Perforated Window Signs

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Perforated Window Signs

Perforated Window Signs opens a new world of marketing and sales opportunities by turning your glass doors and windows into your best advertising space. Perforated Window Signs is applied to the outside of your window and viewed from the outside. It works well for vehicles and storefronts. It has a 2-3 year outdoor durability. Our Perforated Window Signs is made of top quality materials and is printed in Ultra HD printing resolution for the best visible results.

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Perforated Window Signs

Perforated Window Signs is an adhesive-backed, perforated synthetic substrate with full-color printing on one side (which is also known as “see-through vinyl,” “one-way vision film,” or simply “perf vinyl”) it is manufactured with evenly spaced holes spread throughout the film. The size is usually about 1.5 millimeters. Graphics are printed on one side of the film, and it is then applied to a window. It is designed to let you put your printed message on a window visible from the outside but still be able to see out from the inside. You can use it on architectural glass and side or rear automotive windows. Because of its one-way vision Feature, it allows businesses to maintain privacy while promoting their brands. Easy installation and cost-effectiveness of perforated window decals make this method of advertising very attractive for businesses of any size. Virtually all glass surfaces now have the potential for maximum visual impact. It is the perfect window-graphics media for outdoor advertising, including vehicle and building wraps, POP, retail and commercial window signage, corporate identity, and much more.


Use Areas of Perforated Window Signs

Typical use areas of perforated window vinyl are vehicle windows and storefront windows for advertising purposes. It can be applied to any other transparent surface where your customer needs visual security from the exterior. Due to its one-way visibility feature and hence privacy, this product is among the most preferred window signs for various types of businesses. 


Highest Quality Materials Perforated Window Signs

Most of the time cheap prices come at the expense of quality work. At, we never compromise the quality regardless of how competitive our prices are. On the contrary, we use the highest quality perforated vinyl materials printed on solvent large format printers. This is why our customers always come back for their printing needs.

Perforated Window Signs for All Your Needs

At, we are able to produce a variety of custom window decals at our printing factory equipped with advanced technology large format printers and an experienced team. Rest assured, you can meet all customer demands without spending a fortune and with guaranteed lowest prices.


Cheapest Perforated Window Signs is America’s largest banner and sign printers with over 16 years of experience. We offer the lowest prices for any perforated window decal printing in the USA.


Specifications Of Perforated Window Signs

  • 40% perforated adhesive vinyl
  • Black adhesive back
  • Full-color printing using solvent large format printers with a recommended distance view of 15 ft.
  • Maximum size: 53″ x 150′. If your image is larger than the maximum print size please splice your own image and order with two separate files.
  • One side printed only
  • Straight cut

Frequently Asked Questions About Perforated Window Signs

If you have any questions and may not be very familiar with perforated vinyl signs and banners. We understand that time is important and you are busy with managing your business. For this reason, we prepared answers to the most commonly asked questions.


What is Perforated Window Signs?

Perforated window vinyl is an image printed on adhesive vinyl material that allows only one-way vision. They are also called as see-through window decals because while you can see the outside from the inside of your business or store, people passing by cannot see the inside. This provides perfect privacy without sacrificing the sunlight while you keep advertising your business effortlessly. It can also be used on car windows since it doesn’t compromise your vision. 


Can You See Through Perforated Window Signs?

Yes, you can easily see through perforated vinyl signs as they are made by puncturing 40-50% of the vinyl material. These micro punctures allow you to see through while displaying the graphic or image properly on the outside.

How Do I Apply Perforated Window Signs to My Store Window?

In order to apply your perforated adhesive vinyl, gently remove the backing of the decal. Then mildly press the decal against the window that you want to install your decal, either from top to bottom or vice versa. Please make sure to clean the surface of the window and let it dry before applying the perforated vinyl. 

How Do I Remove Perforated Window Signs Graphics?

This will mostly depend on the type of perforated vinyl material used and how long it was in place. However, there are some common tricks and methods that you can apply. It is recommended not to pull it from one corner but rather pull the top edge down a few inches and then continue pulling down at a 180-degree angle. In addition, sometimes warm weather and heat might also help as it will soften the adhesive. Finally, you can consider using a straight plastic razor blade and scrape it away gently. Remaining adhesive could be cleaned with regular window cleaning products.


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