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The Types of Banner Stands

The Types of Banner Stands

When arranging an exhibition, trade show, or any other upcoming event with the aim of promoting goods, works or services or attracting potential customers, it is vital to ensure that the occasion is efficient and attractive.

The best way to ensure its effectiveness is to use banner stands which are made of high-quality materials, are designed by specialists to meet all the requirements and perform several functions. Apparently, there is a great variety of banner stands at www.allstatebanners.com. The choice of banner stands is dependent on the type of the event, namely whether it is a low-budget or luxurious occasion, as well as its venue such as indoor and outdoor events.

Choose a Banner Stand by Answering Simple Questions

When choosing banner stands, it is necessary to take into account certain factors, namely the budget of the event, its location and the area required for it among others. Having answered these simple questions, one is certain to find the type of banner stands which will meet all their requirements. The specialists at allstatebanners.com will make the choice easier, as the variety of banner stands available exceeds all expectations. Banner stands are available with accessories which ensure excellent service for years and make their use more comfortable.

The first question to be answered while choosing a perfect banner stand is the amount of money available, as the budget is one of the most crucial factors influencing a type of banner stands to be chosen. The majority of businesses operating in the market are middle-sized, meaning that they do not have thousands of dollars to pay for arranging an occasion or a trade show. Nevertheless, even a small company is able to buy a banner stand and all necessary accessories to transform the event into a professionally arranged eye-catching occurrence. In order to learn about the types of banner stands, one might visit www.allstatebanners.com.

Place Is of Great Importance

The second question to be answered is the location where an upcoming even is intended to be held. Therefore, if it is an outdoor event (in the park or on a playground) or an occasion held indoors (an assembly hall or a trade center), it is vital to choose the most appropriate banner stands, and a great variety of them is provided at allstatebanners.com. What makes this factor relevant is the fact that banner stands are generally customized specifically for a certain event. In fact, there are no stands which can be used both for indoor and outdoor events. The matter is that if the banner stand is intended for outdoor occasions, it has to be made of highly durable and weather-resistant materials. The reason is that such weather factors as wind, rain or even lightning have a big impact on the physical appearance and service period of banner stands, making them unattractive if made of materials not suitable for such purposes.

Thus, taking the above-mentioned factors into consideration, it is recommended to use custom pop-up banner stands as they have solid bases easily stabilized by using additional materials such as water or sand. On the contrary, if an upcoming event is planned to be held indoors, one should consider using retractable banner stands and X stands. The reason is that they are manufactured specifically for this purpose so that being exposed to wind or moisture, they are easily destroyed. For more options, one might visit www.allstatebanners.com and choose a perfect banner stand to meet all the requirements.

Whether one is planning to organize a trade show or arrange a booth, it is important to answer the third question while choosing a perfect banner stand. If the area is not too big, a large banner stand will be inappropriate. Contrariwise, in a large lobby or an assembly hall, the best option is a large-format banner stand.

The Most Popular Banner Stands

Currently, the most popular custom banner stands are simple stands, flexi stands, pole and retractable stands. The choice of a banner stand, as it was mentioned before, is largely dependent on certain factors. Moreover, there are three points that should be considered while choosing a banner stand, namely how large is a banner, where this banner is going to be placed and what message it is supposed to contain. Having answered these questions, it is possible to choose a banner stand which will serve the initial purpose.

If intended to be used in large department stores, commercial centers, museums, cafes or malls, simple banner stands are the most suitable type. Talking about their design, they are usually black or chrome. Looking at them, one might think they see a picture which is installed on special legs or a frame. Evidently, it is rather easy to install and adjust such banners stands, thereby making them ideal for repetitive use. Therefore, small banner stands are easily installed, and they are intended only for events held indoors.

Additionally, there is a flexi banner stand. It has a more complicated structure compared with a simple one. Interestingly, if only one panel is used, a vertical banner can be utilized; however, in case a large horizontally installed banner is needed, it is possible to connect several panels, making them a single banner stand. Another advantage of flexi banner stands is that they are easily transported if folded. With regard to location, flexi banner stands are intended for indoor use. Nevertheless, they may be used outdoors but only temporarily. Such stands are most widely used by travel agencies, at the stations and airports.

Another type of banner stands is a pole stand which can be easily assembled by connecting a number of poles. To fix banners to the stands, special grommets are used; moreover, banners can be fastened with the help of a special tape or rails. Pole banner stands are perfect for mobile exhibitions and displays, as they are easily dismounted and transported. If there is a necessity to change a banner quite often, a pole banner stand is an ideal option. Furthermore, pole stands can be used both for indoor and outdoor events, meaning they are universal in use.

Retractable banner stands are in a great demand, as they are convenient in use. The reason is that such banner stands can be easily rolled. In order to mount a retractable banner stand, the banner is simply disconnected from the base and fastened to the pole. What makes retractable banner stands an ideal option for any business, either small or big, is that they are extremely easily transported and installed so that even one person can mount them. The range of purposes for which retractable banner stands are used is impressively wide. Thus, they may be utilized during indoor and outdoor occasions.

Evidently, www.allstatebanners.com offers a large variety of banner stands which are able to satisfy all customer requirements. Made of high quality materials, originally designed and reasonably priced banner stands are a real bargain.

More Options to Consider

Apart from all banner stands described above, there are many other types widely used for various purposes. Banner stands can be used in such a way that they will create a wall. In fact, if several retractable banner stands are placed side by side, they form a kind of a wall which serves as a perfect display background. Hereby, this is a perfect option for low-budget events, as they are cost-effective. If it is necessary to arrange a solid display, rigid pole frames are indispensable. In addition, light in weight and easily transported, tension pole banner stands provide large opportunities for both indoor and outdoor occasions. What makes this type of stands exceptional is a frame which is solid and stable.

The tension pole banner stands are extremely lightweight and simple to transport due to the unique flexible tension pole frame. The frame is also built with the aim of being heavy-duty and stable. Furthermore, if one is short of space but needs to display large messages, scrolling banner stands are at their disposal. Due to their mobility, they can be attached to the wall or installed as booths, providing more opportunities for displaying relevant information and attracting potential customers.


Whatever the purpose or budget, www.allstatebanners.com offers a great variety of banner stands to satisfy any needs and meet all the requirements. If there are any doubts, one might visit the site or contact the specialists who will provide competent assistance concerning any aspect of the order. Banner stands on offer have all the characteristics which make them easily recognizable. Therefore, www.allstatebanners.com provides a wide choice of banner stands that come in different sizes, for different purposes and at reasonable prices. Thus, one can choose the best option, taking into account their personal needs. The site gives the possibility to choose a banner stand for trade shows or exhibitions, conventions or displays that will be held either indoors or outdoors. If it is rather complicated to make a choice, specialist will provide competent assistance in selecting the best option regarding the place of an event, the budget and the space needed. Furthermore, one will be advised on the ways to maintain and store banner stands, as the majority of them are of multiuse. Proper maintenance will guarantee their long service. To make the right choice, the best way is to contact www.allstatebanners.com for high-quality banner stands available in a large variety of models to suit any taste, purse and purpose.

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