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Trade Show Displays in New York NY


There are various trade shows organized across the USA to provide companies with an opportunity to demonstrate their latest products and services to potential customers. Moreover, these shows give the chance for different businesses in various industries  to meet with partners, learn the activities of competitors, and get aware of the latest market opportunities and trends. One of the major trade shows in the U.S is organized in New York City (NYC). The NYC Trade Show is held every year featuring smaller companies that are specific to one industry and large enterprises that cover numerous complimentary industries (“Trade Shows in New York, NY 2016 – 2017,” 2016). There are over forty trade shows that are held every year in the City of New York. The main of them are women’s and men’s fashion trade show, international auto show, leather and fashion trade show, international fancy food & confection show, antique show, international art exhibition ( “Trade Shows in New York, NY 2016 – 2017,” 2016).

Women’s fashion trade show feature traditional to contemporary women’s ready-to-wear. Just like the women’s fashion trade show, men's ones of the same type involve exhibition of traditional and local men’s wear. Such way of presentation ensures that men appreciate companies offering different types of suits, sport wear and tradional clothes representing various cultures. To continue, the international auto show complies in one place almost every make and model of automobiles sold in the United States. The show offers consumers the exceptional opportunity to appreciate the latest innovations in the automobile industry ( “Trade Shows in New York, NY 2016 – 2017,” 2016). In turn, leather and fashion trade shows, also known as Sole Commerce, are dedicated solely to upscale handbags and footwear with the best local and international retailers of these products. International fancy food and confection show offers the most convenient and economical way for  companies which specialize in the food industry to meet consumers from every food and beverage purchasing channel throughout the U.S and around the world (“Trade Shows in New York, NY 2016 – 2017,” 2016). The antique show features over 400 exhibitors of valuable antique jewelry, furniture, fine and decorative arts including a range of home and kitchen paintings, decor, art glass, antique jewelry, and ceramics. International exhibition of affordable art focuses on displaying reasonable, present-day original exhibits from dealers and galleries. In order to attract customers attention and participation, organizators of the shows use special visual aids for this reason.

Custom vinyl banners play an important role in displaying information relating to products and services that different companies have to offer. In fact, these banners are important in spreading the message about the product or services to the customers and other individuals attending the show (“Custom Printed Vinyl Banners,” 2016). The banners offer digital printing thus providing a true-to-life color and exceptional photo quality. The importance of vinyl banners in NYC trade show relates to the accuracy factor as it precisely displays company logos, the image of the company products, and messages relating to products or services that the company offers to the customer. 

The use of signs is important and significant in the NYC trade shows since they provide visual graphic used to communicate certain messages to the audience. They help different businesses display their products and services in the most proficient manner.  

For example, backdrop displays are remarkable in NYC trade shows since they help to present business information through eye-catching graphics. This ensures that business spreads information to many audiences without sacrificing too much space. 

To conclude, NYC trade show involves over forty categories which include automobile, fashion show, antique show and international art exhibitions. Every category aims at  participation of businesses in the particular industry.  Different companies employ various tools to display images and messages about their products and services. The primary tools used by businesses in showcasing product and services include custom vinyl banners, signs, backdrop displays and banner stands. By no means, these graphic tools help the audience attending the show to learn about the products and services that the businesses have to offer. 


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