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The Magic of Christmas & Banner Printing

The Magic of Christmas & Banners
Santa Claus is Coming to Town

In December 25th millions of Christians around the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, known as Christmas Day. Some Christians that follow Old Calendar this holly day celebrate in January 7th. Religious customs may differ from country to country, from area to area but everybody with the same excitement await for this day. Christmas ornaments everywhere … Streets, store windows and homes are decorated for the occasion. Lights, Christmas songs and season atmosphere is how we prepare for this family holiday nowadays. 

It is interesting to mention that the first Christmas tree was used in 1531 in Germany. From there the tradition was spread to England and very soon to other neighboring countries. To United States the tree, as a symbol of Christmas, was brought in 1830 but did not got popular till 1846. It is a holiday that especially children are looking forward to. On that day Santa Claus brings the gifts and place them under the Christmas tree. Santa Claus is not just a fiction character but the person that really existed. St.Nicholas (Santa Claus) was Christian bishop living in today’s Turkey in fourth century AD. Since inherited quite impressive wealth, he decided to give it away to the people. After his death was pronounced as a Saint protector of the children.

Did You Know That

  • Santa Claus didn’t always have a beard! In 17th century when the Dutch brought St.Nicholas to America he was thin, tall and without beard. Not until late 19th century is when Santa Clause appeared with a “new look”: rounded, with a white beard that became his trade mark. The change was made by artist and cartoon sketcher Thomas Nast for “Harper’s Weekly” magazine.
  • In Canada was created a special postal zip code for all the letters written by kids and addressed to Santa Claus. Canadian postal service employees are making sure to reply to every single letter in order not to disappoint any child. So cute!
  • The legendary Christmas song “Jingle Bells” was written by James Lord Pierpont actually for Thanksgiving not for Christmas.
  • The other famous Christmas song “Holy Night” is written by Placide Capeau in1847 in France. The interesting fact is that he was Jewish and when that was brought up to the light his song was banned from opening Christmas Mass.
  • Mistletoe in Germany, in old years was believed to be a plant of fertility and Druids were using it as aphrodisiac.
  • The oldest artificial Christmas tree was made in London, England in 1886 from toilet brushes. Yack!

Shopping Time

Not only kids are looking forward for Christmas joy and gifts. “Big kids” as well are equally excited for Christmas shopping. Pre- holiday shopping season actually starts from Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving. At that time different stores announce their sales and promotions promising even more, even better deals for Christmas. That is the time when people exchange gifts, making each other feel special and cared for. Gifts are not necessarily items, but gift cards or vouchers for different services. So all this Christmas “chaos” on the streets and stores is exciting for the consumers who had prepared their shopping budget for the occasion , but on the other hand it might be a little overwhelming for store owners and service providers if they are not well prepared for upcoming Holiday “craziness”.

Announce Your Sales on Vinyl Banners

There are many effective advertising means out there. What will you choose to advertise on, depends on your niche, time and budget as well as overall marketing strategy.
Vinyl banners are affordable and effective way of advertising. It is important to say that vinyl banners are reusable for many years to come if properly maintained and stored. Therefor many small businesses and startup companies choose advertising and promoting on banners rather than other marketing ways. Choosing the right text, coloration , banner type & size and proper placement you can effectively target your potential customers. Some business owners consider holiday season as perfect time to promote new products. Diving into consumers psychology it is known that everyone would like to give or receive a gift that is new and unseen. On carefully designed vinyl banners draw attention of passers by and introduce them to your new product.

Spread the Word About Your Event

Christmas themed events and gatherings are very popular at that time of the year. Placing the banner with clear message to your audience on strategic spots will surely make the difference. More people take part at your event - more successful it is. Events may be organized in public, restaurants, night clubs, your business premises or any other place capable of gathering a lot of people. No matter of the size of event vinyl banners can successfully spread your message. Christmas events announcements go hand in hand with New Years events. Many people combine these two using the same printing material covering both occasions.

We Are Ready for Christmas 

In Allstatebanners Corp we have prepared for you numerous Christmas templates to choose from and begin with. By placing your order online on our website www.allstatebanners.com will be able to receive your order as early as following day if indicated so. Our young designer team is at your disposal 24h for any help you might need in designing process and all of this FREE of charge. Banner builder on our website is customer friendly so you can easily create your art work without any designer knowledge required. You may upload your own photo or graphic, change the colors and fonts and play around till you are completely satisfied. We never print until you approve your digital proof of created design. 

For those of you who are extremely busy, you can place your order “on the go” since our website is mobile friendly and fast.

Another useful tip : follow us on social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest,google +) to get updated on new discounts and promo codes that we constantly renew!

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