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Vinyl Banners for Halloween

Vinyl Banners for Halloween

On the night of October 31 to November 1, the Eve of All Saints is celebrated. It is called Halloween. The holiday is rooted in the depths of centuries and traditions of the ancient Celts.

Many people around the world celebrate it but it is especially popular in the United States and European countries. Halloween is an interesting and unique holiday. People decorate their houses and wear carnival costumes of monsters and ghosts. This holiday is extremely popular worldwide, and, thus, many companies want to make it even brighter. Today, vinyl banners are often used for decoration on Halloween. Their vivid images usually attract people.

History of Halloween

The history of the holiday has started several centuries ago on the lands of modern France and Britain. Celtic pagan tribes, which lived on these territories, divided the calendar year into winter and summer. Little is known about the life of the Celts: “surprisingly little is known of them since they kept no written records”  Therefore, there is no true evidence of their celebration of Halloween. October 31 was considered the last day of the year. This day also marked the end of the harvest and the transition to a new winter season. According to the Celtic tradition, winter began from that day. Kelly describes their beliefs in The Book of Halloween: “the Celts worshipped spirits of forest and stream, and feared the powers of evil” . They also believed in the sun god. Throughout the winter period, god of the sun had been in captivity of Sowin who was the lord of the dead and the prince of the darkness. Celtic people arranged the festival of Sowin. According to the ancient legend, the doors into the otherworldly worlds opened at night, and the inhabitants of hell safely penetrated the earth. In order not to become the victims of ghosts and spirits, the Celts put on animal skins that had to frighten them. People lit fire and made sacrifices propitiating the evil spirits. After the ritual, they took holy fire to bring it to their home. A pumpkin was a symbol of the holiday. It signified the end of the summer and the harvest and frightened away the evil spirits by the sacred fire that was lit up inside of it.

The capture of Celtic land by the Romans who brought new traditions with them had marked the beginning of the new era. In the following centuries, the traditions of the Celtic holiday and two Latin holidays, Feralia and Pomona, mixed. In 313, Christianity received equality with paganism and soon became the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. After its fall, the new religion gradually spread throughout Europe. In 609, Pope Boniface IV consecrated the former pagan temple Pantheon in honor of the Mother of God and all martyrs. This day was celebrated as a holiday of All Saints. In the middle of the VIII century, Pope Gregory III consecrated one of the chapels of St. Peter’s Cathedral in honor of all saints; it happened on the 1st of November. He moved the date of the celebration of All Saints’ Day on November 1. A century later, Pope Gregory IV made November 1 a general holiday for the whole Catholic Church in honor of all saints  In the IX century, after the spread of Christianity on British territories, there was a mixture of ancient traditions and the holiday of All Hallows’ Eve. After a while, the holiday was renamed into “Halloween.” Nowadays, it is perceived as rather strange holiday. Morton notes that “Halloween is undoubtedly the most misunderstood of festivals”. Although the church has been fighting with a customary to indoctrinate and frighten evil spirits for a long time, the pagan festival not only survived but also blended with a church feast in the public consciousness.

Modern Celebration of Halloween in Different Countries

With the greatest scope, Halloween is celebrated in the United States. There, it has the greatest popularity. In the XIX century, a large number of Irish immigrated to the New World bringing traditions of Halloween with them. Nevertheless, many European countries had also adopted this custom. Currently, in the USA, Halloween is a holiday when most candies are sold, and it is the second holiday after Christmas in the overall turnover of pre-holiday sales. It even has its capitals – New York and Los Angeles; there, the brightest and the most colorful carnivals as well as festivities are held. The Americans prepare for his holiday starting from October. The attributes of American Halloween include begging for sweets – Trick-or-treat and a pumpkin lantern –Jack-o’-lantern. The ancient rite Trick-or-treat that means “treat or regret” has become a favorite game of children; they dress in the costumes of monsters and walk around the neighbors’ houses frightening adults. Despite the fact that Americans celebrate Halloween for more than two centuries, this holiday is still not official. Nonetheless, this fact does not prevent the inhabitants of the New World from spending great sums of money on decorations, pumpkins, greeting cards, and candles every year.

In other countries, Halloween is no less colorful. In Germany, Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt attracts thousands of people dressed in the costumes of monsters . The locals believe that the ghost of the owner appears on the roof of the castle. In France, the most spectacular processions can be observed in the suburbs of Paris Disneyland and in the city of Limoges where more than 30 thousand people come every year. People can take part in the most memorable parades of ghosts, vampires, and goblins illuminating their way with pumpkin lanterns. In China, Halloween is known as “Teng Chieh” – the day of the remembrance of ancestors. On this day, the Chinese put food and water as well as lanterns before the photos of the deceased relatives. These lanterns illuminate the souls of the ancestors traveling at Halloween night.

Vinyl Banners on Halloween

These days, Halloween has commercial significance in many countries. Therefore, people use various advertisements and highlight the information with the help of the banners. Vinyl banners have received special popularity due to their high durability. This form of outdoor advertisements covers a wide range of target audiences and successfully competes with other advertising media due to the cost of its production. These banners are brighter due to the use of special types of paints. They are also more durable and attractive. Therefore, it is very comfortable to use them on Halloween. Many people put banners on their houses and fences. Banners for Halloween are usually bright and contain various images of vampires, ghosts, and monsters. They add even more frightening atmosphere. Thus, vinyl banners are considered a good method of attracting people.

Why Choosing Vinyl Banners

The street banners can be used everywhere: from prospectuses of large cities to country roads of the regions. A banner is always attractive and bright. With competent arrangement and professional manufacture, it becomes an unusual and effective method of information transfer. A banner is mobile and versatile in application and placement. Modern technologies allow making the production of banners more efficient. Now, they own additional strength and longer service life. Vinyl materials needed for the production of banners are distinguished by special characteristics of strength. The process of manufacture involves the application of the advertising information on various types of materials based on vinyl polymers. Allstatebanners provides quick production of vinyl banners, their durability, the possibility of repeated use, the convenience of installation, and mechanical strength. The company employs highly qualified specialists. The design of banners is a multistage process, which only the professionals can perform. The attractiveness of a banner, its impact on the target audience as an advertising medium, and the effectiveness of the advertising campaign as a whole depend on the level of professionalism applied to the design of a banner. Printing of information on vinyl is a great opportunity to make the celebration of Halloween brighter.


Despite mystical traditions of Halloween, it is important to note that the church had invented it. After the advent of Christianity on the lands of Europe, the priests tried to eradicate pagan traditions among people in every possible way. However, people continued to celebrate the festival of Sowin until the XVIII century. The church had to make concessions. Therefore, on November 1, in Ireland, the Day of All Saints had been established. This holiday partly included the customs of the pagan festival in honor of Sowin. Today, October 31 is a day of the world famous holiday Halloween celebrated in many countries around the world. The history of Halloween is hundreds of years old, and over these years, the festival has acquired many traditions. The scope of the modern celebration of Halloween in America and Europe is significant. People decorate their homes in every possible way. Vinyl banners are also considered a popular type of decoration since they offer vivid images and bright design.

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