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What Is Large Format Printing

What Is Large Format Printing

If the aim is to create bright eye-catching advertisement or any other publicity tool, large format printing is the best option as it can meet all the requirements of efficient and not costly advertising activity. When people set their eyes on banners or posters which are printed on large formats, they will surely notice and memorize the picture and the main idea it expresses which is undoubtedly beneficial for any business.

Besides, the technologies which are used to create large formats allow producing original unrivaled item which will add to the prosperity of any business which provides works, services or sells goods not to mention about all kinds of campaigns.

Why to Choose Large Format Printing

When it comes to printing excessively large items, such as banners, convenient printing facilities are not quite suitable and cannot solve the problem. Commercial presses for printing which are available nowadays are not able to satisfy customers’ needs in printing large formats. This is the case when large format printing is the best and the only way to achieve great results. The term “large format printing” is quite often synonymous to grand-format and wide-format printing. To produce the products whose dimensions are larger than typical ones you need special equipment designed for this purpose. Such equipment is ideal for printing banners with dimensions which are quite bigger than average ones.

It is necessary to admit that the term “large format” is quite relative when it refers to printing production. It is due to the fact that maximum print dimensions are different for each and every printer. Although, it may be generally assumed that the term ”large printing” refers to the types of print produce listed herein: posters which are placed on windows and walls, banners which announce upcoming events, pop up displays, advertising signs as well as various types of banners ranging from vertical and horizontal to retractable and roll up ones.

It is evident that large format printing satisfies a great number of customers’ needs. Banners printed in large format are recognizable and perfectly noticeable from large distances, they give quick prompts and serve visual aids in different educational establishments. Besides, they are a good choice for business to promote their goods and services.

There are not many configurations of large format printing a flat wall-hanging banner being the commonest. However, we offer some materials with possibility to fold or stand free as an option.

Options for Large Format Printing

When it comes to options for printing on large formats it should be highlighted that the range of their application is really impressive. These may be perforated decorations and notices on windows, adhesive banners to use on shop windows and store fronts, retractable banners and canvas banners as well as double-sided ones. To produce a high quality original product there are used various techniques and materials which contribute to original looks and high resistance to external factors. As for the materials to enhance a large format printed banner there is used corrugated plastics or as it is called coroplast, the foam core, weather proofing coating, aluminium die-bond and many other options. What is more, the following are the options provided: the shapes which are custom tailored to meet all customer’s requirements, the ability to print on both sides or double-side printing, stitch hemming with the help of heat welding, special finishing coating which ensure the durability and attractiveness and guarantee the final product will stand out and attract general attention to your company or brand.

Types of Printing and Printing Materials

If the purpose is to attract general attention to the product a company produces or a brand, custom printing is the perfect option. The concepts and designs are really creative providing a possibility to create a really unique yet efficient banner or poster. Large format printed banner which is custom shaped, for instance, is a highly efficient way to attract the attention of target audience. Digital printing is another option to meet the requirements of large format printing. www.allstatebanners.com provides large format printing of high resolution and high quality as well. We are here to meet all the requirements as for the desired item you order. Having consulted our specialists and getting a banner printed, you will get a professionally made item of high quality, original design and excellent resistance. The range of uses is really amazing. Whether banners which are printed in large format used to wrap a building wall, to promote an exhibition or a tradeshow or to serve as backcloth for various cultural venues, their bright vivid colors and large size will surely make them noticeable and unforgettable.

Large format banners can be produced in gloss, matte or mesh all these options being exclusively efficient to reach the ultimate goal. Gloss banners, for instance, are perfectly suitable for outer and inner uses provided that the weather conditions are not severe. They have a wide scope of uses and are well seen from long distances. Furthermore, to make the installation of such banners easy special grommets and hemmed edges are provided. Matte large format banners are not so vibrant in terms of color, but they are characterized by a lower glare if compared with gloss ones, thus being more easily readable. They work perfectly in brightly lit surroundings where all other types of banners may produce spotlight glare. Finally, mesh can be used as the material for large format printing. Mesh banners are characterized by higher service life period as mesh allows wind passing through it, thus making the strain less. They are suitable for outdoor use and can be seen from long distances.

The Range of Use of Large Format Printing

To begin with, the large format marketing products are very popular and come in a wide range of forms. These include posters and banners. The options for large format banners are numerous. Firstly, they are really effective when it comes to remembering the name of a company or a brand. Efficient advertisements are seen by the potential clients and allow them to get acquainted with the goods and services a company deals with. What is more, in case of a large format printing there cannot be any chance to be unnoticeable. It is eye-catching and unobtrusive at the same time. Nevertheless, it can never be left unnoticed. In terms of promoting business large format printing is really indispensable as it meets all the requirements to promote any kind of work or service. The brands become easily recognizable as the attention is drawn immediately generating thus interest in the product or brand represented on a banner.

It should be mentioned that if a company or any other business targets the local market, it becomes more efficient if its logo, the goods or services are displayed at the local level. This purpose is easily achieved with large format banners as they are easily seen and recognized. Overall, large format banners are indispensable when it concerns promoting a business locally.

The business of yours will certainly become distinguished among others at any exhibition or a trade show if you make use large format printing. The logo of the company, its motto, the main message and key facts are easily readable on large format banners allowing potential customers get a clear idea of what the business is up to. Bright colours and original designs will influence the aesthetic taste of the customers enhancing thus their interest. Portable or retractable large format banners can be a perfect option for this purpose as they provide flexibility and mobility.
As it was mentioned before large format printing is indispensable in gaining high visibility and making any business, company or brand stand out of the crowd. The range of places large format banners can be located in is impressive. They can be put virtually everywhere provided a place is reasonable crowded and popular with people. Large format banner can be placed in buses or at the underground stations, near large commercial centers or small family stores – anywhere where people are likely to set their eyes on them. Large format posters should be incentive and contain a call-to-action encouraging people to do some action, for example, visit a shop or a website, make a call or profit from discounts on sales.

Banners printed in large format may be placed anywhere. There can be some strategic tips to make a poster more efficient. Thus, being a supplier of agricultural produce or a carrier the company may get a banner with promotional information near the shops, cafes or restaurants or at the local market.


All in all, whatever the purpose of large format printing might be, the options we have on offer will surely meet all customers’ requirements. High quality, cost efficiency, weather resistant materials and unique design are the factors which make our large format printing the best option for any customer. You may create your own design or make use of any templates we have on offer. The result will exceed all your expectations and ensure your business will always flourish.

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