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Real Estate Signs

Real Estate Signs

The United States of America is the country where it is possible to buy a home even if you are not a resident of the country; you just need to have a sufficient income to purchase a house and a content or perfect credit history.

The real estate in the United States falls into the following categories: residential, commercial, industrial and vacant. Each type of property is subject to taxation. There are certain peculiarities concerning real estate depending on the area you live in. Be you a landlord or a tenant, you need effective advertising. Banners and signs are the best solution.

Types of Residential Properties in the USA

Apartments (referred to as the commercial real estate) are often located far from the centres of the cities and aimed at the tenants who are renting an accommodation for 6 -12 months. Apartments cannot be bought individually; they can only be purchased as the whole complex within the frames of commercial activity. Depending on the quality of the complex, it can have its own security gates, a tennis court, a sauna, swimming pools and even a lawn for walking a dog. Flats or as they are called condo can be acquired as the real estate and you can even rent them though in limited range. Each condo complex has its own homeowners. In America, there are also flats rebuilt as apartments. The reason for this was the lack of affordable housing in some cities.

An apartment in a skyscraper or a penthouse is usually a luxury apartment with all kinds of services. Such apartments are very expensive, for example, in New York, they can cost $ 50 million, and the payment for utility services can range from $ 700 - $ 3000 per month. Townhouses are another type of real estate in America. They are houses with adjacent land plots. There may be a wall adjacent to each other creating an image of houses being attached to each other. Sometimes such houses share a roof, although the construction planning inside is quite different. Although the total area is large, the land area on which they stand (including both front and back yards) is less than the land area of private single-family homes. Duplex is a kind of a dwelling in which there are two households under one common roof. The disposition of rooms in one part of a duplex mirrors the layout of another. Private houses or as they can sometimes be called single-family ones are any detached houses. They can differ significantly in size and facilities. Patio homes are a variety of townhouses with a very narrow space between the walls and a very small patio that is literally 3 square meters. There are also casitas which are small studios with a bathroom, a kitchen is not provided. They are regarded as additional premises, but sometimes they are also detached houses. Such type of real estate is common in the south-western part of the United States and can be used for personal swimming pools, game rooms, or rooms for teens. Whatever real estate you possess or rent, the banners are highly effective in wither selling or buying it.

Tax on Real Estate

Tax on real estate is strictly dependent on the value of the property, the value of adjacent buildings and land (in case of detached houses and townhouses). In different states tax rates are different, they are charged every six months or once a year. In New York, for instance, the rate is 1.15% and in Washington - 0.85%. It is worth noting that a tax rate itself varies each year within the range of 1%.

If You Live in New York

So, let's say you live in New York City (take a decent, but not the most expensive area of the city - Brooklyn). The cost of 1 square meter there ranges from 2 to 5 thousand dollars. Consider an average of 3 thousand dollars. If the area of a dwelling is 46 square meters, its value will consist $ 138 000. Provided the interest rate is 1.15%, the annual property tax will be $ 1 587. In Bronx an apartment with the same area (46 square meters) can be purchased for $ 85,000. In this case the tax will amount to $ 977. These are the issues one should consider while choosing real property to buy, and banners can certainly facilitate the choice providing a potential buyer with all necessary information.

Current Situation on the Housing Market in the US

It should be mentioned that the forecast for the growth of the US economy is quite optimistic. In many ways it is connected with the real estate market, which has been progressively developing for the last decade. It took nearly ten years to return to the prosperous situation on the market. According to the latest figures the pace of housing construction as well as prices of accommodation has stabilized since recession. Compared to 478,000 new houses built in 2009, the current figure is around one million houses. Analysts observe overabundance of new real estate. As a result, the average price of newly built homes has fallen by 4% and now amounts to 295 thousand dollars. There is a great demand in resellers. In such situation the choice of a banner is crucial for it ensures effective purchase. Another interesting trend on the US real estate market is a growing tendency of the potential property owners to reduce the area of a house. The experts say it is due to the psychological and financial shock of the period of the last recession, when millions of American families lost their homes due to the fact that they could not afford them. Nowadays future homeowners tend not to show off and buy a modest house modest in order to be more financially secure.

2014 was the beginning of the transformation of America into a society of tenants. This is a fundamental shift in comparison with previous decades, during which the ownership of the house was considered the norm for all. This also explains the fact that among young Americans – those who are under 35 years – there are fewer homeowners than 10 years ago. The matter is that young people tend to migrate to the big cities where there are more opportunities for career and leisure. However, the metropolitan real estate is much more expensive and it is harder for young people to find moderately priced housing. However, the sensibility of homeowners and the absence of price fluctuations are exactly what is required of a stable market.

The Importance of Banners and Signs

Real estate industry, like any other industry, requires effective advertising to satisfy the demands of both sellers and buyers. This purpose is easily achieved by using signs and custom banners. There are several reasons of banners being highly efficient in promoting real estate business. Firstly, banners can be easily noticed by a large amount of potential customers as the former are very eye-catching and are usually placed within easy access. Whether you drive to work or back home, you will see the, along the road. Secondly, custom banners and signs are quite affordable. It will cost not more than $100 to get a banner created. Finally, the banners can be easily removed from one place to another. Thanks to such flexibility more potential customers can get acquainted with the offers provided on the banners. As for the types of banners, they are extremely versatile. The same concerns the ways they can be displayed to be noticed. Whether you want a large banner which can be attached to the wall of a building or a small banner made of fabric, you will find any.


To sum up, whether you live in New York or in Atlanta, you own a nice townhouse or you want to rent a flat, you plan to sell a house or buying one is your goal, you need a good advertising tool to make any deal successful. Banners and signs are a perfect option to meet all the requirements. Consider having one ordered to ensure success of a deal.

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