, services for youths, the main service that are conducted in separate rooms. By use of signs, one is able to locate their place. In church, there are several social amenities like toilets, play grounds, church halls, swimming pools, water points, and fire points. All are important to church followers and by use of signs one is be able to access these facilities with ease. In big churches with big chapels, signs help to show where a given group is set to seat. For example, the church choir, the pastors, and different organizations all have designated places in the church. Inside church signs like exit are necessary to show the congregation where to head in case of such emergencies as fires.

Functionality of the Church

The church, just as any other organization, has many functions. The main function of the church is to preach the good news to people and get them saved so that they can have everlasting life. To achieve the above, the church is involved in many other social activities like running schools and hospitals. Church owns hospitals to provide health facilities to its congregation and potential followers. It moves around, treating the sick regardless of their denomination. To achieve this function, signs are used to communicate the availability of these services to the people. Running schools is another important function that churches might be involved in. The church owned schools range from early care to universities. Through such schools, the church is able to educate the society. By educating the society, church makes people empowered and able to make informed decisions. The use of signs finds its way here because churches use them to advertise their schools. The church has many other functions including administration, guidance, and counseling. It is by using such signs that a member or a non-member can become aware of such services. A normal church service consists of many sessions namely praise, worship, presentation, preaching, and prayers. Signs are useful for informing people when to do what. It helps communicate the existence of such services as functions of the church to people.

Use of Signs as a Reminder

People are involved in many activities. As a result, there is a tendency to forget important church messages. People need something that will frequently remind them, and signs and banners do this perfectly. Most Christians are Sunday Christians, while the rest of the week they carry on with their normal lives. It is by use of signs that pastors keep the fire burning. Having a “THEME OF THE WEEK” sign will keep the members recalling what the pastor said on Sunday and refreshed on the chapters given out to be read. Thus, apart from reminding important information to the followers, it also passes an important church message to the congregation. A sign displaying church program is also essential so that everybody knows the activities in advance before entering the church. At the same time, many churches make big signs to display their mission and vision of the church. It is a good reminder to worshipers that can help them avoid losing track on matters of faith. Signs are useful in advertising coming events like Easter, Christmas, weddings, crusades, seminars or even meetings of leaders. Banners are placed at every corner of the church neighborhood. Every person who has heard of it will keep the event in mind. As people drive or even walk around the city and continue their work, coming across such banners will help them focus on the event

Life and 24-Hour-A-Day View Long

Churches have important messages both for their members and non-members. It is necessary to communicate these messages. 24 hours signs provide a platform for this. Churches display these messages in signage form to communicate their missions and vision. People, as they pass by, are able to learn more about these houses of worship due to the presence of signs. With new technology, the use of digital signs makes it easier for churches to communicate their messages since technology offers attractive displays even at night (Paulson & Paulson, 2010). It covers those who are busy during the day and those that work at night. When worshipers drive at night they are able to see signs and read them clearly. 24 hours displays act as promoters and attract many followers. It is easier for people to try what they see frequently rather than what they have never seen or even heard about. Therefore, churches earn more followers which is good, considering that the basic role of the church is to transform as many people as possible.


All churches are not the same. They acquire their members due to divergences. They tend to enlighten their associates and non-associates about the difference so that they can make a well-versed decision. To achieve their goal, churches use signs to explain the differences. Branding is done where certain colors and logs are associated with a particular church. It truly shows the uniqueness of your church. This type of signs should have a trademark, and the point of difference should be clear for it to stand out in people’s eyes .

Safety and Convenience

Churches, like any other establishment, require safety procedures to cater for the eventuality and unexpected. Some of the safety hazards that one is prone to at churches are fire, slippery floor, and others. These areas need to be marked out clearly for any attendees to see them. Exits signs are indoor signs that are useful in case something happens where people need to egress very fast from the room. Other safety signs include fire point, which tell people where they should assemble in case of a fire outbreak. Signs are also used to show where one can access fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Other signs help bring orderliness and convenience. Signs like “switch off the phone”, “no smoking”, “meeting in progress’, ”reserved car parking” bring order. Accessing a place with ease is convenient. For instance, a church situated in a busy city may benefit from using directional signs so that the worshiper can follow them till they get to the premises. The sign here brings expediency.


To sum up, signs are important in communicating important church activities. They take part in the day-to-day activities of the church. From advertisement to promotion, the church uses signs to pass messages in an inexpensive way. They give directions, remind church followers of important messages, attract new members, and contribute to ensuring the safety of individuals in the church. They also guarantee that there is order on church premises at parking and church meetings. To achieve the above-discussed aims, signs must be well-designed, branded, and simple to understand.

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