Mesh Banners for Strong Winds

Mesh Banners for Strong Winds

A successful business should be promoted through advertising. Nowadays, there are many types of advertising. Banner advertising is considered highly effective. It is widely used by people who want to show and advertise their goods and services. Outdoor printed banners should be durable and weather-resistant. There are several materials used for the production of banners.

Today, mesh banners are very popular due to the numerous benefits of the mesh. The mesh is a lightweight translucent vinyl fabric consisting of a single layer of PVC with reinforced polyester that has a porous structure. It is regarded as one of the most solid and safest materials for banners; therefore, it is important to study its possible advantages.

Types of Banner Materials

Street banners are one of the most effective and accessible ways of advertising. If several years ago, they were made of materials that could be spoiled from exposure to rain and wind, the modern banner fabric withstands both sun rays, rain, humidity, and temperature changes. It keeps the brightness of colors and presentable appearance for years. Thus, the use of bright and flashy advertising is an excellent way to acquaint customers with a brand. Therefore, a printed image should be of high quality. In addition, it is necessary to choose the proper material for a banner. Manufacturers achieve high-quality printing through the use of special solvent inks, which are characterized by great durability. In addition, the quality of the banner will depend on the fabric. In general, banners are an affordable way of advertising that has a great number of advantages. With their help, any advertising campaign can be made recognizable. The main advantage of such products is the possibility of using them both indoors and outdoors, where they can attract the attention of more potential customers. Internal advertising is usually intended for a certain circle of people. It is also convenient and that a person can choose a banner according to the period during which it will be used. For example, cheaper material is suitable for short-term advertising and for long-term companies, it is possible to choose an elastic fabric of increased strength. Using banners is a great way to announce a company in the city.

There are several types of materials used for the production of banners. The first one is a block-out vinyl. It is an opaque banner fabric that blocks light due to the black base (Simola, Hyona, & Kuisma, 2015). It is used for double-sided printing of exhibition panels, transparencies, and banners. Another material is backlit, which is a light-transmitting banner fabric intended for the production of light boxes and other structures with backlighting. Frontlit is an opaque banner fabric used for one-side printing of banners with external illumination or natural lighting (Simola et al., 2015). This fabric is widely used in the production of banners. The mesh is one more material that is rather popular nowadays. It is a light material that transmits 70% of light (Simola et al.). The mesh is resistant to adverse weather conditions. These characteristics of the material allow the creation of large but at the same time light mesh banners which transmit light. Elasticity plays the main role in choosing a banner, as the product will be exposed to wind, rain, and other natural conditions during operation. The qualities that determine the terms and conditions of using banner fabric are also important. All the above-mentioned materials have their own advantages, however, the mesh is considered to be the most solid material.

Peculiarities of Printing on the Mesh

Mesh Banners are mostly secured to the facades of houses and other similar structures. The thing is that its main distinguishing characteristic is the capacity to transmit light. When mesh banners are attached to the facade of the house, light still can pass through a window into a room. For this reason, the printing of mesh banners is extremely popular in big cities where many shopping and office centers are located.
Due to the special properties of the mesh such as elasticity, lightness, and strength, large-format printing on this material is suitable both for the production of outdoor advertising structures and for the usage in interior design. Mesh banner material is a vinyl white fabric with perforation and a PVC backing. The mesh is covered with a protective substrate, which is removed after the printing process is completed (“Mesh Banner,” n.d.). A substrate is designed to protect parts of the plotter from the ink penetrating into mesh cells. It prevents the ink from flowing to the wrong side of the material and can be easily removed after the completion of the printing process. The mesh structure ensures uniformity of absorption and rapid drying of the ink. For large-format printing, the mesh is used in the form of a separate sheet or roll. With external use, the service life of the described material is about two years. In case when large-format printing on the mesh banner is intended for interior application, the operational period is practically unlimited.

There are several kinds of mesh banners. Mesh banners can be cast, laminated, reinforced, retroreflective, light-scattering, etc. Printing can be done on one side or both sides of the material. It should be mentioned that mesh banners are mostly used for disguising construction sites, outdoor advertising, window dressing, decoration of living quarters, and production of theatrical scenery. Advertisements can be printed on the mesh covering the facades of objects under construction. The use of mesh banners is the only possible way to mask construction work and errors in the exterior decoration of buildings. Roof installations, banner advertising on metal fences without a back substrate, and banners are made with the usage of printing on the mesh.

Advantages of Mesh Banners

Printing on cloth and printing on the mesh are often used for advertising. Nonetheless, printing on the mesh provides many additional benefits in comparison with printing on other materials. Therefore, there are many benefits of mesh banners that are not peculiar to banners made of other materials. As already mentioned, the possibility of visualizing the surrounding space and light transmission capacity are the main advantages of using the mesh. In addition, there are several other good qualities that a person should consider while selecting materials for banners. Due to a special facetted structure, the mesh minimizes wind resistance as the air can easily pass through it (“The Advantages of PVC Banners"). For this reason, many individuals choose the mesh for the production of banners that will be used in areas with strong winds. The mesh is resistant not only to wind loads but also to wear, weather conditions, humidity, and low temperatures. One more undeniable advantage of mesh banners is the fact that due to their capability to transmit light, they can be attached to facades and windows (Stara, n.d.). Another considerable benefit of the mesh is its lightness; the material weighs three times less than other banner fabrics. The porous structure reduces the force of the wind on the fabric. Therefore, the mesh is used for printing particularly large-scale promotional items.

Services Provided by our Website

Printing on the mesh also has a number of other technological parameters which should be taken into account. Therefore, the specialists of our company provide detailed information about these parameters to customers. Occupying one of the leading positions in advertising production, the professional staff of always helps customers to decide when to use vinyl printing and the mesh and when it is better to use another material. Mesh banner printing is very popular nowadays because of the relatively low cost of the material and high quality of print. For this reason, the mesh is considered one of the best materials for banners. Mesh banner printing is regularly done by our company and with increasing rates. It is connected with the fact that the quality of printing and low prices attract customers from various regions of the country. The company can cope with almost any number of orders because it uses automated machines for the production of banners. It has modern equipment, quickly fulfills all orders of any size, and guarantees only the high quality of printing. Regardless of what kind of material is chosen for printing (the mesh or vinyl), the company is ready to fulfill an order in a timely and high-quality manner.


One of the most common types of promotional products is banners. Banner advertising is an integral part of both outdoor and indoor promotion of services and goods. Advertisements are printed on various types of fabrics or mesh. While choosing the material for banners, its weight, density, and light transmittance should be taken into account. In this case, the mesh is considered the best material for banners as it is solid and resistant to wear and adverse weather conditions. Mesh banners are usually used in big cities where many houses and shops are located. They help to disguise construction works, advertise goods, and decorate buildings. Among the main advantages of the mesh are its relatively low cost and lightness. The mesh weighs by three times less than other banner fabrics. Moreover, the material transmits light; therefore, mesh banners can be attached to facades and windows.

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