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Step and Repeat Banners Guide

Step and Repeat Banners 

Step and repeat banners are a display option for a broad range of occasions, ranging from tradeshows, weddings, conferences, and media events among others. Furthermore, they provide an excellent setting for companies to carry out their projects, as well as advertise products.

More so, these banners are usually made from polyester, which is printed with the use of dye sublimation. As a result, such
prints last longer and are more legible than the ones on other materials, such as muslin and vinyl. Besides, polyester is more suitable because it is light and resistant to tearing, offering exceptional qualities for a high-quality banner. On the contrary, the muslin material is made from natural cotton, being very delicate and less durable for step and repeat banners. In addition, banners from the muslin cloth sewn onto cotton clothing or screen have limited functionalities. Thus, the company presented below offers step and repeat banners produced from the polyester material of high quality for use by businesses.

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are sold as a complete set with a carrying case and instructions provided to make it easier for the user to mount it for use. Further, the set has the weight of approximately 22lbs with aluminum poles used for mounting the backdrop having around 18lbs, while a fabric banner with the width of about seven sheets of copy paper carries the other 4lbs. Moreover, for achieving efficiency, the mounting of the banner may be done by two individuals, whereby they assist each other in connecting six aluminum poles to three sides of the fabric. Besides, bottom and top poles are fitted by means of the clicking method, while vertical sides are tied to the poles using a screw and an allen wrench to fix the vertical poles and interlock them with the horizontal parts, leading to the high stability of the backdrop. Afterwards, the latter is kept in a standing position and adjusted in accordance with the recommended size of the frame. It depends on such factors as the number of attendance, size of the room, and the type of function among others. For example, the backdrop required for advertising purposes may be huge in comparison to the one that is used for conferences.

Step and Repeat Banner Usage

The step and repeat backdrop is the most suitable for indoor use since there is minimal exposure to direct sunlight. Nevertheless, it can still be ordered for outdoor occasions, especially in circumstances when the weather is calm and a smooth solid surface is available to provide support to the banner in case of unexpected strong winds. Further, the increased outdoor exposure is likely to affect the quality of the banner negatively, for example, prints may start to fade changing its durability . In addition, such factor also raises the risks of damage through tearing, making the backdrop useless. Besides, the step and repeat banner is mostly used by companies carrying out tradeshows, where they can showcase available products and advertise their services. Furthermore, it can also serve a certain purpose for usinesses that conduct broadcast interviews and promotions for various sponsors, as well as in situations of seasonal advertising by organizations attempting to compel clients to buy their products or services. In addition, a step and repeat banner has an additional bonus of being used as a picture background for various kinds of photo shoots. However, it has a few disadvantages concerning professional photography since it does not contain the respective accessories such as special lighting. Therefore, in situations where professionalism is not the top priority, then a step and repeat banner offers an affordable and well-presented photo backdrop.Concerning its maintenance, a step and repeat banner can be washed with the use of a washing machine choosing a low cycle and cold-water regime . Alternatively, it can also be wiped with a wet cloth and mounted on poles for drying and preventing creasing. In situations where a step and repeat banner is overly creased, it can be straightened with the use of the low heat iron option. Furthermore, the process of removing the banner from poles should be conducted with great caution to avoid ripping off its ends and reducing durability.

Step and Repeat Banner Production Process


The ability of the step and repeat banner to maintain prints is one of its best qualities because the printing process involves the use of dye sublimation. Further, the method facilitates the transfer of the design from the paper to the fabric by means of the heat press method. More so, the latter facilitates the dying of the design onto the fabric with pinpoint precision, resulting in the production and creation of a long-lasting and well-legible banner. Besides, its backdrop poles are made from aluminum, which provides a rigid and stable structure, maintaining the lightweight quality of the banner. In addition, poles grid portions are made from high quality and light plastic that facilitates the loosening of the extendable poles for the purpose of adjusting the height, width, and sizes of the frame. In addition, the banner is manufactured as a one-sided frame that does not allow light to pass through and can be used for the display of one event at a time only.

Step and Repeat Banners at the Printing Company

Our company produces step and repeat printouts that have the durability of approximately three years under conditions of proper placement, storage, and care. Further, customers need less than ten minutes to assemble a banner because a set of instructions is provided in the carrying case, making the product much user friendly. Common sizes, in which it is produced, are 8’8, 9’8, and 10’8, since these are commonly preferred by organizations carrying out promotions and advertising campaigns. In addition, the quality of the banner is enhanced by the heat process method that involves dye sublimation. This factor provides competitive advantage to our company in comparison to other businesses that manufacture a wide range of banners made from other materials and using alternative methods that are
much more cheaper but of lower quality and durability.


The analysis of the step and repeat banner, its usage, production process, as well as the company printing this product is of value to many people interested in it. The step and repeat banner is a display board that can be used for a wide variety of occasions, for example conferences or tradeshows, and provides a quality background for photographs taken in such events as weddings. It is sold in a carrying case that has instructions on how to mount it, and takes approximately from ten to fifteen minutes for two people to assemble it. Further, the step and repeat banner is made from high-quality printouts that are done by means of the dye sublimation method that involves the use of heat, making prints that last for approximately three years. Concerning its usage, it is the most suitable for indoor occasions, though it can also be ordered for outdoor events in circumstances when the weather is friendly. More so, the dye sublimation method in printing attracts more customers to our company, providing it with a large market share.

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