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Window Signs

Perforated window film (window perf) opens a new world of marketing and sales opportunities by turning your glass doors and windows into your best advertising space. Window perf is applied to the outside of your window and viewed from the outside. It works well for vehicles and storefronts. It has a 2-3 year outdoor durability. Our window perf film is made of top quality materials and is printed in Ultra HD printing resolution for the best visible results.


One Way Vision is made of PVC material and black rubber, also suitable for the advertisement of bus body glass, subway glass advertisement, taxi glass advertisement, glass curtain wall advertisement, shop glass window advertisement and interior & exterior signs as well as vehicle advertisements on cars, buses, Subway, train, buildings, offices, and shops, etc.

Perforated window vinyl features a one-way vision allowing businesses to maintain privacy while promoting their brands. This material is perfect for advertising in vehicles and storefront windows and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy installation and cost-effectiveness of perforated window decals make this method of advertising very attractive for businesses of any size.

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