Access the old website, with your username and password and find all your old files and orders
Access the old website, with your username and password and find all your old files and orders



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Terms of Sale

All purchases of products or services are subject to this Terms of Sale.

By clicking the “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these Terms of Sale.

These Terms of Sale are meant to provide you, the consumer with the general information regarding policies involved with purchasing through the website.

Content of your purchase

The ability for the consumer to create graphical banners is the primary value of the website.

Because of this, you agree that no Owners, Designers, Customer Service Representatives, or any member of the Production Team is responsible for monitoring the content of consumer selected graphics on the website before and after purchases are made

Any purchased items through the website will not be checked for content, spelling and/or grammatical errors, visual qualities, or color matching or any other factor that is within the realm of control for the consumer. The consumer will be allowed opportunities during the proofing process to check all items for content and graphical layout and once approval is submitted will be submitting their approval of doing so.

Any part of the sign that is customizable by the consumer falls under the “Realm of Control”.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Colors of Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Font styles
  • Font Positions
  • Content of Graphics
  • Content of Text
  • Background Color

The consumer also agrees that the content of your graphic/banner does not contain harmful, unlawful, vulgar, harassing, abusive, pornographic, or hateful content.

By agreeing to the above, you also agree that has the right to terminate any order that violates the Terms of Service. If an order is cancelled reserves the right to deduct any or all costs from the final agreed purchase price prior to cancelation.

Color Matching products are sold through an E-Commerce Website that is viewable by electronic devices connected to the World Wide Web. Because of this, the electronic device may not have a calibrated screen. Screens may display colors in a variety of ways which may vary by the consumer’s electronic device.

Most, if not all electronic devices use the color format RGB to display colors where as prints solely in CMYK which is the universal standard for printing wide format banners and graphics.

You therefore agree that does not guarantee that the visual representation of the colors seen on the consumer’s electronic device will visually match the printed content on a product. works tirelessly to attempt to match colors as closely as possible to a uniformly standard, however a 100% match is almost impossible.

Uploaded Files

  1. Consumer uploaded images and files through are not guaranteed to be crisp. Each image regardless of size is vulnerable to pixelation if scaled up from the original size.
  2. will try their best to contact the consumer and inform them of the issue. If the consumer approves the proof all sales become final. Editing the file will no longer be permitted as it has now been uploaded to a print queue and is either printed or being prepared for printing.

Requesting Changes

As a consumer you will be presented with an opportunity prior to finalizing a purchase in the form of a proof. Once a proof has been sent out you will have the option to Approve your proof which finalizes the order, or Rejecting the proof which indicates that the proof is unsatisfactory and needs revisioning. Once a proof is Approved by the consumer all sales become final and the printing process begins. At this time revisions are no longer allowed and cannot be held responsible for consumer based errors. No more changes can be made at this time.

If you the consumer decides to Reject the proof it is your responsibility to provide in clear detail what the issue is and you the consumer understands that this may delay the guaranteed ship by date selected during check-out. will try our best to minimize proof sending to aquire a satisfactory proof in the shortest time possible.