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Our advanced designer tool is compatible with all the devices and technologies. Created in native HTML5 format, it is usable even from your cell-phone! Since every advanced technological tool looks complicated, here are few major tips of how you can easily use it and utilize its power:

Main Screen:



An empty-custom design will start with the above settings. The designer tool has 4 different activity areas and the main design-canvas area that you can see your creativity coming live!

1. This is where you can choose to upload your own images from your hard drive, your cell-phone or even your social media account. You can also add any background either by uploading or by using one of the print-ready solutions we have. On the clipart section you can find all the "Shapes" that you need (triangle, square, circle etc) and you can also upload your own. You can also add your text, change fonts, sizes, rotate, create shadows, make it like 3D, duplicate it etc. We do carry a large amount of ready-to-print templates compatible with all our products from banners to posters. Click on the template selection and the design will get imported to your canvas. This is something very useful: the design takes your dimensions. If you need to delete an object (i.e. an uploaded image or a clipart) just click on it and select "Delete". You can also zoom in and out and of course you can undo an action that you didn't like. In case you want to move everything choose the "Select all" option. In case you want to empty the canvas choose the "Clear All" option. Would you like someone to use a QRCODE with your banner in order to get to your website or deals? Generate your own QRCODE and place it inside your design. Finally, dimensions can be changed on the fly, layers button is used to choose between layers and "Save" is used in order to be able to access your design and alternate it in the future.

*** It is possible when you try to upload an .svg file to have issues. This is due to the format of the .svg file. There are solutions on this: a) If you have the original ai or eps file and you export it by saving, try to do it again with compatibility 1.0 . If this doesn't work or the svg has multiple coloring (this is the most common senario), please save your svg as png, upload it to the place that you want it to be and send us an email with the original .svg file. Our designers will take care of that.

2. The "active" area is changing based on the selections that you do on area 1. All the settings that you need appear there, from color changing to transformation and effects.

3. This is where you a small preview of your design. In case you have double-sided design you can switch between sides

4. Click the download button in order to see your small size proof after you are done. Click the share button if you want to share your designs with friends on the social media. Add a special note for your order (i.e. that you want to replace a font that you can't find with another one). You will have the chance to add more notes on the checkout page.

*Login: It is not obligatory for any user to create an account to our website. You can even checkout as a guest and we will not store your information at all. The reason we are asking to login is purely for your own convenience and future access to all your orders and your custom designs. This is something that is proved during the years that is extremely useful to most of our clients, saves time, makes the re-design easier and at the end of the day is less than 2 secs of your time. In addition to this, when you are logged in you get access to all your own uploaded images of the past, so you can re-use them at any future design.

Advance Color Options:

Advance color options RGB-CMYK

In most of the times the default color options will cover you in order to create the perfect design. If you want to keep your brand's color though, it is strongly suggested to eliminate the screen error and choose the exact color that you are using. We provide you with the 2 major options RGB and CMYK. In order to have the advanced color options, when you are on the "Background" page, choose the "Edit Background Color" button. When you are on the "Text" or "Clipart" page, click on the default color and then click "Use Advance Color". 

Additional Effect Tools

Uploading Image - Effects

Since our designer tool is - literally - the best that you can find online, it couldn't missing almost all the professional photo-effect tools that you can find in expensive desktop software. When you upload your own pictures, you'll come up with some very helpful options BEFORE you enter the image on the canvas. 

1. Color Option: This is only helpful in case you upload a 'special order' for a very large volume and you want to have some savings on the ink cost by reducing the printed colors. It's suggested to stay as it is.

2. Crop & Mask: Awesome features here! You can crop your image to the desired dimensions and you can add mask effects i.e. a star or a bubble. Try it out, you will love it! Stronly suggested.

3. Photo Effects: From sepia to black and white, from light gray to color burner and many other photo-effects. You can always reset and start from scratch by choosing the first option.

Other Effects and Tools

When you design with cliparts or your own image or just with text, there are some very useful effects that helps you create a complete professional look to your final product:

1. Duplicate: Copies a single object that you can freely move. Duplicate does not copy the parent object effects.

2. Flip H & Flip V: Mirrors horizontally or vertically the image or object

3. Opacity: This is the transparency setting, extremely useful if you are working with a colorful background or you want to add some text above an image. Example following:

Opacity Example

4. Width, Height and Unlock: You can grab and pull an image in order to become larger or you can use the specific dimensions by typing inside the box. You can also "LOCK" or "UNLOCK" an image in order not to lose the shape.

5. Object Positioning Tools (Arrows): Very useful tools in order to center an image, place it on absolute top or bottom or even to the corners.

6. Hot to use Bold & Italic: Since the designer tool is vector, there are specific families of fonts that can be Italic or Bold. i.e. the family Futura Bold. There is an easy way though that you can use bold on every font. After choosing your font, click on your text. Select on the left side the option "Outline & Shadow". Then click on "Outline 1". Choose the same color as your text and increase the thickness at the level of your satisfaction.

That's it! Feel free to ask us for any questions, use our chat or even better give us a call! We'd love to hear from you and help you with your design! Keep always in mind that we offer professional designer help with no extra charge!




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