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New York City - Home of AllStateBanners.com



New York City or Big Apple is nation financial capital populated by 8.5 million people from all kinds of ethnicities. It is like the whole world living in one city. There is a big diversity of languages spoken in New York - more than 800. The interesting fact is that every child from the age of 5 and older, besides English, speaks at least one more language. 

     It consists of five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn,  Bronx and Staten Island). If Brooklyn and Queens were cities on their own they would be considered as the 4th largest cities in The United States. In another words, in New York City there is more people living there  than in 39 states of the whole  country.    

     Every 4,4 minutes this city welcomes a newborn baby while every 9.1 minutes one person dies. 

     How many of you know how did a city of New York get a name? In 1664 The Duke of York had  got the city of "New Amsterdam" as a birthday gift from his father which had renamed it  as "New York".  Two years earlier, in 1626, American Indians had sold the island of Manhattan for the value of today's $1000. Manhattan translated from old tribal language stands for "island of many hills". New York City was even the capital of the country in 1789 for one year.


     As mentioned previously, New York City is considered as financial capital of the country. The Wall Street is a heart of country's finanicial industry and is located at Lower Manhattan. As home of NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street has big impact upon world economy's trends. By the sound of the bell it opens its' doors for trading every day at 9:30am and closes at 4:00pm with the bell ringing always by some famous or important person. 

The Federal Reserve Bank of Wall Street has its' property 80 feet underneath the bank and keeps 25% of the World's gold bars. Is interesting to mention that 1 out of 21 New Yorkers is a millionaire!!!

     This vibrant city besides the finance is the home of other industries among which are the most outstanding media, art , technology, entertainment and fashion. It's important to mention that unemployment rate is 6.1% which is lower than United States as a whole. 


     Small businesses present 99% of all businesses in New York.  There are 190K small employers which puts "the city that never sleeps" at the second place right after Los Angeles. That is quite a competition among the small business owners! Who will make a difference and step forward in front of the competition? Surely the one with outstanding product or service or... the one with the most effective advertisement. Furthermore, small businesses usually provide not that high budget for advertising purposes and the same time the money should be invested wisely. Traditional and inexpensive way of advertisement and therefore very suitable for small businesses are indoor or outdoor vinyl banners. There are thousands of custom business banners hanged all around the city adding the color and making New York the city as it is, full of color and life! Thousands of banners of different sizes, layouts, fonts and vivid images will catch our eye spreading the message.

AllStateBanners is proud to announce  that 40K of total customers are from amazing New York City. Not only the small businesses are using vinyl banners as a form of advertisement but another structures and organizations all around the city as well....


     There are many high education institutions in New York City. The most recognizable are: New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, St.John's University and Fashion Institute of Technology. All of them promote their academic and athletic events on school banners.

     Furthermore, New York is home for famous sports teams such as: New York Yankees, Metts, Rangers, Jets, Islanders, Red Bulles,Giants etc. New Yorkers cherish the sports spirit, like visiting the games and cheer their favourite team.

What better way of lifting the spirit of players and supporters than massage written on sports banner with carefully chosen design, color and size! 

And the last but not least New York City is the home of AllStateBanners as well!

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