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Tips for Proper Maintenance and Storage of Vinyl Banners

Tips for Proper Maintenance and Storage of Vinyl Banners

What Vinyl Banners Are Made of

To produce a vinyl banner you need to think of the proper material which will ensure high quality and a long service life of a product. Based on the material banners are made of, they can be classified into several categories.

One of the types of banners which are most commonly used for a variety of purposes is a vinyl banner. As it can be inferred from the name such banners are made of vinyl and have a number of specific characteristics. One of the vinyl banners type is FrontLit which is made of reinforced vinyl. It is opaque composite material usually used for making banners, which is a polyester mesh or a kind of polyester fabric, covered with plasticized vinyl and varnish on both sides. Among its specific features are exceptional strength and dimensional consistence. In most cases, vinyl banners have a one-sided or two-sided lacquer coating which improves the adhesion of self-adhesive films to a banner. Such vinyl banners are widely used during construction works, to decorate selling space. Besides, they are indispensable for making mobile stands and theatrical scenery, street banners, billboards and firewalls.

Reinforced vinyl banners BackLit material is designed for the production of illuminated advertisements. They are really convenient in use due to their durability, dimensional consistence and wear resistance. The material of the above banners is polyester mesh or polyester fabric covered with translucent plasticized vinyl and varnish on both sides.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are armoured vinyl banners which are made of the material similar to the Frontlit. Unlike the latter, it is polyester mesh or fabric in black and is designed for two-sided applications.

Choose Carefully Place for a Banner

To ensure a long life service period of a vinyl banner you should consider a place where this banner is going to be installed. Firstly, if installation of a banner presupposes its placing on a wall or any other vertically situated area a good thing would be to get the surface thoroughly cleaned as long as some soot or grease may be transferred on the inner surface of a banner. Thus, it will lose its attractiveness and might not serve for as long as it should.

Secondly, examine carefully the surface your vinyl banner is going to be displayed on and make sure it is not exposed to constant moisture and dampness. Otherwise, mildew might appear on the surface of a banner which will lead to blemishes appearing on it. It will undoubtedly have a negative impact on both the attractiveness and durability of your banner. Who would pay attention to the message on a banner which lacks some words or pictures?

Installation of a Banner Requires Great Care

Whatever material a banner is made of it is supposed to serve a certain goal and be efficient for quite a long period of time. Not only are the technical characteristics important therein. What really extends a service life of a vinyl banner is the way it is maintained and stored. When you install a banner, you should not over-stretch it. The material strain is one of the effects of a vinyl banner being over-stretched during installation. In mostly concerns vinyl banners which are meant for outdoor installation because of the effects the windy weather. As the time passes, the material strain is enhanced which leads to fading of the paints. As a result a vinyl banner starts looking rather tattered. To lessen the strain while fastening a banner use bungee cords which provide both elasticity and strength.

Tips on Cleaning Vinyl Banners

Cleaning vinyl banners starts from cleaning your hands before you start working with them. Your hands should be clean and dry. It is not recommended to apply some hand cream before starting to handle a banner. Hand cream may be to blame for the stains which are left on the surface of a vinyl banner causing thus dirt and dust to stick to it. To avoid this it is a good idea to put on special gloves while you are installing a vinyl banner or handling it in any other way.

Taking into consideration the fact that banners are usually displayed outdoors you should bear in mind that they eventually get dirty and lose their attractive features. This may be the case even with banners which are installed inside the buildings. With time tiny particles of dust, grime and grease accumulate on the surface of a vinyl banner. As a result it becomes less attractive and durable. As long as these are vinyl banners, they need special treatment in terms of cleaning. Certain cleaning methods are not appropriate for cleaning vinyl banners as they cause deterioration of both the material a banner is made of and the quality of inscriptions. The letters and pictures may be erased while cleaning. That is why it is necessary to consider some peculiarities of while choosing cleaning substances and cleaning techniques. Cleaning a vinyl banner needs gentle care. The cloth you use should be very soft, not wet but slightly damp. Cleaning a vinyl banner you should not use any kind of cleaning fluid. Neither abrasive nor microfiber fabric are suitable for cleaning a vinyl banner as they may cause damage to the banner. In case a banner is extremely dirty and you cannot clean it with only water, try using some mild cleaning materials. For this purpose only mild solution of water and soap will go. Make sure the cloth you use is really soft and clean. Avoid using cleaning fluids which contain ammonia or those which have abrasive particles. Remember that cleaning a vinyl banner needs the same care as its installation and handling. Follow the tips to ensure a long service life and visual attractiveness of your vinyl banner.

Ironing Works Best for Getting Rid of Wrinkles

In the course of time vinyl banners may get wrinkled or crumpled. Such wrinkles and creases are not easy to remove, but there is one method to ensure the original look of a vinyl banner. Ironing can serve this purpose, although it requires great care and attention in order not to spoil the banner altogether. The iron you are going to use should not be too hot. High temperature is extremely dangerous for vinyl – the material a banner is made of. So, if you get your iron too hot, it might lead to the vinyl being shrunk or even melted, which is irreparable. To iron a vinyl banner set your iron in a warm or medium temperature mode. Do not press the iron too hard on the surface, use swift movements and apply the iron only on the areas which are heavily wrinkled or creased. Sometimes creases still remain after ironing though they become less conspicuous. As for removing slight wrinkles, ironing is always a highly effective method if use with care.

Storing a Vinyl Banner in Proper Conditions Ensures Its Durability

To ensure the durability of vinyl banners and avoid unpleasant surprises upon starting to install one after its being stored for a while you should remember certain do’s and don’ts of storing. The most important thing is that it is strongly recommended to roll a vinyl banner, not to fold it. If folded, a vinyl banner may become wrinkled or creased. In future such wrinkles and creases will remain and removing them will take much time and effort. It is a good idea to use an unbending core or a kind of a tube of some kind to roll loosely a vinyl banner on it. Thus, a banner will not be creased, kinked or become deformed in any other way. While rolling a vinyl banner, make sure it is rolled with design surface inside.

If you plan to store your vinyl banner thoroughly clean, make sure that it has dried completely before being stored. Remember to use some soft damp cloth for cleaning a banner. If a banner is not completely dry it may mildew in the process of storing. Mildew is impossible to remove and your vinyl banner will no longer be used for your purposes. The place where your vinyl banner is being stored should be dry and cool. The storage room should be air-conditioned with the possibility to apply climate control due to the fact that being exposed to extreme temperatures will lead to vinyl banners being seriously damaged. Never use adhesive tape to ensure fastening a vinyl banner. While storing a vinyl banner make sure that it does not contact with various solvents. Alcohol, acetone, gasoline and paint thinners are extremely harmful for vinyl banners and may cause irreparable damage to a banner. It is important to avoid a vinyl banner getting into ink to ink contact with itself; any kind of paint may be harmful as well.
Following all the tips on maintaining and storing your vinyl banners will ensure their increased durability and sustainable high resistance features. If properly maintained and stored, your vinyl banner will serve your purposes as long as it should be.

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