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The Best Place to Put Your Banner

The Best Place to Put Your Banner

Is Banner Advertising Always Effective?

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase the awareness of a certain brand, makes sales better, or advertise a certain product or services is to place a custom-made banner that will attract everybody’s attention.

However, placing advertisements without taking into account the principles of effective choice of location typically gets little return on the spent money. Those companies which choose banners as means of their promotion campaigns may complain that the effect of placing them is minor. Nevertheless, are the banners to be blamed?

Apparently, the answer to the question will be negative. No banner itself can bring profits or give information to a lot of people if it is placed in some inconspicuous place or somewhere where few passers-by see it. Please mind that investigation before placing any advertising is a must! First of all, try to become an expert in choosing the most efficient sites for your banners or apply for the professional help of those who have corresponding experience. Make use of the following advice to increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

1. List your target audiences.
2. Brainstorm where it is most suitable and convenient to address them.
3. Find the most top-ranked places which would be the best for your advertisements on banners. Study all the advertising rates and analyze the correlation of the benefits you may get and the expenditures you will have.

Location is What Matters!

You have thought a lot choosing a perfect location for your business. It is understandable as the customers are not willing to travel for hours trying to find some far-away corner of the city. The same principle applies to placing your banners and other advertising materials. If you have banners outside your office or store, they will catch the eye of all the people walking by. If you are wiling not to invite more clients to come inside your store or office, but to encourage them to go further and get to know more about what you can offer, then you opt for inside banners with a clear message and attractive design. Then your main task is to strike the customer’s interest.

Depending on the aims you have, you should decide on the most favorable location for your banners. However, no matter where you place them, inside or outside, you should make sure that they reveal what you want to achieve. A banner with a great design located properly will never escape public notice.

Secrets of Banner High-Traffic Placement

Your decision on where you will place your vinyl banner, even if it has the most effective design and the most comprehensible message, can make the difference between the failure of your promotion strategy and its success. Product displays and business signs made of durable vinyl can be placed outdoors without any fear that a gust of wind or pouring rain will destroy it. Mind the quality of the material and you will never be forced to replace the spoiled advertising materials.

What is the best place for a vinyl banner if you want your target audience to be addressed? Definitely, that is an area of high traffic with lots of people around driving their cars, walking along the streets, or just waiting for public transport. A busy intersection is one of the best sites for placing banners. The reasons for that are quite obvious. Even if you do not target a certain audience, your banner will draw the attention even of those who did not think of your services or products before.

If a banner is exposed to the attention of a lot of people, the percentage of those who will see the message and probably react to it goes up dramatically. A vinyl banner can also be placed at some special events, celebrations, and meetings with numerous participants. Any venue with crowds of people is beneficial for any type of advertising. Besides, a busy shopping center is also perfect for a banner as it is the place where lots of people come. High traffic is always one of the key guarantees of success for any type of advertisement banners.

Targeted Placement of Banners

This marketing strategy of placing banners of all kinds differs from the high traffic placement although they can be combined as well. It implements the principle of placing the banners in the areas which the target groups of customers frequently visit. Thus, the focus is not on the total number of people who may see a banner stand, a vinyl banner, a billboard or any other type of advertising tools, but on specific groups of people who you want to attract.

Please note again that you are supposed to specify the target groups before addressing them. In most cases, it is not difficult to distinguish the places which are frequently visited by your target customers. Be attentive to details, study the market, do corresponding surveys or research and the efficiency of placing banners will be striking.

Competitive Type of Placing Banners

In case you have tried the above mentioned two marketing strategies and you are looking for a new approach to advertising, you may try a competitive type of placement for the banners of your company. It means that you should place your advertising tools not far from the businesses of your competitors. You may place a banner across the street from the main office of the company that has similar target groups of customers. It may be a good idea to place a banner right next door to the store that offers the same goods as you do.

What is the main idea of competitive placement of banners? The core principle of such an approach is to maximize the exposure of the customers that used to choose your competitor for business to the message that you send on your banner. They are aware of the services and products only of the company of your competitor. Why not to help them learn the market and find out about other options? Help them open new opportunities and encourage them to consider trying the same or similar goods and services from another company. Be persuasive! It is not easy for the people to give up on the things they get used to. Try to convince them that your offer is much better and they will get more benefits if they decide to try cooperating with you.

Tips in Installation of Banners Depending on Placement

After you have decided which marketing principle of banner placement you will use, it is high time for you to decide on the method of installation for your outside banners. This factor is also crucial as it determines how good visibility of your advertising will be. First of all, you can install a banner against a building, for example your store or your office. Thus, you will draw public attention not only to the message but also to the location where the potential customers may immediately go.

Moreover, it is possible to use a free standing frame for a banner. It is a good method when you strive for the flexibility and mobility of your advertising. In case you have decided to place your banner in the park with high traffic of mothers walking with their babies, you may prefer to tie your banner between the trees or any two objects standing freely. A bright banner placed between the posts always attracts a lot of attention. A banner may also be located over a busy street; however, it is important to excite the interest of potential clients without distracting the drivers as it may cause accidents on the roads. Another effective way to advertise something is to have street light banners which serve as a beautiful decoration and fulfill the task that you have assigned to them.

Opt for Right Banner Marketing and Get Benefits for your Business

Choosing a wrong marketing strategy is a common problem in the advertising market. You may believe that placing an attractive banner at the rock festival will bring hundreds of new clients to your store; however, it never happens and you decide that the problem is in the banner itself. The thing is that those people who come to a music festival are not interested in buying anything that you offer. They are definitely not your target audience; moreover, they are not an audience at all as they are interested in listening to music and do not mind anything around. They have been waiting for this performance for months! They will never remember what banners were around when this long-anticipate show at last happens. Another mistake is placing banners inside stores in the hope that people will look at the images and buy the things which you want to advertise. This strategy may work, but it will not bring any new clients to your store as your banners are seen only to those who have already come.
Be careful while choosing a marketing strategy! Mind the key principles of strategic placement, and ensure getting the highest return on the money you spend on advertising.

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