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Vinyl Banners For 4th Of July

Vinyl Banners For 4th Of July

Make Independence Day Brighter with Banners

Each country has a number of holidays which are a part of its culture. But there is one holiday which unites the whole nation and makes everyone aware of being a part of this nation. It is the birthday of the country – its independence day.

Everybody wants to make the day special. The ways to celebrate it are numerous. So are the ways to use banners to make celebration brighter and more colourful. Vinyl banners depicting the American flag are a good way to decorate your house outside; banners with historical pictures are indispensable for the Reconstruction events. You choose the option, we help achieve your goal.

From the History of the Independence Day

Independence Day is the day of signing the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America in 1776, which proclaimed the independence of the United States from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It is celebrated on July 4. Independence Day is considered to be the birthday of the United States as a free and independent country.

The holiday reminds that on July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted. On July 2, the Second Continental Congress voted in favor of a resolution of independence, which had been proposed for consideration by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. At that time, the residents of 13 British colonies, which were located along the east coast of today's territory of the United States, waged war with the English king and parliament in connection with the fact that the British Parliament issued the Currency Law which prohibited the administration of the American colonies to issue their own unsecured and uncontrolled printed money and obliged them to pay all taxes in the future with gold and silver coins. In other words, the law forcibly transferred the colony to the gold standard. The war began in 1775. The Declaration of Independence was prepared by the Committee of Five headed by Thomas Jefferson. The Congress discussed and revised the declaration accepting it, as a result, on July 4. For the first time in an official document, the colonies were called the United States of America.

4th of July Banner Templates

Since that time the fourth of July has been celebrated as the principal holiday of the nation, the Independence Day. Most Americans call this holiday simply by its date that is the Fourth of July. The festival is usually accompanied by firework displays, contests, fun-fairs, picnics, performances, sport matches, family gatherings, politicians' addresses to the people, ceremonies, and other family and public events which are typical for the United States. Each of the above events can involve using banners with various purposes.

Options for Independence Day Celebrations

The Day of Independence is a national holiday which is always accompanied by patriotic performances. It gives numerous opportunities for using vinyl banners. Just like other summer festivities, Independence Day is most often celebrated outdoors.

A traditional way to celebrate the Day of Independence is to have picnics or barbecues with friends or relatives. Ornaments (for example, ribbons, balls and banners) are usually blue, red and white, which are the colors of the national flag. Parades are most often held in the morning, while fireworks are arranged in the evening in parks, in fairgrounds or city squares.
In the evening, when people gather on the main square to watch fireworks, the often sing well-known patriotic songs, This Land Is Your Land, America is Beautiful among them , and of course the national anthem The Star-Spangled Banner.

In the majority of states festive fireworks are arranged as public shows. Besides, many Americans arrange shows with fireworks by themselves at their own expense. There is also a traditional salute from the first cannon in each state, it is called a salute of unity and is always shot on July 4 at noon at any military base where artillery is operational. Whatever event or venue you choose, make sure they are complemented and decorated with our vinyl banners which are a perfect way to promote the idea of the holiday and provide financial support.

Make Your Home Celebrations the Best with Banners

What can better than gathering together with the family and friends in the back yard on a sunny day! Having picnics and barbecues is a typical way of spending time on the Fourth of July. You can make your picnic or barbecue area an exclusively glorious place to celebrate with our vinyl banners. Bright and colourful banners can be put on the house walls or stretched over the path. The designs may be various ranging from pictures of mundane life to the views of American sightseeing places. Prevailing colours may be blue, red and white. The banners may depict the flag of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, fireworks or whatsoever connected with celebration. Barbecues and picnics can be arranged in parks which are a good place to advertise your services for a large number of people. As the banners are put outside, they are to be weather resistant which is fully secured by the technology we use. Bright colors, exclusive design and a high level of durability make our vinyl banners the best option to make the celebration of the Fourth of July unforgettable.

Sponsoring Events with Banners

On the Fourth of July each town or city council arranges a great number of festive events. If you choose to sponsor one, you will serve two goals: supporting an event financially giving thus an opportunity to organize the activity for those who otherwise would not be able to and promoting your goods and services, banners serving the advertisement. One of the events traditionally set on Independence Day is the historical reconstruction of the events that took place at the times the Declaration was adopted and independence was proclaimed. Vinyl banners can be used for various purposes in this case. Being quite large in size and convenient in use, vinyl banners could serve the stage scenery. Printing technology we use allows any type of picture to be transferred on the banner.

Vinyl banners can be also placed in different venues where contests and competitions are supposed to be held. A very famous hot-dog eating contest, held on the 4th of July, is a perfect event to sponsor and a wonderful opportunity to advertise your goods and services. Do it with our vinyl banners and success is guaranteed. Visible from great distances, having eye-catching design, being resistant to sun rays and humidity, the vinyl banners are a perfect choice. Such mass events as contest and festivals are attended by thousands of people, so it is a unique chance to promote your company the vinyl banners being an efficient tool.

Make Independence Day Celebration Unforgettable with Banners

Be it a family picnic in the backyard or a barbecue with friends in the city park, a part of the Reconstruction or Hot Dog Eating Contest, be it a festive parade along beautifully decorated streets or a firework display crowning the glorious day, the vinyl banners are surely one of the best ways to make celebrations brighter and more vivid. You can choose the best design relying on your own taste or charge us with the task to create an original and durable vinyl banner which will serve its purpose and make your celebration unforgettable.

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