Matte Banners vs. Glossy Banners

Matte Banners vs. Glossy Banners

A commercial company that works with clients and partners cannot be successful without proper advertising. It is important to let people know, what products or services a company offers and why they are better than similar products or services of other enterprises.

Banner advertisement is a common method to accomplish this purpose because this form of attracting customers’ attention is cheap and effective. This essay compares matte and glossy banners and demonstrates that both types have their pluses and minuses, but in case of being produced, following all rules, matte and glossy banners can be a good choice for different occasions.

Custom Vinyl Banners in Advertising

It has become complicated to choose an advertising technique today because many ways to advertise a product have been invented. In spite of the growing interest in Internet advertising, banners are still very popular. A combination of a reasonable price and a good quality is very attractive to business makers (Everything you need to know, n.d.). As it is stated in Everything you need to know, “vinyl banners are great for promoting products, conferences, sporting events, corporate gatherings, or even personal events such as a birthday or graduation parties.” (para.1). A significant number of occasions, for which vinyl banners can be used, proves that many companies choose this advertising method.

The first positive side of a custom vinyl banner is that it can easily become personalized. When a client orders a banner, he can choose its format, color, quality, and the words, which will be written on it (Everything you need to know, n.d.). The second positive characteristic of a custom vinyl banner is that it can be reused. A client may take it away from the place of location and then return it. This fact is the reason why it is recommended to choose the phrases without exact dates for a custom vinyl banner (Everything you need to know, n.d.). Therefore, when ordering a banner, a consultant may give some useful advice to the client about all aspects of the order.

Production of Custom Vinyl Banners

The process of production of custom vinyl banners is not simple. It can be divided into a number of stages. The first stage is the choice of the place, where a banner should be located. The surface should be measured and the data should be provided to the producer (Everything you need to know, n.d.). If a client cannot easily reach the area for measuring it, the banner company may help him or her. It is important for the producer to know whether the banner will be located inside or outside because this information will give him or her a chance to offer the accessible options of the banner quality and of the corresponding fixing methods (Everything you need to know, n.d.). It is impossible to produce a custom vinyl banner without the described information.

The next step is choosing the quality of a banner. As it is stated in Everything you need to know (n.d.), “vinyl banners are highly portable, maneuverable, and can be used virtually anywhere.” (para. 6). Besides choosing a multi-layer vinyl, it is important to choose high-quality inks and high printing resolution (approximately 300dpi), especially if the banner is located outside (Everything you need to know, n.d.). As it was stated in the paper, a client may choose his or her design for a custom vinyl banner. However, if he or she does not have any time or desire to do it, a banner producer will order the help of its designers.

Matte Banners vs. Glossy Banners

Specialists in printing definitely know that there are two possible types of banners – matte and glossy. Usual people, who pay attention to banner advertising outside or inside their offices, may confirm this fact. There are some reasons for clients to choose to order banners with matte or glossy finish and printing companies should be ready to explain these differences to them. The first difference between glossy and matte banners lies in the glare effect (Gloss vs. matte banners, n.d.). When people look at matter banners, they do not have this glare effect: “a matte finish is constructed to soften this all too annoying glare effect that gets in the way of viewing signage.” (Gloss vs. Matte banners. N.d., para. 2). A painting or phrase on a glossy banner is shining and it can be difficult to evaluate or read it from certain angles.

The first difference between matte and glossy banners originates a number of accompanying discrepancies. They are related to the fact that matte banners are mostly located outside and glossy banners are ordered for inside advertising. Moreover, the choice of an object or words to be put on a banner also depends on the type of the chosen finish. Bright pictures do not require any glare. In contrast, some small objects and unclear signs with bad resolution will look better on the glossy surface (Everything you need to know, n.d.). The choice of a matte or a vinyl banner depends on the desire of the client and on the recommendations given to him or her by the producer company.

Recommended Use of Matte Banners

It was already determined that matte banners look much better outsider than their glossy variants. Banner producers combine matte finish with other banner qualities to offer a perfect combination to the clients. Thus, rip-resistant matte custom vinyl banners are considered to be durable and are often ordered: “The no-glare matte nature of this banner style is great for situations where the banner may be used as a backdrop for taking photos or displayed underneath heavy lighting. Therefore, matte banners are recommended for indoor festive occasions, conferences, and anniversaries.

There are more occasions for which matte banners can be used. When the information on the matte banner is considered to be important for the public and the producers of the banner or clients want people to read this writing, the matte finish will be the best choice (Matter banners, n.d.). Thus, matter banners of high quality can be used for trade exhibitions or presentations, when they will contain important advertising information. Matte banners of high quality do not look cheap but make an impression of an expensive advertising technique.

Recommended Use for Glossy Banners

There are some occasions for which glossy banners are recommended. It is possible to use a glossy banner to attract people’s attention to some small and not very bright products. It can be a technique to encourage them to read its characteristics. However, it is not the only option, which can force a client to order a glossy banner. The most important thing is to remember that, actually, it is a matter of taste and both matte and glossy banners can suit perfectly for the same occasion, depending on the place of its organization.

Over-sized glossy banners with the weight of 13 oz. or 15 oz. will look good outside on a large surface or inside in big halls. It is important to note that the background foundation of a banner will still be matte and the ink finish will be glossy (Matter banners, n.d.). Such banners can last outdoors from three to five years and can be taken away and hung back any time (Matte banners, n.d.). These huge durable glossy banners can be used for big conference halls, where many people are gathered or outside to present big-scale events like world beauty contests, Eurovision, football matches, and others. They look bright and festive.

How to Choose between Glossy and Matte Banners

It is determined that the choice between glossy and matte banners is mostly conditioned by an individual desire of a client, However, if a producer of custom vinyl banners is a real professional, he or she will always explain, which option will be the best. The prices of glossy and matter banners do not significantly differ and this fact should not be taken into consideration when choosing a banner. The most important factor is the quality of vinyl and of ink.

Some companies prefer not to print both matte and vinyl banners. As it is written in Everything you need to know (n.d.), some banner producers consider glossy banners to be a bad option and do not advise clients to order them. The main explanation for this fact is the glare effect, which will be obvious when looking at a glossy banner. However, this essay describes the occasions for which glossy banners can be the best and have the potential to represent and advertise some product or an event in the best way. Therefore, the question of choosing between matte and glossy banners will be easily solved, if a producer company offers both options and explains the pluses and minuses of each to the customer.

To conclude, it is important to note that banner advertising is common nowadays and will stay popular in the future. It is good that banner producers offer many options to order custom vinyl banners. Both matte and glossy banners of high-quality can perfectly fit for certain occasions, like the first group will be ideal for not very big audiences inside and for the outside surfaces and the second group will fit for big halls and occasions, when it is required to attract the public attention to some small, but useful products. If a banner is made of high-quality vinyl and with good inks, it can serve advertising purposes very well, being either matte or glossy.

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