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There are many special moments in our lives that stay engraved forever in memory. Moments of joy and happiness and moments through which  the life is being celebrated: graduation, marriage propo...
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Charity organizations are important non-profit entities in the U.S. because they meet the basic needs of suffering people. In fact, a significant number of persons endure poverty and mental problems,...
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Introduction to Vinyl Banners The present-day market abounds in organizations and companies which have different activities and different objectives. Some of the companies do charity; some are engage...
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Girl Scout Banners | AllStateBanners NYC

The Girl Scouts of America is an organization that aims to empower girls and to help teach the values of honesty, fairness, courage compassion character, confidence, and citizenship through activities like camping, community service, first aid and earning badges by acquiring practical skills. The girls are prepared for a lifetime of leadership, from taking a night-time hike under the stars to accepting a mission on the international space station, lobbying the city council with their troop, to holding a seat in Congress.

Banners are considered one of the best ways to promote Girl Scout events. A Girl Scout banner can be used in many situations. To celebrate a newly earned badge, congratulate a scout on a special award, notify the public of upcoming meetings or market a cookie sale event for a charity.

Our Girl Scout banners are a great fit for any type of event, and because they're weather resistant, they work well indoors and outdoors during any time of the year. AllStateBanners makes banner design easy and offers four different methods when it comes to banner creation. You can upload your print ready design, or use your brand new online banner designer tool to design your banner in a matter of minutes. If you’re not into designing though, AllStateBanners has a large selection of premade free banner templates. And if you’re too busy or you lack the knowledge to design your own banner, our team of professional designers can help you design your banner at absolutely no additional cost. Finding the right design for your Girl Scout event was never so easy!

AllStateBanners offers free shipping to almost every state, but if you are in a hurry you can always choose our 1 day shipping method!

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