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Online Printing Shops

Online Printing Shops
For many people, typography is associated with the constant availability of noise and lines. The modern development of technologies changes everything around and the sphere of printing is not an exception. Nowadays, current technologies have led to the advent of online printing.

Hence, this organization provides printing services for a variety of materials. The latter include a set of items such as calendars, business cards, books, booklets, various publications, photographs, and photo books. Unlike the usual printing shops, online ones have a number of advantages, namely convenience, efficiency, simplicity, and accessibility; thus, they are highly popular these days.


Printed products have been firmly embedded in human lives so that it is simply impossible to imagine the modern world without notebooks, newspapers, calendars, and magazines. With the help of printing, people share information, knowledge, talents, thoughts, and accumulate experience. Printing traces its history to inscriptions on stone, clay, birch bark, papyrus, wood, and wax layer on plaques. More than 4000 years ago, the Egyptians carved their legends on the pyramid stones. The ruins of Babylon also contained ancient signs. Later, written signs were left on clay tablets and bronze plaques. Then, paper appeared and with it, the first manuscript books and scrolls. In the 15 century, deep printing originated, and there were imprints from engraved copper plates (Abel, 2012). At about the same time, German scientist Gutenberg who conducted experiments with the wooden press was engaged in continuous printing. The invention of Gutenberg became a typeface representing metal bars – the forerunner of the letter. Moreover, Gutenberg laid the foundation for offset printing. He expanded the seal into separate types of work. In 1897, a printing press with bias was created in England (Abel, 2012). It was intended for printing on metal. From that moment on, printing became more accessible. Furthermore, it has gradually developed since that time. Additionally, it received new traits with the appearance of the Internet. Modern technologies made a significant contribution to printing and, therefore, online printing shops occurred. It is a relatively new type of service but it has already gained immense popularity.

Traditional Printing Services

There is a great number of various typographies where a person can print a layout. They also include photo centers and copy centers. The process of ordering in any of them is standard and practically has no differences. In order to take advantage of the services of such centers, one should create a layout in advance. Of course, they can provide their options but such models are unlikely to suit anyone, as the latter do not diverge in variety and originality. Hence, to order something, it is necessary to have a ready-made layout. Approximate time for the order takes from 30 minutes to several days depending on complexity and quantity of work. The main advantage of such printing shops is that people can get consultation and recommendations about the paper, see its color, and feel the texture. There are usually plenty of alternatives to choose from – standard options or designer cardboard. In addition, a color proofing order is often provided so that an individual can verify the print quality and view the result. Thus, traditional printing shops have numerous benefits. Nevertheless, a busy person frequently does not have time to stand in line and come to the printing shop repeatedly. The biggest drawback of copy centers and photo centers is the unpredictability of the final print outcome, which may be determined by the settings of the printing machine. Therefore, an online printing shop is considered the best option.

Online Services - a Modern Way of Ordering Printing

Online printing shops are extremely widespread these days. Contrary to skeptics, online services can be trusted. They are reliable, as behind each of them, there is a real printing shop and the order can be paid upon receipt. In online services, professional equipment is usually adjusted for specific types of work such as printing business cards, booklets, calendars, and others. Hence, there is no need for frequent changes of settings. In such a way, the customer will receive consistently high print quality at the output. In online printing services, a person feels comfort and practicality. At home or in the workplace, it is convenient to place an order without leaving the premise at any time. The application for printing in any circulation is made directly on the site within a few minutes. In the book Digital Camera Techniques by J. Tarrant, it is noted that “the online printing service has a slick and user-friendly interface”. The interface allows anyone who does not have any deep knowledge in design or printing process to place an order easily.
The segment focused on the execution of orders for printing through the Web is called Web-to-Print. The essence of this activity lies in the minimal intervention of the manager in the passage of the order. Having placed the latter in automatic mode, having paid for it, and having specified the delivery address, a client receives the ready order at the agreed time. The process excludes negotiations with the manager, coordination of a breadboard model and visits of a printing house.

Online printing shops simplify the procedure of ordering for consumers as much as possible. Customers are able to order a product without leaving the office and receive it in the shortest time at the indicated address. Furthermore, there is a great number of ready-made professional templates of flyers, business cards, leaflets, booklets, and postcards on almost any topic. The purchaser should only choose a layout, complete the form with the contact and other necessary information. Moreover, an online printing shop usually allows people to download graphic files from the computer. Therefore, one may use any pre-downloaded pictures from the Internet, the company logo, and photos in the design. An undoubted advantage is the fact that the result of creativity is visible on the monitor screen in real time. If the customer dislikes something, the template can be corrected easily. Sandee Cohen mentions that online services “will send you a hard-copy proof that you can approve or make changes to”. Another important factor is that online printing shops print orders in few editions, which is highly convenient. In addition, pleasant prices for the cost of printing complement the list of positive aspects of online cooperation. Unlike in the traditional printing shop, it is not necessary to maintain a staff of managers to serve customers. A client does half of the formal work himself/herself forming the order on the site. In such a way, the conclusion can be drawn that online printing shops have more benefits than traditional ones.

Allstatebanners.com for Your Banner Printing Needs

Allstatebanners. com is an efficient online printing service, which provides a wide variety of services. Moreover, this printing shop is a polygraphic supermarket. Buyers access the website, choose which type of products they want to purchase, pay for the selected goods, and receive them as quickly as possible. It prints various items, such as vinyl banners, outdoor banners, billboards, signs and much more all at affordable prices. The wares include booklets, catalogs, leaflets, and others. The printing shop has provided printing services for already several years. Hence, one is allowed to state that cheap printing that is performed by means of high-quality equipment can satisfy even the most meticulous client. A team of highly qualified specialists consisting of illustrators and designers gladly helps consumers in solving any technical problems. The online printing shop Allstatebanners. com monitors expenses of its visitors. A person can always learn the price of services in advance, and the result of the order is automatically calculated when making a payment. Customers are offered the fullest range of typographic services ranging from creating a design to delivering a finished product. The online service Allstatebanners. com supplies purchasers with the comprehensive information related to the features of various goods. The factor of visualization is highly important. The client does not always have time to visit the printing shop and touch the complete printing product. Therefore, the graphic display of various items and additional data about it are some of the weighty factors, guided by which the consumer makes a choice in favor of a particular service. Ordering in an online printing shop is simple and quick in comparison with conventional printers.


Going to the traditional printing shop, an individual spends time on the road, stands in long lines, and is exposed to noise and fuss. Nonetheless, online printing shops are deprived of all these shortcomings. People can place an order without even leaving home. In addition, it is easier to make a decision at home because a customer is not in a hurry and there is a quiet atmosphere around. Online printing can save a whole bunch of valuable time. In addition, consultants and staff from allstatebanners. com are able to resolve all the questions by phone or online. In general, online printing shops try to simplify the process of ordering as much as possible. It is obvious that at some point, they lose to offline colleagues. For example, a client cannot touch the paper. However, such services are extremely promising for their versatility and convenience for purchasers. Therefore, an online printing shop represents a manageable, advantageous and fast method of printing.

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