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Vinyl Banners Vs Digital Banners

Vinyl Banners Vs Digital Banners

Advertising serves the function of informing about the goods, works and services different business provide, promoting them in the market so that potential customers can buy them. Nowadays, there are a great number of highly efficient advertising tools, including vinyl banners and digital advertisements.

Vinyl banner advertising has been around for quite a long time on the market, and it is still in demand. It remains the leading advertising means among small and big businesses who aim to inform potential customers about their products. At the same time, light boxes, neon signs and digital banners are popular in the advertising market as well. Evidently, both conventional vinyl banners and up-to-date digital ones have their advantages and disadvantages which have to be taken into consideration by customers who wish to have some installed for their commercial purposes. It is reasonable to discuss the pros and cons of both vinyl and digital banners.

What Are the Advantages of Banner Advertising?

To start with, one of the advantages of vinyl banners is the speed of the production process. The pace of today’s life is so fast that spending excessive time to produce advertisements of products means losing time and, thus, customers and money. This factor is also closely related to the simplicity of the technological production which makes vinyl banners available for a customer of any class and status.

The second advantage of vinyl banners is the ability to transfer any image, picture or photograph on their surface. In order to realistically transmit the desired colors and shades, the special technology of full-color printing is used in the production of vinyl banners.

What is more, vinyl banners are quite cost-effective, as their manufacturing cost is low. The cost of production can be reduced by using an image of acceptable quality from 360 to 540 dpi. Outdoor advertising is designed to be viewed from a long distance; therefore, when viewing images from a distance of more than two meters, it is impossible to distinguish between a medium- and a higher-quality image. Consequently, it can be considered better to choose an option which is much cheaper.

Furthermore, vinyl banners are characterized by increased wear resistance which ensures excellent service. The canvas of the vinyl banner is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions so that it does not get wet and does not burn, retaining the texture of the image on the banner for quite a long period of time. Moreover, the material banners are made of is quite flexible and completely opaque. Provided high-quality materials are used in the production of vinyl banners, their service life is up to seven 7 years.

Another advantage of vinyl banners is their mobility. Vinyl banners are easily installed, and they can be used several times. In addition, the vinyl banner is easy to fold and transport.
Finally, the range of vinyl banners is quite wide. They can be used as temporary signs for hiding construction and restoration works. By placing a vinyl banner indoors, it can also be used as an element of decoration.

Having such advantages, vinyl banner advertising is rather popular and is an effective information tool as long as vinyl banners are employed by a considerable number of customers.

How to Cope with Disadvantages

On the other hand, almost all the above-mentioned advantages of vinyl banners may easily become their disadvantages. Firstly, the fastening of vinyl banners is quite insecure. Consequently, the banner can be easily torn if poorly fixed. It takes little time and effort to monitor the condition of the banner if it is installed on one’s building. However, this becomes a problem if the banner is placed in the remote part of the city.

The long-term use of a vinyl banner may become its disadvantage. There is no point in making a big banner if it is going to be used for a week or two. The expenses will not be reimbursed, so cost-effectiveness of such vinyl banner may be doubtful.

Furthermore, vinyl banners used both for indoor and outdoor purposes have quite a low information capacity. A vinyl banner always contains a short message. Drivers simply do not have time to read a long text, while it is also inconvenient for pedestrians to walk while paying much attention to it. Thus, banners must be used in places where people are standing or slowly walking, for instance, at intersections, in squares or exits from shopping centers.

Finally, the target audience for vinyl banners is quite wide. It is difficult for banners to target a specific audience. Thus, vinyl banners are of better use if the information it contains is potentially interesting for all passersby.

Why Use Digital Banners?

Digital banners used indoors and outdoors for various commercial purposes are highly appreciated as one of the most efficient advertising means. Firstly, banners that use the combination of lights and colors are far more eye-catching so that they are more likely to be noticed by potential customers. Secondly, digital banners used outdoors are less likely to be damaged by any kind of natural phenomena or vandalism. The reason is that such digital banners are impossible to switch on or switch off without specialist assistance. Moreover, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions as they are not made of any vinyl or polyester material or mesh.

Another advantage of digital banners which are used both indoors and outdoors is that they are dynamic. It is possible to change the message any time by simply modifying the settings of a digital banner. Apparently, such flexibility makes it possible to adjust advertisements according to the needs of customers, the demands of the market or any other factor, while vinyl banners cannot be altered once they have been made.

What is more, digital banners can be installed indoors and outdoors, which makes them efficient in reaching the target audience. They may be installed not only on the walls but also on the roofs of the buildings which is quite difficult in case of vinyl banners. Seen from a great distance, digital banners will serve the function of advertising any commercial issue, as they are rather bright and dynamic. Digital banners can be installed on the trains or buses, at the stations or in the airports. In such a way, they can be addressed to a specific category of potential customers, thereby being more likely to grab their attention and serve the commercial purpose.

The Drawbacks of Digital Banners

For every plus there is a minus, so digital banners have certain disadvantages as well. One of the disadvantages of digital banners is that they can only be installed in the areas where they are easily serviced. If one considers having their product or service advertised not only locally but nationwide, the use of digital banners is quite limited. The reason is that it is impossible to install them along the highways or over the bridges quite away from cities, towns or other settlements. Banners must be viewed from long distances; however, it is quite complicated when using digital banners, as they are usually not large in size. The bigger the banner is, the more expensive it is.

Another disadvantage of digital banners is that they are quite expensive for short-term advertising campaigns in terms of installation and maintenance. The production of digital banners is quite costly. What is more, the places where they are going to be installed are usually sold for long terms, starting usually from three months. Thus, if a product or service needs advertising for longer periods of time, other types of banners are more preferable.

Finally, the range of pictures and graphic design might be quite limited. Digital banners usually contain information message only, due to which they are not as eye-catching and easily remembered as those which contain some pictures to illustrate and, thus, enhance the effect of the advertisement.


Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl and digital banners, it is possible to conclude that they are both efficient in terms of commercial advertising and can be equally used indoors and outdoors. Vinyl banners are cost-effective as well as easy to install and transport. They can be installed indoors as decorations or outdoors on the walls, in the windows, and over the entrances or exits for commercial purposes. However, if exposed to extreme weather conditions such as sun, humidity or strong wind, vinyl banners may lose their characteristics.

As for digital banners, they can be widely used indoors and outdoors for commercial purposes. They are dynamic and can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. The information they contain may be easily updated which makes them quite efficient. They are usually located in places such as shops, banks, stations, trains or buses so that they are easily noticed by their target audience. At the same time, their maintenance is quite costly, and it is impossible to install them along the highways or other places which are quite distant from cities or towns.

Therefore, the choice of a banner is dependent on many factors. Still, it is possible to find any of them at www.allstatebanners.com. The specialists are ready to help one choose the best option which will meet all their requirements.

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