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Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing

Innovations changed the way we live, eat, communicate and receive the information. The invention of large format printers gave the possibility to lessen expenses for design, promotion, event management and provided with new possibilities numerous industries and let people earn more.

Consumers get used to such communication channels of promotion as TV, radio and brochure advertisement. Among tones of all kind of ads, they notice mostly very vivid or large posters that influence their buying behavior, even unconsciously. Businesses find their way to become differ and creative to make a consumer life-long client. Working with large format area gives the boundless potential for businesses to receive outcomes.

Production, Inks, and Material

Wide format refers to devices that can handle papers 24 inches and more. Printing technologies for wide-format printings are following offset lithography, flexography, and digital printing. Printing of a large format includes big paper or other material such as plastic, wood, fabric. Technological process of production can be described as inks that are directly applied to the printing surface. Printers use cyan, magenta, yellow and black color combining to represent the best quality and visibility of the images. Places that offer printing service also offer designers who can assist with color choice and explain the trends and ways to improve your advertisement. Content managers can write the text or slogan for a campaign that will help to sell the product better and faster and will increase the awareness of a brand.

There are four inks used for large printings: aqueous, solvent, UV curved, latex. Aqueous inks are based on water and come into dye and pigment (UV) varieties. Dye inks provide smooth tones in the detailed images but are not waterproof. Because of this reason, they often used indoor in roller and pop up stands. Pigment inks are stable in UV lights so they can be used for posters outside with straight sunlight since they are suitable for short outside presentation. Solvent inks include volatile organic compounds and are waterproof, UV safe and inexpensive. The printing with these inks are widely used for billboards, adhesive decals, and banner since need ventilation and have a long-term durability. UV-curved inks are getting dry as soon as they have been printed and make a robust image. As a rule, they are printed directly on some surface such as wood, plastic or aluminum, and give a 3D effect (Hudson, n.d.). Latex inks provide a quality performance on polyester, fabrics, paper, and polyethylene. It is odorless and has a three-year guarantee for outdoor usage. In order to achieve their aim and meet the budget, companies think over the advantages and disadvantages of a different kind of printing.

Large Format Printing Forms

Wide format printings have numerous form, sizes, and purposes. First of all, they worth to use as an indoor and outdoor advertisement. Large format is suitable for product presentation, events, and decorations. Most popular forms are barricaded graphics, billboards, wall murals, window graphics, branded interiors, exteriors, vehicles, events and promotions, installations, hanging/pull up/spider banners, flags, stickers, mounted prints, posters, furniture appliances and many others. Companies use them in order to increase brand awareness, sales, visibility and pay attention to new products, opening hours or shops and event announcement (RediPixel, n.d.). Non-commercial organizations achieve social familiarity with risk or diseases, need for animal protection or ecological awareness.

Billboard advertisements reach the potential customer on the move and visible for a crowd of different age, occupation, and segments. For the same purpose, companies put posters in train stations, in airports, and other frequent gatherings of people. Signs appear both indoors and outdoors in order to show the direction, deliver the information and warnings. Banners are widely seen in tradeshows, different festivals, and sports events. They display a reason for celebration or occasion, sponsors, opening hours. Companies locate flags near the outdoor event in order to mark the entrance and exit, boundaries, a meeting point. Floor graphic is a good promotion tool for malls and museum to direct the audience to the exact location or offer. A tablecloth is also a part of large format printing products and plays the role of decoration. Coverings are popular in the charity evenings, tradeshows and fates. Storefront windows are wide areas that can deliver the information to those who move by car, public transport and on foot since can easily notice the printing since it is on the see level. They provide us with new collection release or discounts. Window graphics works from outside as protectors from spectators and those who sit inside can enjoy street life. These perfectly work for cafes, restaurants, and stores as well as for beauty salons, pharmacies and so on. Escalator advertising is, as a rule, an additional option to the full packaged advertisement campaign. Car branding helps to identify which company is this car belongs to and used as an ad on the go. Also, wide format printing is effective when locating near point-of-purchase, for example in supermarkets, shops, restaurant and cafes and other.

Business Usage

Home designs and real estate businesses can benefit from the wide format printing since they can show to their clients possible future models of homes and structures near them. Clarification and visualization of projects can help in selling and impressing clients. Moreover, detailed schematics printed in the surface display interconnection with other buildings or additional structures and facets. The other usage of wide format printing is their mimic of wood, stone or brick that becomes a part of furniture or décor.

Marketing and advertising use large printing for capturing customer’s attention via vivid colors, symbols, logos, slogans, graphic-rich posters. One of the most obvious examples of such ads is cinemas that put all kind of attractive posters to present a new movie. They also pay for billboards and wall-high images in order to catch audience’s attention. Entertainment is such industry that requires additional promotion all the time, offering sales, happy hours, changes in programs or new types of activities all the time. Concerts, shows, comedian or musical performances have to be announced as well and large printings are helpful. Education courses and schools promote their extra-curricular clubs and activities via informational posters.

Automobile dealers like to make flags with their logos on them for outside decoration of their company. The real advertisement effect from the large printings can be achieved together with implementing some other ways of promotion. Well-known automobile company Toyota created a campaign to introduce their new car RAV4 Hybrid. For this, they printed climbable billboard in Times Square, New York and let the professional climber scaling during NY International Auto Show (IFAI, 2016). Mass media filmed this and discussed it during next few week which guaranteed a brand awareness of Toyota. It also took audience’s attention away from their competitors that were also presented on that Auto Show. Generally, all businesses can benefit from large format printing since they are customer-oriented and need public attention all the time.

Tradeshows and Events

Tradeshows are the natural environment of the wide format printing presented by companies that fight for customers. Each company tries to become visible, attractive and memorable. Exhibiting needs of a company can be achieved through signs, banners, booth backdrops, flags, posters, cardboard cutouts. In such events, companies can promote their products and increase logo familiarity, deliver a key message of the campaign and attract new partners, sponsors, and customers (Purely Digital, n.d.). The effect of the tradeshows depends on the design of the posters and other large format printing, logo, and text printed in the products, water resistance of the material, especially for outside usage. It is also important to choose inks that will make the image good-looking, clear and in high quality. New trends are also taking care of the environment so marketing material has to be eco-friendly (Banner Stands, n.d.). Portable stands usually have easy to use mechanism for transportation and tool-free assemble. There is a special kind of walled stands that contains two or three pieces for different possibilities of adding television, literature stands, and other preferred options. Event managers employ large printing not only for business-related meetings but for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and other. In this case, the role of printing is not to inform but to be a part of the decoration, separate areas and become a zone for photo shoots.


Mass customization requires additional communication and distribution channels for profit. Companies found printing as a tool and way to strengthen competitive advantage and present it in a wide format. The advantages of large printing are in possibility to show the advertisement to a large number of people from market segments and increase brand awareness. Disadvantages are in costs that have to be an investment for quality and durability of using printing and design of the image have to be specific and easy to understand. Except advertising, wide format printing is excellent for decorating, separating parts of a room or outside the area, sharing information, mark meeting points. The main trends in wide format printing are using ecological materials, simplicity in design and variety of purposes that they can be helpful in businesses.

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