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Tips to get recognized at tradeshows and events


7 tips to get recognized at tradeshows and events

It is possible to attract more visitors to the booth if there are more table covers, banner stands, banners, give-away materials, back-drop banners, prizes, contests drawings, books, and various gadgets. The attention of the customers can be drawn with various interactive elements, in particular touch screens, as they make it easier to conduct surveys and demonstrate the advertised products. The booth should be designed in a unique way. If it looks unusual and interesting, more people will be engaged. The booth traffic will increase in volume if there are moreengaging elements, signs that can catch the eye, nice give-away materials, and informative books and leaflets. 


One of the most important aspects of having booths at the trade shows is thorough arrangement and planning. Besides, it is crucial to conduct thoughtful research before the trade show to see which kind of trade show is the most suitable for the marketing goals of a specific company and business. Moreover, it is important to do the evaluation of the trade show details. They include the number of potential clients, average number of the visitors, number of exhibitions and presented businesses, demographic details regarding the attendees, job functions, and other details. It is advisable to interview the representatives of the companies that took part in the exhibitions the previous years and get to know their feedback and advice. Those who take part in the trade shows should know that it is expensive to pay for the participation; therefore, one should choose the trade show that can be really beneficial and ensure getting the best return on investment. 

Get registered.
First, one should choose which show to take part in; then, it is recommended to get registered at the earliest. It is important to study the conditions of registration in advance as some shows offer discounts and other provide the opportunity to sign in online for free. Thus, the companies can save a lot of money.

Each company should set a number of goals for the staff of the booth presented at the trade show. The easiest way is to write down a list pf objectives, starting with the most important one. The employees are supposed to discuss the goals and methods how they can be achieved. For examples, the objectives can include doing research on the competitors’ activity, coordinating the number of exhibitions during the show, doing the survey to collect the sales leads, etc. 

Publicity activities
It is recommended to make advertisements of one’s attendance at the trade shows. It can be done via emailing the confirmed attendees, website announcements, blogs, making newsletters, using email campaigns, email signatures, and social networks. In case there will be some prizes or contests, the attendees should be aware of that. Yu will benefit if you will let as many attendees as possible know about your trade booth.

Competitions and prizes
The booth can attract more people if there is some contest or a possibility to draw a prize. The advertisement of your booth should contain the invitation to complete a survey of leads qualification. In case the visitors know that they can get a prize, they will be more willing to come. A prize should be related to the services and goods you provide, or your business in general. The best variant of a prize is the one that appeals to the current clients and potential customers. For instance, a tablet PC can be a great prize for conducting mobile surveys if your company deals with research and survey services. You can also present a copy of software for doing surveys; then your potential customer will be able to create surveys and administer them. This is an outstanding method of attracting new customers; moreover, it is recommendable to follow up all the new contacts after the show.  

Getting ready
It is important to get prepared to the show adequately. One should double check if the amount of supplies and copies of the books, leaflets, newsletters, give-away materials, business cards and brochures is sufficient. Try to get to know the exact number of visitors and estimate the number of materials you may need. Yu should take into account that not everyone will be able to attend every booth, so try to make the estimations realistic. Moreover, make sure that the attitude of your staff is enthusiastic. The visitors and prospective customers should feel that they are welcome at the booth; besides, they should know that the staff can give them reliable information regarding the activity of the company, products, goods, new trends, and competitiveness in the market. The staff in the booth should be encouraged to collect all necessary details, gather information and engage the visitors into interaction and conversations. If the attendees agree to take part in the leads qualification survey, the chances that they will be your customers are higher

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